Garbage Disposal Wrench

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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Garbage disposal is a vital kitchen appliance. The role of this appliance is to liquefy food remnants and flush them down the drain rather than storing them in trash containers. Waste disposal greatly enhances the quality of our life by getting rid of the odor of decaying food in your home or by keeping away the inconvenience of needing to make daily or frequent trips to the trash dumpster.

There are many garbage disposal issues that you may encounter in the long run, like clogging. In this instance, you don’t have to call an expert to fix it. With knowledge and the right tool like garbage disposal wrench, you are able to repair it on your own.

What is the Best Garbage Disposal Wrench Size?

A 1/4 inch garbage disposal wrench will help you free blocked waste as well as get your unit back to its working condition. With this size, there is no need to buy a special tool to eliminate the offending clump of food waste out of your unit.

What is Garbage Disposal Wrench?

An instrument used to unjam congested or blocked waste disposal is called garbage disposal wrench. This garbage disposal tool plays a vital role in turning this appliance in to and from directions to get out any clogging which stops the unit from functioning.

Without this tool, it is almost unfeasible to turn the turntable of the disposal unit manually. Some people utilize broom handles but spend a couple of bucks on a tool specially made for this is way better. 

Types of Garbage Disposal Wrench

Allen Wrench

InSinkErator WRN-00 Jam-Buster Wrench,Silver

There are two types of garbage disposal wrench, such as Allen wrench and garbage disposal wrench or those who don’t have a brand name. The Allen wrench is the most sought after disposal wrench. It has lots of practical uses other hen unblocking your garbage disposal, so it is very common everywhere.

Garbage disposal wrench

General Tools 192 Garbage Disposal Wrench

Another type is the garbage disposal wrench. You can find this in various stores line like Amazon. These garbage disposal tools are made with the intention of unjamming garbage disposals. These tools don’t have any applications elsewhere. So, perhaps that is why they are named garbage disposal wrench. 

These garbage disposal tools are available in various models. On the other hand, follow the same style and design. All come with a shat, handle, as well as swivel head located at the end part of the unit, which is able to lock into the grinding or shredder plate of the garbage disposal unit. 

This is universal so that you can utilize it in all types of disposal garbage brands and models and irrespective of its specs. 

The garbage disposal wrench will free the remains once it is easy for you to rotate the wench in a circular motion. You don’t need to worry about giving your wrench some elbow grease. The shaft which reached into the interior of the unit can control lots of pressures and forces that might be needed to free blocked and jammed waste. 

How To Use This Garbage Disposal Wrench?

A lot of garbage disposals available come with a hex hole located on the bottom part of the machine. The hex hole is linked to a duct which directly connects with the shredder or turntable plate of this home appliance. ¼ inch is the standard dimension of the hex hole, so any Allen wrench of which size will surely fit.

General Tools 192 Garbage Disposal Wrench

It is easy to unclog your appliance with the use of Allen wrench:

The first thing you need to do is to put in the hex key into the hex hole and gradually turn it to and fro until you can generously turn around the turntable. This only means that any blocks or clogs in your appliance are dislodged.

The next thing to do is to run water into your unit and then turn it on for a couple of minutes. So, any remains in the grinding chamber or blade are eliminated via the drain pipes.


As you can see, you will need just a couple of minutes to unclog or unjam your disposal garbage with the help of a garbage disposal wrench. Sometimes you only need a 1/4 disposal garbage Allen wrench to take good care of your blocked disposal garbage. If you have a preference, there are some products made particularly for dealing with a blocked disposal unit or a special disposal garbage wrench made for your specific brands as well as a model of appliance.

We hope that these assists turn that distressing blocked garbage disposal into a minor inconvenience so your unit can go back to its working condition. Garbage disposal wrench can help your garbage disposal maintain its good working condition, thus helps in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

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