Why Batch Feed Garbage Disposal Could Be The Best Option For You

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

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The safer and more efficient garbage disposal option. But what is batch feed garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal is a must-have feature. It ensures that your home disposes of its garbage in an environmentally friendly way. Batch feed garbage disposal is an automated disposal mechanism that makes use of motors, grinding chambers and sharp grinding blades to dispose of garbage.

Batch feed disposal units require you to place a stopper around the unit’s neck in order to start the disposal process.  These units do not have a power switch and will begin operation once the starter cap has been placed over the sink drain.

Batch feed garbage disposal units offer a safe and efficient way to dispose of your garbage. Due to their unique use of the starter cap, you will not experience any hand and finger accidents as a result of putting your hand into the drain. This failsafe mechanism makes it the best option for use in households with children.

The units only consume power and water during the grinding process, which is controlled by the stopper. They do not run unnecessarily and can be used to dispose of the ideal amount of garbage for you.

The failsafe system of units making use of a batch feed style also prevents any foreign objects from falling in during grinding. This will protect its motors and blades from any damage, which will ensure that you use the unit for a long time.

There is one alternative garbage disposal system that does not use a failsafe stopping cap.

Other types of garbage disposal

The alternative garbage disposal option available uses a continuous feed method of disposal. . Continuous feed disposal is a style of garbage disposal that makes use of a similarly simple mechanism as that of the batch feed disposal style, albeit without the use of a stopper.

In continuous feed disposal, the unit is turned on at the flip of a switch. It begins to grind up the waste already inside the disposal and disposes of it once it is consistent.

Unlike batch feed disposal, continuous feed disposal does not require the failsafe stopper. It can run even as additional water and food are continuously being fed into the disposal unit.

Continuous feed disposal systems might have some convenience, but are unsafe, especially when small children are involved. Continuous feed disposal units have begun incorporating splash guards to prevent debris from flying out of the open filler neck. This protects the user from any accidental harm from such debris.

The risk of harm to the user’s hands and fingers still remains. Since the continuous feed disposal unit can still operate even as additional garbage and water is fed into the unit, you may cause serious damage to your hands or fingers if they get too close to the blades.

These are some points of note when choosing between either batch or continuous feed garbage disposal options for your home.

Batch feed Vs Continuous feed garbage disposal

Units with either the batch feed or the continuous feed disposal style are similar in their design and component features. They may have some differences in design, but offer a similar range in regards to technical specifications.

Technical specifications

Batch feed and continuous feed options are both designed with a number of grinding chambers, which ensures that the food and other garbage that goes through either unit is ground finely for easier disposal. They will both reduce the likelihood of clogged plumbing.

These units also come with a range of horsepower motors. Depending on the grinding power that your house needs, there is a garbage disposal option that will satisfy you for either type. They feature convenient drain-dishwasher connections and are safe for use with a large number of safety tanks.


Many batch feed disposal units offer an additional power cord for easy installation. You do not need to incur additional expenses by hiring plumbing services to connect your disposal unit to your house’s power supply. It could be as easy as plugging either system into the wall and starting it up.

However, only some continuous feed disposal options have an additional power chord attachment. More continuous feed disposal options will require additional plumbing expertise in order to install it properly. This might result in additional expenses.


Continuous feed and batch feed disposal systems differ on one key technical aspect. While you can continuously feed garbage and water into the continuous feed unit, you must place a failsafe locking device on the batch feed disposal unit so as to begin its operation.

This structural difference makes batch feed systems the safer option. Since they must be sealed before the process begins, no debris can fly out of the unit as it grinds the food and garbage within it. This means that your eyes will be safe from any accidentally flying pieces of food or garbage.

The failsafe lock also protects your fingers and hands from any accidental grinding by your unit. The continuous feed unit is exposed and will continue to break down the garbage within it as you increase the amount of garbage inside. This may harm your digits and hands in case you accidentally place them in this unit.

The unit must be sealed before any grinding can take place. It is safe and guarantees protection for your hands. It is also the safer option for households with children, as they will not be at any risk of harm.

The mechanism also offers protection for valuable items. You will not accidentally grind up anything that you do not want to with a batch feed disposal system. You could easily pick out any bits within the garbage that are not scheduled for disposal. This option is not available for a continuous feed disposal unit.


Foreign objects such as spoons may also fall into a continuous feed disposal system, due to its open neck. These could affect the performance of the unit by wearing out the grinding system’s parts.

With a batch feed disposal system, only the garbage items will be ground by the unit, ensuring that you get maximum performance from every system. Your unit will be at a reduced risk of jamming because of the style of disposal.


Batch feed disposal units use less water than continuous feed disposal units. During disposal, batch feed units require that you close the system and wait for the process to be completed.  It is efficient, as no additional water needs to be fed into the unit to facilitate further disposal.

On the contrary, continuous feed disposal units can continue to run as you put in additional waste and water. You will need to use water to push the garbage safely into the unit. This increases the amount of water needed in order to dispose of your waste.

The top batch feed disposal systems available

The safety of your hands, as well as that of your loved ones, is also important. While a garbage disposal system may be a convenient way to get rid of garbage, it should not place your loved ones at the risk of harm. Batch feed disposal system offers guaranteed protection against any such accidents.

The best in-sink garbage disposal option should be safe, convenient and within your budget. It should be strong enough to dispose of your garbage without using too much water and electricity. It should not regularly clog since having to take out the unit for cleaning and maintenance can rack up additional charges.

Waste King offers a range of powerful, efficient and price-friendly garbage disposers. They feature top-of-the-line engineering, durable materials and guaranteed efficiency in power and water consumption.

The company also offers the longest in-home warranties, lasting up to 20 years. This will guarantee service and convenient in-home servicing should the need arise.  However, you will easily find yourself never having needed the in-home service due to the durability and quality of the company’s garbage disposal options.

Here are some Waste King batch feed garbage disposal options that you should really consider when you are shopping for the best batch feed garbage disposal.

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power chord (L-8000TC)

The L-8000TC batch feed unit weighs 13.4 pounds and measures 8x8x18.2 inches.

It is easy to mount and can be fixed easily into your kitchen sink without needing any additional plumbing work. The EZ mount system and 32-inch power cord help to make installing the L-8000TC a breeze. The lengthy cord makes this batch feed disposal unit convenient for use even with sinks that are a distance away from the power source.

The 1 horsepower L-8000TC spins at 2800 RPM, which enables it to break down garbage quickly and efficiently. It guarantees instant grinding action, which will save on your garbage disposal power costs.

Waste King’s sleek and stylish L-8000TC has been optimized to fit in small spaces. It also uses stainless steel components, which guarantees durability and a lightweight. The unit combines the stainless steel parts and strong power to improve its performance, which enables it to break down any garbage items.

It features a failsafe cap that prevents any unauthorized grinding. The unit also has notches that must be securely snapped, which guarantees protection from any accidents.  It has a manual reset button that shuts down the unit in case of jamming or overload.

The L-8000TC also comes with a 10-year in-home warranty that guarantees the unit’s durability, as well as offers you a convenient way to fix any problems that may arise.

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Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (L-5000TC)

The L-5000TC measures 8.5×8.5×16.8 inches and weighs 11.25.

It makes use of Waste King’s EZ mount, which should make the installation process quick and easy. With this unit, no additional electrical or plumbing requirements are needed. It comes with a 32-inch power cord, which does away with the need for wiring. You could install this unit yourself, using only a screwdriver, pliers, a hammer, putty and the easy installation manual that is attached.

The L-5000TC features a 0.75  horsepower spins at 2700 RPM and has permanent magnet motors. This powerful unit guarantees grinding action every time. It is also sound insulated to ensure that your disposal is silent, which makes it appropriate for use at all times.

It is made entirely of strong stainless steel components and comes in a small size for maximum space efficiency. It is durable, lightweight, and will only take up a small amount of space. The strong parts prevent any damage through wear, tear, and rust.

Like other Waste King disposal units, the L-5000TC also comes with a 10-year in-home warranty for convenience in case of any accident.

It does not come with an additional splashguard, but the option is available for purchase.

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Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (9900TC)

The 9000TC weighs 11.9 pounds and measures 16.5×6.5×8.5 inches.

It uses a 0.75 horsepower vortex motor technology that delivers 2700 RPM.  The motor also uses a permanent magnet and has sound-insulation which prevents any likelihood of noise.

The powerful batch feed disposal unit uses a stopper that prevents any accidental grinding. It will improve your home’s disposal efficiency. It also has an additional reset feature in case you need to manually override the disposal action.

The 9900TC uses a pro-3-bolt mount system, which makes it easy to install.  You do not need any additional plumbing during installation, because the professional 3-bolt system can be installed using a small selection of tools. It also comes with a power cord attached for convenience during installation.

Waste king’s 9900TC batch feed disposal features stainless steel parts and components, which reduces any likelihood of damage through corrosion or rust. The stainless steel use also makes this disposal system lightweight and durable. It is efficient for use in small spaces due to its friendly size.

The 9900TC also has a 10-year in-home warranty, which is both convenient and the best long-term option available.

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