Waste King 3200 VS 3300: What Is The Difference Between Them

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

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Environmental pollution is a big challenge that affects the lives of not only humans but also non-living things. It all begins with how you handle your kitchen refuse at home. You can start making a difference in the environment by getting an efficient garbage disposer. This will also ensure that your kitchen is always clean from all the waste produced through meal preparations.

A lot of plumbers and consumers have discovered Waste king as a pioneer in the field of garbage disposers. This company is famous for producing high-quality disposers for more than ten years now. Among the well-known brands produced by this company is Waste king 3200 and 3300.

We will focus on these two types as compare their similarities and differences to determine which the best garbage disposer is.  First, let us cover each type separately to give you a better understanding.

Waste King 3200 review

Is your household made up of 5 or 6 persons? You need this garbage disposer that takes care of the waste produced from these numbers. Waste King 3200 comes with a ¾ HP magnetic motor that works under 2.700rpm. Your model can, therefore, grind different organic wastes efficiently and run smoothly.

This is a continuous feed that increases the convenience of use. Unlike most garbage disposers that jam or clog easily, waste king legend 3200 comes with swivel impellers to prevent such problems. It also contains a splash guard which you can remove when you need to clean the interior surfaces.

It is a disposer that is easy to use and set up. With this model, you can forget about all the kitchen mess that can cause smell and attract bugs. The different components are made from stainless steel meaning they are not prone to corroding.  What you get is a quiet disposer that is not irritating thanks to the inclusion of a sound shell. This has foam insulation to minimize noise.

The producers of this model make the interior chamber with nylon and glass. This also prevents the parts from corroding. If you use the disposer for long and notice some corrosion, the company can replace these parts without you incurring additional charges. Trained technicians from the company can handle the repairs.

Your package comes with a power cord which you plug into an electric outlet in the set-up. You don’t have to spend more charges looking for this accessory. A power cord also prevents you from hardwiring your disposer which could lead to electrical problems. It measures 36 inches making it long enough to plug in from a distant outlet.

Its uses an EZ mounting system which allows you to install it effortlessly beneath your sink. This saves you the expenses of hiring a professional to set up your disposer. You will notice some rubber dampers around the mount system that minimizes its vibration and noise. The only requirement to use the garbage disposer is that you have a septic tank which is appropriately sized.

It gives you a high grinding power to fasten the process. The construction of this garbage disposer is done using aluminum which is sturdy enough to enhance durability. It comes with a set of instructions that are not complicated to follow. This will take less than an hour for you to set it up. You can also conduct inspections on your grinding chamber frequently with the help of the provided guidelines.

We also like the fact that this model can fit any dishwasher so you will not strain as you try to achieve compatibility. The package includes a rubber gasket which you should use on a stainless steel sink. If your sink is not made from this material, you may need some help from a plumber.

The design of this model allows it to fit a drain hole that measures 3.5 inches. It also contains a plug for the drain of your dishwasher. For you to connect this disposer to your dishwasher, you have to push out your plug before you can mount the unit. Utilize a lubricant to make it easy for you to connect the garbage disposer to your mount assembly.

The size of this garbage disposer is both a merit and a demerit. It is smaller than waste king 3300 meaning it will not take up a lot of room under your sink. The light-weight also makes it portable. Its size, however, limits you on how much waste it can hold at the same time.

Your purchase comes with an 8-year warranty meaning your parts will be covered for long. Most of the parts get a lifetime warranty. You will receive excellent customer support in case of mechanical defects.

Pros Cons
It is affordable You need to buy the special kit separately to link this machine with your dishwasher
The parts are made from stainless steel making it long-lasting
You get a continuous feed
The warranty lasts for ten years
It has a powerful motor

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If you have been searching for a powerful garbage disposer that comes at an affordable price, you will enjoy the services that waste-king 3200 offers. Though it may not be entirely silent, you will not receive a lot of vibrations from this unit.

Waste King 3300 review

Most good garbage disposers come with a hefty price. Waste King 3300 does not strain your budget nor compromise on the performance. It is a powerful garbage disposer operating under 2700rpm as it utilizes the horsepower motor. The motor is fitted with a permanent magnet to enhance its efficiency for it to run.

This will upgrade your kitchen and reduce the amount of waste that goes in garbage bins. It comes with a case which is constructed from glass, polyester, and nylon to dampen the noise so that you can barely hear anything as it grinds waste. The materials of the drain flange also prevent the grinding chamber from corroding.

The grinding elements are made from stainless steel which is insulated to minimize vibrations. It, therefore, creates a quiet kitchen atmosphere as you clean up. The producers ensure that your garbage disposer can manage a lot of waste including different forms of debris such as bones and vegetable peels.

You will not experience problems with your garbage disposer such as jamming since it is equipped with special impellers. There is a splash guard which is removable for easy cleaning after use. This feature ensures that the waste does not spew everywhere reducing the mess.  Its ability to withstand a lot of use makes it suitable for a large family that receives frequent guests.

The motor provides the disposer with sufficient power to grind waste fast without leaving a mess. Its continuous feed makes it convenient to shovel peels even as it runs. The garbage disposer also uses a hookup system that allows you to install it quickly even if you don’t have a professional plumber.

You will, however, need a special kit to make it compatible with your dishwasher. Included in the package is a power cord for plugging into an outlet. The purchase of waste king 300 gives you a 10-year warranty which shows how much faith the manufacturers have in this product. The parts that are susceptible to corrosion get a lifetime warranty.

Pros Cons
The insulation reduces noise Some users report that it is not as silent as it is advertised
It provides a lot of power for easy grinding
It is easy to set up and use
Has an affordable price
The parts make it a long-lasting unit that does not rust easily

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Waste King 3300 is a reliable garbage disposer that gives you value for your money. Its size ensures you have room for a lot of waste. Unlike most disposers that are noisy, this gives you a quiet operation at high speed. The quality is long-lasting, and the design is compact.

Waste King 3200 VS 3300

waste king 3200 vs 3300


These two models are almost twins thanks to their similarities. They both come from Waste King Company made from a similar design pattern. The mounting system used in the two models is the EZ mechanism.

The construction of most of the parts is also similar since the parts are made from stainless steel. The grinding chamber of these models also contains some glass and nylon to minimize the risk of corrosion. They have powerful grinding abilities and noise shells that reduce the vibrations. The materials used on them make them long-lasting to serve you for years without needing a lot of replacement.

You will also note that both types have power cords and operate as a continuous feed. They use Jam less system such as the inclusion of swivel impellers to prevent the clogging of pipes. The power used in their running is ¾ HP motor operating at 2700 RPM speed.

Both models also come with clear instructions making it easy to set up. The long-term warranty you get from purchasing either of the types covers you in case of defects.  They also do not differ a lot in their prices.


Though there are similar features in these two models, we cannot overlook some differences. If you look at them from the outside, it is hard to differentiate them. What distinguishes them, however, is the amps, weight, size, and warranty. We will discuss the differences in the following table.

Waste king L-3200 Waste King L-3300
• Minimal sound insulation • Maximum sound insulation
• 8-year warranty • 10-year warranty
• Ideal for a small family • Suitable for a large household
• Small measuring 7.8×7.8×13.8 and weighs 8.6 pounds • Large measuring 8.5×8.5×14.5 inches and weighs 10 pounds
• Slightly cheaper • More expensive
View details here View details here

Verdict: Which One is the best?

Though both of these models are high-quality, Waste king 3300 is better than 3200 when it comes to the size, performance, sound insulation, size, and warranty. We may say that 3300 is the best but the choice depends on what you are looking for in a garbage disposer. For instance, if you need one for a small family, you may choose waste king 3200 over 3300.

What we can assure you is that both models are good-quality disposers that give you high performance and reduce the amount of waste you expose to the environment. If your budget is tight, you may need to consider Waste King 3200.

Always have in mind the features of each model to determine if they are what you need from a garbage disposer. Remember that the right garbage disposer can translate to a cleaner and more organized kitchen. Get one today and transform your kitchen for good!

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