Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch Reviews in 2020 (Buying Guide Inside)

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 02:10 am

A garbage disposal air switch is a simple device that provides the users with a convenient way to turn on and off their garbage disposer. It does not require electricity, so it is easy for you to install it underneath your kitchen sink.

Most garbage disposal air switches are compatible with all types of garbage disposals. This device uses air pressure instead of electricity to activate the disposer. Thus, it reduces the possibility of electric shock when you have wet hands.

To help you find the perfect air switch, we have come up with a list of the best garbage disposal air switches that you can consider buying. These brands are some of the best units in the market with exceptional features that consumers will surely love.

We reviewed these 7 garbage disposal air switches based on durability, capabilities, and other features.

Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch – Product Reviews

Here are some of the garbage disposal switch options you can consider buying:

1. Bestill Sink Top Air Switch Kit

BESTILL offers a wide range of aesthetically designed and high-quality kitchen and bathroom accessories to meet people’s preferences. This brand provides a sink top air switch kit with the following features:

Good Design

Bestill Sink Top Air Switch kit has solid brass construction. It has a brushed gold finish that can match your Kohler Vibrant Brushed Gold Faucet. For a kitchen with island installation, this is a good option as it is very safe.

Easy to Use and Install

You can easily install the Bestill Sink Top Air Switch to any sink top or countertop by drilling a 1-⅜ inch diameter hole. Also, this air switch has an extended body that lets you install on a thicker countertop easily. 

High Applicability

The product is UL certified and works with hot water dishwasher or dispenser. It can fit any brand of garbage disposal.

Durable designSingle socket only
Made of high-quality material
Easy to install in sink top or countertop
Includes 5-feet air hose
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2. Cleesink Sink Top Air Switch

Cleesink Sink Top Air Switch is the best value garbage disposal air switch. If you don’t need the other features, Cleesink is a good option. It offers good features that you will surely love.

Made of Upgrade Material

Cleesink Air Switch is made of a heavy-duty aluminum alloy power module. It makes the kitchen countertop appealing since it has a stainless steel switch garbage disposal button. You can choose between short and long for different countertop thickness.

Design and Safety

The air switch can complement any traditional or modern kitchen faucet. This air switch has a stylish design that is perfect for island installations and is compatible with any disposer. You can push the air button directly even with wet hands. But, be careful of the water that gets into the air tube because it can damage the kit.

Easy to Install

The Cleesink air switch can be mounted easily and operates with just a push of the button. The counter hole should measure between 1 ¼ to 1 ⅘ inches. The standard sinkhole for soap dispenser is enough, if not, then you need to drill a hole.

RustproofIt has a single outlet only
Available in two modelsThe hose is not as long as others
Can fit a standard soap dispenser
Made of heavy-duty material
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3. EtoolCity Garbage Disposal Air Switch

The Etoolcity Garbage Disposal Air Switch is compatible with most brands or models of a disposer. This air switch requires an AC power below the sink.


The upgraded version is made of real stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about fading or falling off. It is flexible and has better elasticity. You can install the kit in two ways. One by using screws to fix the power module part, or you can use a sturdy nano-markless hook sticker to attach it on the wall directly. You can do it either way.

Easy to Install

Drilling a hole of not less than 1-¼ diameter in the sink or countertop is what you need to install the device. Just place the rubber gasket between the top of the sink counter and the push button. Then tighten the plastic nut placed under the sink counter for a watertight seal.

Install kit in two waysYou need to drill a hole to install the device
Great value for your money
Available in brush steel and stainless steel finishes
Compatible with any brand of garbage disposal
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4. SINKINGDOM Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit

Sinkingdom is a company specializing in making bathroom and kitchen sink accessories like garbage disposal air switches, mounting rings, and sink flanges. Their garbage disposal air switches are available in six finishes.

Compatible in Most Garbage Disposal

Sinkingdom Air Switch is compatible with most disposers such as Waste King, KitchenAid, GE, Moen, InSinkErator, Waste Maid, Dishwasher, and Whirlpool. So you don’t have to worry whether the switch will fit your disposer or not.

Made of High-Quality Material

The SinKingdom Air Switch is made of high-quality brass. It has useful features such as a drainage hole on the side of the air switch button. The air switch also has anti-lighting, waterproof, and anti-leakage features.

Ease of Installation

You can easily install this air switch on sink top or countertop by Island Installation. The two gaskets provide a secure and stable installation.

Made of good quality brassRequires drilling of holes when installing
Waterproof, anti-lightning, and anti-leakage features
With one-year warranty
Compatible with most of the garbage disposals
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5. Essential Values Garbage Disposal Air Switch

The Essential Values Garbage Disposal Air Switch has an appealing design, and it comes with a dual outlet control box. It is available in satin or brushed nickel, chrome, and red oil bronze. The air tube is around 6 feet an inch longer than others.

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee to assure you that you will be getting a high-quality product. It is compatible with various garbage disposals units like Moen, InSinkerator, KitchenAid, or Waste King.

Easy to Install with Simple Design

Installing the unit is easy and simple all you need to do is follow the instructions, and you’re done. The kit includes a 3-ft power cord and 6-feet black vinyl tubing if in case there is no outlet available. Also, it has air activated switch with an option to cover to complement your kitchen’s interior.

Easy to installA bit expensive than a wall switch
Offers Money-Back Warranty
Dual outlet control box
With a longer power cord
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6. Cleesink Garbage Disposal Air Switch Kit Dual Outlet

Cleesink is one of our favorite brands when it comes to the air switch. It is available in single and dual outlet kit.  It has a convenient design that will complement your kitchen interior.

Dual Socket

This model comes with a dual-socket for you to plug your disposer and other devices. You can easily turn on and off the disposal by the push of a button.

Power Module Unit

The power cord is 3-feet long. If there is no electrical outlet under the sink, you can use the cable to connect it to an electrical outlet if needed. It comes with a small power plug. If you plugged it in a double outlet, it would not get in the way of the other outlet.

Ten Different Finishes

The brand offers ten different finishes. You can choose the one that will fit your kitchen. Some of the finishes include – black plastic, grey plastic, white plastic, yellow wish brown plastic, stainless steel polished, grey-green plastic, yellow plastic, stainless steel brushed, copper chrome, and stainless steel brushed.

It has a dual outletThe air tube is not as long as the others
With ten finishes to choose from
One-year replacement warranty
Comes with easy to follow installation instructions
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7. Northstar Decor Single Outlet Garbage Disposal

The Northstar Decor AS010 air switch comes with a variety of finishes that will match your kitchen decor. It is easy to install with a simple design. It is compatible with any kitchen interior.

Longer Air Tube

This garbage disposal has an air tube that is 6-feet long. It is an inch longer than other air switches. So, if you prefer a cleaner installation, all you need to do is cut it to your preferred length.

Stylish and Elegant

To make your kitchen looks stylish and elegant, use this Northstar Decor air switch. It provides designer air switches in a wide variety of styles and finishes to enhance the look of your kitchen at a reasonable price. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the finish. It is cheaper than others and will work perfectly with any garbage disposal.

Over 25 colors to choose fromIt only has a single outlet
Stylish and elegant
6-feet long air tube
Easy to install
Check Latest Price on Amazon

What to Look for When Buying a Garbage disposal Air Switch

After we reviewed these 7 of the cheapest garbage disposal air switch in the market today, here are factors and features you need to consider before investing your money on it:

Air Tube Length

The air tube’s primary function is to transport air through the power sink. It is the one responsible for activating or deactivating your garbage disposer. Therefore the air tube length is a vital factor when choosing a garbage disposal air switch. Buying a short length air tube is not a good idea. With longer air tube length, you can select the best location for your garbage disposal switch.


Since you will be using the air switch for garbage disposal, you need to find a durable and long-lasting unit. It can quickly wear out if you choose a group with metal and wiring rubbing against each other. Invest in a product that is made of high-quality metal.

Easy to Use and Install

The installation process is a vital factor. You would want a device that is easy to install, which does not require breaking your kitchen. The kitchen is the most widely used area in the house, so you need a device that does not require professional help. Choose the one that is easy to use with just the press of a button.


The built and features of the product is vital in choosing the product. The external feature of your air switch should blend well with the rest of your kitchen interior. Air switches are available in various colors and finishes. If you cannot find the exact match, you can choose the one that is close enough to the design of your kitchen.


The garbage disposal air switch capabilities refer to the number of power outlets. You can choose between a single or dual outlet. It is best to choose the one with a double outlet. You can use the other outlet for your device on the sink such as water dispenser.


A garbage disposal air switch is a convenient unit that could protect you from getting injured. Since these units are air pressure to help control the disposer, you don’t have to touch an electric disposer with a wet hand.

If we were to choose which among the 7 products is best for you, we will vote for Essential Value Garbage Disposal Air Switch. It has everything you need for an air switch. You can choose from multiple finishes for the button to match your kitchen interior. It is also very affordable.

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