American Standard Garbage Disposal Reviews

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:58 am

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American Standard all started with an unrivaled legacy of innovation and quality that lasted for over 130 years. American Standard strives to create and deliver products that make individuals safer and healthier. They are also passionate about integrity, safety, and sustainability in all the products they make.

One of the best product offerings of American Standard is its exclusive garbage disposal. American Standard Garbage Disposal is proven to be an excellent way of cutting down food waste and helping the environment. There might be numerous brands of garbage disposal, but American Standard garbage disposal is one of the highly preferred brands.   

American Standard Garbage Disposal Reviews  

Currently, two models are carrying this brand name available in the market. If you are planning to get yourself the best one, the following American Standard garbage disposal reviews can help you make the most informed decision.

American Standard 1.25 HP High Torque Garbage Disposer Review

If you are in search of quality garbage disposer, ensuring only high performance delivered at all times when grinding anything and everything, American Standard High Torque Garbage Disposer is the perfect product you are looking for in the market. This product justifies the real function and purpose of the garbage disposal unit, and that is to properly break down everything to tiny pieces and flush them down into the drain.  This branded high torque garbage disposer features 1.25 horsepower and a speed of 2700 RPM.

This product also comes with a magnetic guard ring that guarantees ultimate safety by catching metallic elements and keeping them away from the disposal chamber. Balance turntable is another component in charge of eliminating vibration and providing smoother performance. Its shell is properly insulated; therefore, there won’t be operation noise as compared to other brands of garbage disposal available out there.

The grinding element of this American Standard garbage disposal is crafted from the finest stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about debris or food build-up on the blades. Grinding units function with powerful torque breaking down difficult food scraps to small pieces and avoid clogging and sewer jamming issues.

Pros Cons
Can chop up anything Applying putty might be required to guarantee that it’s properly locked in place
Easy to install and use
Quiet performance
Extended lifespan
Complete safety during operation is guaranteed
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American Standard 1.25 HP ASD-1250 Garbage Disposer Review

Making use of a garbage disposal unit helps a lot in getting rid of waste. Investing in this unit can be an excellent idea. This unit is easy to install and can work on its intended function for the longest years.

If you need a reliable garbage disposal unit that can dispose of almost anything that you throw into it, the American Standard 1.25 hp food waste disposer is the best one you can get in the market today.

This is one of the helpful American Standard garbage disposal reviews that go into detail regarding the features and pros and cons of this American Standard garbage disposal model.

This product features the following:

  • High-Torque PowerThis food grinder comes with a robust 1.25-horsepower HP motor, which is highly advantageous in the home kitchen context. The shaft is said to spin at 2800 Revolutions Per Minute or RPM. With the speed of this model and the motor’s high torque, American standard 1.25 waste disposer can reduce all types of food scraps, even animal bones, with minimal effort.
  • Stainless Steel Chamber Wet works go down to the grinding chamber, so the constructing fabric is of absolute importance. It is, therefore, a plus point that this garbage disposal comes with stainless steel parts starting from the turn-plate up to the grind ring.
  • Noise Countering TheASD-1250 Garbage Disposer does an excellent job of suppressing sound. Unlike other brands, this concentrates on balancing, so this can manage to minimize the vibrations along the process. No wonder, product users have nothing but praises to this American Standard 1.25 waste disposer model.
  • Magnetized Flange – Another clever feature of this product is the magnetized collar. The flange includes a ring of magnets that are wrapped around it on the sink’s underside. Foreign objects will cling to the sink drain. This greatly minimizes the risks of insertion and avoids damages to the machine’s interior.
Pros Cons
Simple to install in the sink Can still be a bit noisy sometimes
Chops almost anything that you put in it This model may not fit in all sink systems
Expected longer life
Food wastes are eliminated without any problem
Improved functionality in the kitchen
Strong and reliable 1.25 horsepower motor
The compact and durable casing
Effective noise reduction feature
Reasonably priced
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With all the relevant information included in these American Standard garbage disposal reviews, you can now make the most informed decision as to what garbage disposal unit to choose. But despite choosing American Standard High Torque Garbage Disposer or the ASD-1250 Garbage Disposer, you rest assured that you will get high-quality products considering that both products are made and offered by the same manufacturer. 

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