The 10 best “quietest garbage disposal units” For 2020

Last updated on April 29th, 2020 at 07:42 am

Are you shopping for the best garbage disposal unit? Here are some features you should consider.

It is quiet          

Garbage disposal units do the dirty work. They run on heavy duty motors which can produce a lot of noise during the grinding process. The best garbage disposal units allow you to break down your garbage whenever you need to, without causing a disturbance.

The best garbage disposals must be quiet, to facilitate a convenient disposal process. The quietest garbage disposal units should also have top-of-the-line features that help to improve performance, efficiency and guarantee satisfaction.

It offers efficient performance

The best quiet garbage disposal units will have a powerful motor and high RPM. The powerful motor will help it to grind the waste easily, which will reduce the time and energy resource spent on grinding the garbage.

By reducing the time spent in the disposal process, the right garbage disposal system will reduce your power and water consumption rates.

It is durable and protected against any damage

The best quiet garbage disposal units with efficient performance should also be durable. They should be made of strong materials that do not hinder their weight distribution or performance. They should also have strong parts that are resilient against any wear and tear that may occur.

The garbage disposal should also have a long-term warranty to protect you from incurring additional costs when repairing your garbage disposal unit.

It is within your price range

Before buying a garbage disposal, it is important to consider your budget. There are a number of price-friendly garbage disposal units that are quiet and effective.

You can find the best quiet disposal units within your price range by looking through the quietest garbage disposal reviews below.

The Top 10 quietest garbage disposal units

The best garbage disposal units must be convenient and efficient. They should facilitate a seamless garbage disposal process which will not disturb other activities within the household. The best garbage disposal unit will also have strong components and a functional design that will ensure the minimal likelihood of clogging.

It should also be powerful enough to break down any food and waste items that you may wish to dispose of. It should also be durable, and be made of materials that will not succumb to wear, tear or rust for a long amount of time.

The quietest garbage disposal units will also be easy to install without the need for additional plumbing and electrical work. It should be compatible with the drainage and electrical system, which would make its installation an easy do-it-yourself project.

The quietest garbage disposal units should also offer long warranties, which would be helpful in case of any trouble in the future. It should ideally be in-home but can be over the counter as long as it provides lengthy coverage.

A table comparing some technical specifications of the best quiet garbage disposal units

UnitSize (In)Weight (lbs)HPRPMStyle
Waste King L-800016 x 8.5 x 8.511.9412800Batch
Kitchen Aid KCDS075T14 x 13 x 1019.650.751725Continuous
Waste King L-33008.5 x 8.5 x 14.5100.752700Continuous
Moen GXL 1000C16 x 7.5 x 7.51312800Continuous
Moen GXS75C9.69 x 9.69 x 14.8813.20.752700Continuous
Waste Maid US-WM-65810 x 10 x 18161.252800Continuous
InSInkErator 5XP7 x 7 x 16150.751725Continuous
Emerson Evergrind E2026.3 x 6.3 x 1614.110.5N/AContinuous
Waste King 9900TC6.5 x 8.5 x 1611.90.752700Batch
Waste King L-5000TC8.5 x 8.5 x 16.811.250.752700Batch

These quietest garbage disposal reviews will help you find the best quiet garbage disposal units for your home.

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (L-8000)!

The Waste King L-8000is a powerful and efficient garbage disposal unit. It has 1 horsepower and 2800 RPM and makes use of a continuous feed disposal system. The energy-efficient and strong disposable unit is also quiet, as it is insulated to prevent any noise during the grinding process.

It has a sleek and stylish design, which makes it easy to fit under your sink. The Waste King L-8000 has an EZ mount twist-and-lock, as well as a 32-inch power cord which makes its installation an easy process that you can do by yourself.

The Waste King L-8000 also comes with a splash guard, which prevents any flying debris from hitting anyone standing near the garbage disposal unit during the process. It is made with stainless steel components, which prevents any damage through rust or wearing out from continued grinding action.

Waste King L-8000 offers a lifetime in-home warranty. This product will always be eligible for any services and repairs that are covered by your warranty at the comfort of your own home.

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KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

KitchenAid’s garbage disposal unit offers sound seal technology for quiet garbage disposal action. This sound insulation ensures that your kitchen is quiet throughout your garbage disposal process.

The continuous feed garbage disposal is quiet but powerful. It has a 3/4 horsepower motor which rotates at 1725. This is above the average rate, which means that this garbage disposal unit will guarantee performance.

Unlike other items on this list, KitchenAid does not offer an additional power cord with the final unit. However, it is certified frustration-free in its installation, which means that you will have little trouble connecting this quiet garbage disposal unit to your sink.

KitchenAid’s garbage disposal unit is made of stainless steel parts and components, which increase its performance and durability.

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Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (L-3300)

Waste King’s L-3300 is a quiet and efficient unit.

It has a 0.75 motor that offers 2700 RPM. The motor blades hit top speed almost immediately, which reduces the chances that it will jam.  Due to the powerful motor, the L-3300 grinds waste quickly and reduces the amounts of water and electricity needed to dispose of your waste.

It is made with strong stainless steel components, which reduce the likelihood of wear and rust.

It also comes with a splash guard for convenient use, as well as a preinstalled cord for easier installation. It uses the EZ mount, which makes it easy to put up or clean if the need arises.

Like other Waste King products on this list, it has a 10-year in-home warranty that should guarantee you prime performance and offer you security against any failure.

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Moen GXL1000C GX Series 1 hp Garbage Disposal

The Moen GXL10000C uses SoundShield, an industry-leading technology that keeps disposal units quiet as they run. It completely kills any sound emanating from the unit, which helps it to achieve a silent and enjoyable disposal atmosphere.

It has a powerful vortex motor that delivers 2800 RPM at 1 horsepower. The speed and power make this unit less likely to fail due to jamming and blockage.

It has a continuous feed, which allows you to consistently add more waste to the unit while it processes. It should be noted that continuous feed disposal systems might cause damage to the fingers and hands. Care should be taken when loading up the unit. Instead of using your hands, you could direct the waste with water for least likelihood of any accident.

The GXL1000C also comes with a power cord that is already installed, which makes it easy to install. With this model, you will not need to buy a power cord or attach one anywhere.

It also comes with a 10-year in-home warranty, which guarantees the performance of the unit and offers you convenient support in case you need it.

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Moen GXS75C GX Series 3/4 hp Garbage Disposal

The Moen GXS75G uses sound shield technology to make this garbage disposal unit as quiet as any disposal unit on the list and in the market in general.

It has a powerful 0.75 horsepower motor that packs up to 2700 RPM. This powerful unit will grind even the most persistent bits of waste without noise or much fuss.

The GXS75G has a stainless steel body and components, which makes it both lightweight and durable. It weighs only 7.75 pounds and includes a splash guard which is replaceable.

It is optimized for easy fitting with your dishwasher and sink and is safe for septic tanks that meet the size requirement. It is easy to install and is compatible with a large number of 3-bolt assemblies. It also has a power cord that is preinstalled, which makes installation even easier.

The sound shield is industry-leading in terms of insulation innovation and guarantees a quiet kitchen with every grind.

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Waste Maid US-WM-658 Premium 1-1/4 HP Food Waste Disposer

The Waste Maid WM 658 offers capacity, powerful performance and quiet action.

The WM 658 uses a torque master grinding system that has 1.25 horsepower, which is the highest on this list. This range is also one of the highest available for home garbage disposal units. It also has an impressive 2800 ROM which will ensure that all your waste is taken care of.

It comes with a retaining ring and mounting flange for easier installation. It also offers the largest capacity of any grinding chamber of the items on this list, which can be attributed to its large size.

It has stainless steel components and a corrosion-proof grinding chamber for durability. It also has a bio-shield antimicrobial capacity, which protects you from any infection due to interaction with your disposal unit.

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InSinkErator Badger 5XP 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator’s Badger 5XP is small, quiet and powerful.

It has a maintenance-free motor that delivers a powerful and consistent performance with a reduced risk of damage to its components. It has a 1725 RPM and packs 0.75 horsepower. This motor will deliver consistent power to the garbage disposal unit without being loud on account of its insulation.

The Badger 5XP is made with galvanized steel parts with an enamel finish. It is compact, reliable, and offers up to 26 oz. of space. This garbage disposal unit will be a space-efficient option for your kitchen as it is one of the smaller models from the list.

It is easy to install and uses a Quick Lock sealing mechanism that allows you to replace your older disposal unit with the Badger 5XP with minimal fuss. With quick lock, it is as simple as twisting off and on the old and new parts respectively.

It does not offer an additional power cord among its accessories. However, it has a jam-buster wrench for easy installation and maintenance in case of clogging and operational jams. It comes with a 3-year in-home warranty for parts and service.

Unlike other quiet garbage disposal units, it features only one grind in the disposal process, which may fail to adequately break down some types of garbage. The result could be more instances of clogging and jamming.

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Emerson Evergrind E202 Food Waste Disposer

The Emerson Evergrind quiet drive motor is insulated to make every unit silent and convenient for use at any time.

This may increase the quiet and resilience on offer by the exciting Evergrind E202. The garbage disposal unit offers a large grinding chamber without being too big. It had a 26 oz. Grind unit while retaining the sleek and space saving design that maximizes its functionality.

It is made with galvanized steel, which increases its durability and reliability. The strong material also improves the strength of this quiet garbage disposal unit.

While it is the smallest quiet garbage disposal unit on the list, it has the largest weight-size distribution ratio, meaning that it is denser and heavier than most of the alternatives on this list.

The Evergrind E202 will comfortably grind large batches of garbage due to its continuous feed. The fortified parts and blade will also prevent any damage on the Evergrind E202, which will increase its likelihood of prime performance.

The Evergrind E202 uses a Quick-lock installation mechanism that is both easy and practical. It does not require additional electrical or plumbing support and can be done with basic tools.

It comes with a splash guard to improve the efficiency and safety of the unit. However, it does not come with an additional cord. However, it has easy instructions on how to install a new model as well as on how to remove a pre-existing garbage disposal unit. It also comes with a limited 2-year warranty, which is considerably lower than some of the options on this list which offer up to a lifetime warranty.

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Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (L-5000TC)

Waste King’s lightweight L-5000TC is lightweight, durable and soundproof. It is heavily insulated to prevent any noise from emanating from the unit. With the Waste King L-5000TC, you are guaranteed a silent garbage disposal process.

The unit makes use of 3/4 horsepower and an impressive 2700 RPM for consistently powerful work. It has permanent magnet motors which ensure that the unit is not affected by jams and clogs.

Waste King L-5000TC also has an EZ mount system for instant installation. You do not need plumbing or electrical expertise to install the unit. Once installed, it is efficient and convenient for use. While it uses the batch feed system of operations, it is customized for efficient grinding and relatively shorter run times.

It is made of strong and durable stainless steel, which offers protection against loss or damage. It also comes with a 10-year in-home warranty for guaranteed durability.

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Waste King Legend Series 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (9900TC)

Waste King’s super sound- insulated 9900 TC is a powerful option that you may consider.

It has 0.75 horsepower and its powerful motor delivers around 2700 RPM. This sturdy motor will ensure that all your garbage is broken down and disposed of in compressed quantities, regardless of what it contains. The unit offers reduced power consumption due to its batch feed style which only runs on demand.

It has a stopping cap that will ensure that you only grind up garbage, instead of risking your finger, valuables and other foreign objects. There is a reduced risk of harm and damage, as the disposal system will grind only garbage and wastes.

Waste King 9000TC has a pro-3-bolt mount, which makes its installation a simple procedure that only needs a few tools. It has a 32-inch power cord attached, for increased connectivity. When purchasing Waste King 9000TC, you will definitely be using it within the day, without any need for additional plumbing or electrical expenses.

Waste King 9000TC also uses stainless steel parts, which prevents rusting and increases the unit’s longevity. The steel ensures that all the components of this garbage disposal system will last for a long time. It comes with a 10-year in-home warranty that guarantees lengthy performance and convenient repairs in case of any challenges.

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Final thought

These quietest garbage disposal reviews will help you find the best possible garbage disposal option available. If you have small children within your household, the quiet batch feed options could help protect their hands and fingers from accidental mauling due to its use of a failsafe cap.

Other factors that could help you get the right fit garbage disposal system include the performance metrics of horsepower and revolutions per minute. The healthy combination can be a source of exercise, as well as making the garbage disposal unit a powerful home appliance that can break down most waste.

Through these reviews, you will be able to identify the quietest garbage disposal unit for you.