Step N Sort Trash Can Reviews: Money-Saving and Convenient Compartments

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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Perhaps, your trash can is corroded. Maybe, the lid is broken. Probably, the exterior has scratches and other potential damages.

Maybe, you think of SimpleHuman, Brabantia, iTouchless, Rubbermaid, or Nine Stars. What is the other trusted brand of waste bins? Step N Sort has been making a name in the industry. From the quality, style, performance to cost, Step N Sort is another incredible brand you should have.

With the variety of Step N Sort trash cans, it’s quite tricky to pick the right solution. Worry no more! In this simple guide, you will know the best option. Read on!

Top 5 Best Step N Sort Trash Can Reviews

Step N’ Sort 16-Gal. 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

Tailored to handle household waste, Step N Sort 3 Compartment 16-G can exceed all your storage and recycling needs. This trash can is perfect for homes and offices with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame. The hands-free and comfortable step pedals allow you to sort different items such as laundry detergent, dog food, garbage, and other recyclables.

Its capacity can reach a maximum of 8 or 10 trash bags. Its handle is also convenient to carry. The individual weight capacity is around 5.3 gallons.

The primary material is steel, while the color is silver. The lid is black with aesthetic appeal and great simplicity. The shape is rectangular, making it ideal for small or large space.

Step N’ Sort 16 Gal. 2-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

Trash bins with a single compartment can be a headache to use because of the limited space. This is where the Step N Sort 2 Compartment 16-G can play a significant role. Space, the design, the performance, the flexibility, and the costs are all superb.

If you’re exhausted of inefficient pedals, this bin is far different. It provides hands-free and comfortable accessories. The receptacle is divided according to the standards.

Although the trash bag is not included, this Step N Sort’s version is a complete package. The inner compartment is removable for easy cleaning and upkeep. The lid won’t open without manual operation. Every compartment accommodates more than an 8-G trash bag. It is also available at a competitive rate that can ensure bigger savings.

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18.5 Gallon Two-In-One Sensor Trash Can: Single and Dual Compartments

Managing waste does not need to be messy, unhygienic, and disorganized.

With the help of 18.5g from Step N Sort, every homeowner can have efficient, easy, and hygienic waste management. The unit is fun to customize. You can use the bin as a single or dual compartment trash can.

To get the most out of the sensor, utilize the larger single ring. This site has a sleek and modern design. The lid can also compete with other bins on the market because of its 5-second delay and slow close feature.

There’s a manual option you can access on the control panel, too. It uses 6 AA batteries with a non-skid and rust-resistant rubber base. Add it to the cart to have an excellent buying decision.

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Step N’ Sort 17 Gallon/65 Liter Stainless Steel Open Top Commercial Trash Can

Stainless Steel 17-G Trash Can is a versatile option for many.

Perfect for small businesses, this Step N Sort’s waste bin is ideal for other high-traffic areas such as repair shop, lobby, coffee shop, and office. The large opening and lid guarantee a quick and hassle-free bag change.

The stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof and resistant to other elements. The bottom is rubber and non-skid, while the handle is convenient to carry, too. For damaged waste bins, the 17-g trash can from Step N Sort is an experts-recommended solution.

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Step N’ Sort 12-Gallon 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

Step N Sort’s 3 compartment 12g is a big choice. This 3 compartment 12g should be on top of your list. Aside from its comfortable waste capacity, its frame material is steel that provides stylish appeal and durable performance.

The 3 compartments facilitate the sorting process and reduce the burden. The inner compartments are removable, and each can hold more than 4 gallons. It is space-saving and ideal for a small kitchen. It comes with a curb value, which suits your interior design. It is easy to use. There’s no complicated maintenance to follow. Plus, it won’t cause a dent in your bank account.

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What’s your choice? Although the cheapest brand is quite tempting, pick the one that’s trusted by several offices and homeowners out there.

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