Do Dishwashers Have Built-In Garbage Disposals?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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Waste disposal or garbage disposal is a remarkable addition to our kitchen sink and beneficial not only for us as homeowners but also for our environment. This appliance encourages unhealthy bacteria growth and makes a much better-smelling kitchen. Due to the latest development in technology, manufactures came up with a better idea of integrating garbage disposals to the dishwasher. This is to make the life of every homeowner easier and comfortable.

Do Dishwashers Have Built-In Garbage Disposals?

As mentioned above, today’s dishwasher comes with a garbage disposal.  In general, a dishwasher is available into two types; dishwasher with a filtration system or dishwasher with a built-in garbage disposal. Each one provides a distinct set of pros and cons.

Dishwashers with Garbage Disposals

Popular brands of dishwashers, most especially those made in the US, are integrated with waste disposal. However, they are just small. But regardless of the size, they are integrated with a powerful motor and remarkable grinding capacity. What is more, these garbage disposals are experts at getting rid of bigger pieces of waste, and food remains from the water throughout the wash cycle. This garbage disposal system doesn’t need any assistance from the owner since it is self-cleaning.

Dishwashers with built-in garbage disposals produce louder noise during the overall cycle; this is something every homeowner must think of when planning to buy one.

On the other hand, in most cases, the additional sound is minimal and tolerable as well. 

A dishwasher integrated with waste disposal is perfect for families or individuals who want to scrape their dishes clean and load them right away into the dishwasher, like what they have done every day. 

Are Dishwashers with a Built-In Waste Disposals a Good Option?

In most cases, yes, it is a smart option as it cleans all types of big and hard food leftovers, which your dishwasher discards and ultimately blocks the drain pipe if there’s no disposal. Therefore, it is a perfect option to clean that mess automatically and eliminate that pressure to clear of blocked pipes by yourself. 

Clogged drain lines are a nightmare. Clearing up drain lines regularly can cost you a lot more than the cost of an entire disposal unit. A good waste disposal will not allow the drain line to get blocked, and after a couple of days, you need to clean it; however, when you have a dishwasher with a built-in garbage disposal, this might not happen.

A dishwasher with a built-in waste disposal offers considerable perks with regards to keeping your dishes clean and in a crystal clear form. Think off some of the following when you are still in doubt about buying this kitchen appliance.

Minimize the Spread of Residue 

Leaving food remains and waster on one dish prior to placing them in your dishwasher is likely to result in one conclusion, a disagreeable spread of the remains as a residue throughout the wash cycle.

Gritty and oily food, most notably, is likely to hand around even in the utmost powered dishwashers, therefore reducing the number of remains in the washtub can boost the overall performance of this kitchen appliance. 

Reduced Drain Pipe Clogging 

Dishwasher nozzles and drain pipes are superbly susceptible to blocking from outstanding food scraps. The integrated garbage disposal is able to help in reducing the risk to a highest degree, decreasing the amount of maintenance as well as repairs you will need to do in due course. 

Makes the Cleaning Easier and Faster 

Instead of wasting so much time in pre-rinsing each last dish, the dishwasher with a built-in garbage disposal enables you to put in every plate into the tub and see as both processes constantly clean as well as discard food waste.

What are the Best Dishwashers with Built-in Garbage Disposal?

GE Top Control

Though this unit comes with a remarkable assortment of industry-standard specs, from its top-mounted control panel and quiet performance, the best feature of the GE Top Control is its exceptional implementation of manifold washing racks.

The upper two stem racks are perfect for irregularly tall glasses, while the exceptional third rack corrals keep the flatware and other utensils safe and sound from the robust washing cycle. This has four wash cycles and does not slack off on cleaning jobs.

The integrated internal waste disposal is durable and worth the investment. Regardless of its price, the 3,600 RPM blades of the integrated waste disposal really make it worth buying. You no longer have to spend additional time pre-treating the dishes.

State of the art GE Top Control Dishwasher has manifold wash zones, which make it the best choice with regards to maximizing the wash cycle. Glass, metal as well as porcelain dishes are treated well and will come out shining and good as new.

Haier 18” Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Garbage Disposal

Widely categorized as a slimline dishwasher, the Haier packs full versatility and functionality in a slim design. This is perfect for homeowners who are either left with or opt to slim cut out for setting up their dishwasher. The 18-inch width configuration, together with other sizes, can assist you in saving space in your kitchen while still being resourceful. 

Its front panel beautifully sets off each kitchen decoration scheme as well as installs back in a fashion which the lines of your kitchen cabinetry stay uninterrupted. The door comes with a recessed handle with a middle latch for added boosts in its aesthetic look or appeal. 

Not like models that feature a low of wash cycles, this unit keeps it straightforward. You pick between heavy wash, auto sense as well as light wash.

LG Electronics Front Control Tall-Tub

A lot of dishwashers with waste disposal are hard to use, from start to end. This unit from LG tries to eradicate that struggle in cleaning by implementing easy to use features. 

One remarkable user-friendly feature you will notice right away is the Easyrack plus racking system. This exceptional rack is tough and made to accommodate plates, utensils, glasses, as well as more of all sizes and shapes. It has dual washing zones on each side, so you are certain that the racks will optimally expose to every dish to a considerable amount of soap and cleansing water.

It is also integrated with a LED front control panel. Instead of depending outdated knobs as well as levers, this unit has an easy to read control panel and easy to interpret as well. This allows you to troubleshoot issues straight in this interface. It is also integrated with tough and reliable waste disposal that is able to accommodate all types of waste. 

This model is considered the simplest for young people and adults alike and making the cleaning process of the dish easier in the end. 


A dishwasher has continuously seen a lot of remarkable developments in its functionality in the last couple of years. One practical innovation gave rise to dishwashers with built-in garbage disposals. These types of dishwashers come with a food disposer that grinds hard and soft food waste into small particles, which pass in the drain line with no blockage. Dishwashers integrated with garbage disposals are an absolute necessity for those which have limited energy and time to look into recurrent filter cleaning as well as drain line blockages.

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