Best Commercial Garbage Disposal in The Market

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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Commercial garbage disposal appliances can assist you to eliminate a large amount of food in cafes and restaurants. These kitchen appliances can help your commercial property runs smoother by not having to waste time unclogging and unblocking weak and low-quality garbage disposal appliances so that you can eliminate food wastes conveniently.

Looking for the best commercial garbage disposal can be complicated as there are so many to choose from nowadays. Our review takes account of the most excellent units with a selection of powers and size options so that you can get the one that is right for your commercial business.

Best Commercial Garbage Disposal in The Market in 2020

Waste King 2000-1 2 HP

There’s a cluster of commercial garbage disposal available on the market today, but you need to know which one is perfect for you. You need to pick a unit by your garbage types. One of the best garbage disposals available is the Waste King 2000-1 2 HP. It is one of the most sought after due to its superiority as well as remarkable performance.

Unavoidably, there is no perfect kitchen without unbelievable garbage disposal as it can assist a lot to work in your kitchen. The Waste King commercial garbage disposal has very powerful motors with a dual voltage system that can set out of the commercial garbage in a short time.

What is more, this garbage disposal comes with a stainless steel grind chamber that lessens the noise. It has under cutter blade made of stainless located under the ground ring, that snips and cuts stringy and fiber waste into small particles to boost the free flow. This unit does not need lots of stages to crush and break up the waste as it works perfectly, even one pass.

A remarkable commercial garbage disposal can be the best solution for your kitchen to throw away the waste in a right one. You can set up this kitchen appliance easily to get rid of your trash efficiently in a short time.

Pros Cons
You are able to utilize it heavily Expensive
Works quietly than other kinds of garbage disposal
High-speed motor
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Waste King 5000

If you are searching for a very powerful commercial garbage disposal, or planning to put up a new food business or if you are running a food establishment and worry about the heaps of garbage, Waste King 5000 is for you.

You can easily install this Waste King commercial garbage disposal in your kitchen to make the job easier and stress-free. It is integrated with 1725 RPM that can clear out your waste perfectly. It is also integrated with a fixed lubricated bearing to lessen the noise, and there is no need to put a lubricant in the attached bearing.

It also comes with a fan-cooled motor. You can utilize this garbage disposal for so many years to throw away your garbage constantly and rightly. What is more, you can utilize this appliance for mass feeding operations like medium to large restaurants, big factories, or hotel (handle the various kinds of waste).

Pros Cons
Sound insulation Relatively bigger
High speed as well as a powerful motor It looks complicated and hard to operate
Extra cutting power
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Waste King’s L-3200 Commercial Garbage Disposal

This state of the art commercial garbage disposal for a commercial application is integrated with ¾ horsepower that works for power the motor at 2700 range per minute. This is a remarkable feature that enables you to eliminate the garbage fast and without it being prone to jamming or clogging.

A lot of commercial properties love how this garbage disposal operates efficiently while remaining silent. It comes with a sound insulation feature, which makes sure you can keep your food establishment quiet.

A lot of users also like how the process of installation available for this garbage disposal, which is so easy and stress-free. This is because it is integrated with an EZ mount, which allows you to have a trouble-free time with regards to setting up it in various spaces.

What is more, this Waste King commercial garbage disposal unit is super lightweight and comes in a compact design. Therefore, you are able to slot it into tight spaces in your kitchen without hassle. This is made of stainless steel materials, so expect that it will last for many years of use.

Pros Cons
The power cord is installed already Not as powerful as the other ones
Lightweight and very compact
3/4 horsepower
2700 range per minute
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InSinkErator SS-200-27 Medium Capacity

This commercial garbage disposal from InSinkErator is intended to utilize in various establishments such as larger restaurants, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, nursing homes, hotels, and many others. This advanced garbage disposal functions efficiently to discard your waste easily and in a short time. It is integrated with the corrosion-resistant grinding chamber, and it’s made of stainless steel. It has 2 Horse Power induction motor that has 1725 range per minute, which makes it powerful and strong to discard of various kinds of waste or junks.

What makes it apart from the rest is the double tapered Timken roller bearing that provides you the best shock-absorbing cushion. It is also integrated with a triple lip seal to keep the motor safe and sound from the loss of grease and water. Opposed to other kinds of waste disposal appliances available out there, this SS-200-2y waste disposal unit from InSinkErator works silently; that is why it is one of the most sought after units now. This unit stands out due to its superior performance, highest energy efficiency as well as quiet operation.

It is made to discard a massive amount of waste constantly. This also allows you to discard your nursing home, restaurant, nursing home, waste fast, and in a short time.

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InSinkErator Evolution

This state of the art commercial garbage disposal unit is integrated with sound seal technology; thus, it works quietly. We were astounded with how this unit is able to work silently while also having one horsepower dura-drive induction motor.

It is also integrated with an extremely powerful motor which takes account of a three-stage grinding system. Thus, you can feel confident in being capable of putting lots of food waste down the appliance without the fret of unblocking or jamming quickly.

It is made of stainless steel material that gives it more toughness and durability to last for a very long time. The grinding part is also made of stainless steel that allows you to grind a more extensive choice of foods without obstructions and blockages.

Pros Cons
Sound seal technology A bit Expensive
Tough stainless steel construction
A three-stage grinding system made of stainless steel material
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Moen GXS75C GX Series Garbage Disposal

Another remarkable commercial garbage disposal available on the market today is the Moen GXS75C. This state of the art waste disposal unit is integrated with vortex motor technology, which works to give you superior power to discard or dispose of food waste fast and quickly. We are impressed and astounded with how this waste disposal unit works, as it is integrated with SoundShield technology.

This is a remarkable technology for making sure that waste disposal is able to work with lots of power while working quietly. The process of installing is fast and straightforward, as well.

You can feel confident in having a short time installing and using the unit. It comes with a universal Xpress mount that can fit all mounting units that have 3 bolts. We also love the power cord as it can be detached easily to provide you more choices with regards to extra and additional wiring.

Pros Cons
Pre-installed power cord Not effective compared to the other brands
Powerful vortex technology
SoundSHIELD technology
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Hobart Garbage Disposal

Another remarkable brand of garbage disposal for commercial use is Hobart. They have some models of varying power like the FD4/500 is a renowned model.

The Hobart FD4/500 is integrated with a powerful 5HP motor and can handle 4000 meals per day. This is a constant feed type of waste disposal with the integrated motor that has a permanently lubricated bearing and also comes with an overload protection system.

It has a turntable diameter of 10 5/8 inches; this big size turntable enables processing heap of garbage at a time.

This unit fits a 7inch ID opening, while the construction is sturdy and rugged. This can also be disabled into two. The upper portion is made of supple iron, while the lower portion is made of ductile gray cast iron. Not like InSinkErator, Hobart waste disposal comes with a painted housing, which goes along with your kitchen interior. The bottom that has the motor is linked to the grinding chamber. This separation enables the fast dismantling of the unit if cleaning or repairing is needed. 

Hobart specializes in commercial garbage disposals; they don’t have a home version of waste disposal. Perhaps it is this specialization that makes it worth considering the Hobart brand.

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In order to throw a massive amount of waste in your commercial property, industrial garbage disposable is a meaningful solution to discard the waste correctly in a short time. Above are some of the best commercial garbage disposals in the market. 

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