Moen GXP50C Review – The Ultimate Compact Garbage Disposal Unit

Last updated on April 28th, 2020 at 02:15 am

Compact garbage disposals have made life easier and more convenient. Clogged sinks every time you let food leftovers down the drain were becoming troublesome, so a wise soul invented what is today known as the garbage disposal unit. Now, your everyday food scraps, big or small, will not give the drain pipe much of a hard time.

One great garbage disposal unit is the Moen GXP50C, which we will show in our Moen GXP50C review.

Features of Moen GXP50C

Moen GXP50C Review

Size & Power

It’s very much similar to its previous series GXP33C. This model is also a continuous-feed garbage disposal unit yet slightly more powerful. Its various laudable features have been identified as follows:

Moen GXP50C has a permanent vortex motor of ½hp, and the maximum grinding speed that you can achieve with this garbage disposal is 2600 RPM. Fine-grinding is possible with this kind of speed and as a result, you won’t experience jams, unlike other disposal systems. Its motor capacity is far superior when it comes to ensuring minimal jams and clogging.

Compatible Design

It comes in a compact design, which can easily and quickly fit underneath your kitchen sink, freeing up unwanted space. It weighs about 8 pounds which is pretty much a double size for a powerful garbage disposer such as this one. It comes equipped with a super-quick mounting feature that entails basic installation. Moreover, it features a pre-installed power cord, saving you the extra cost and effort of purchasing one separately.

High-Powered Grinder

Since it operates on a continuous-feed mode, grinding takes place once the power switch is turned on. The motor initiates the process of grinding on maximum speed,so the grinder will have no chance of being blocked from all of those food scraps. Furthermore, the grinder features a galvanized steel body, which makes for exceptional durability and performance.


Despite motor capacity and power, the noise produced by the grinder is somewhat blocked by the structure of the unit. It might not be completely silent when performing its function, but it won’t cause a lot of disturbance while you are busy doing other house chores. Also, it features a special Soundshield to help keep the unit as noise-friendly as possible.

Technical Specifications

As far as technical specifications are concerned, here’s a list of the essential ones that you might want to know, prior to bringing home the Moen GXP50C:

  • Magnet motor power: ½ hp
  • Grinding speed: 2600 RPM (max)
  • Construction material: Galvanized steel
  • Sink drain flange finish: Polished stainless steel
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.38 x 5.38 x 13.38 inches
  • Dishwasher connection size: 7/8 inches
  • Sink thickness: ½ inches
  • Compatibility: 3-bolt mounting assemblies
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 3-year limited with in-home service
  • Package includes: Removable splash guard, sink flange, the mounting assembly and a drain elbow

Pros and Cons

Now, for the most important section in our Moen GXP50C review: why is the GXP50C good or bad based on its performance, design, noise, and other features? Listed below are the positives and negatives of this garbage disposer that will help you make an informed purchase decision.

It entails a quick and simple installation process with the aid of a pre-installed power cord. No hardwiring is neededThe steel drain stopper is made from a polished stainless steel material that might fail to match with other fixtures and appliances
It may fit 3-bolt mounting assemblies, so replacement may be instantaneous if the assembly remains unalteredIt’s not absolutely noise-free, as the sound may cause disturbance to those nearby
It ensures a 3-year in-home warranty, so bringing it all the way to the outlet for repairs is no more a requirement. A professional will stop by and make the necessary repairs and fixes, as and when needed
With a motor capacity and speed such as this, there won’t be many jams and clogging
Its Soundshield add-on makes it virtually noise-free
It comes at a reasonable price, ensuring great value for money
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Moen GXP50C Jammed – How to Unjam?

Although the GXP50C ensures minimal jamming, it is still a common phenomenon with garbage disposal units, even for the most efficient ones. Jamming becomes an issue over time once the unit has been used for a few years. However, this is nothing beyond repair. You can do it on your own by following the steps given below in our Moen GXP50C review:

Step 1

Check the reset button. This is usually found at the bottom of the unit. Usually, the reset button pops up and turns the motor down if it gets overheated. The motor gets overheated because it has to use more power to process waste when the disposal gets clogged. Hence, if the button is up, you know there’s a problem.

Step 2

Next, make sure to disconnect the unit from the power connection. You don’t want to mess with an electrically powered machine while it still has power. You could get electrified trying to unjam the unit unless it’s disconnected.


Use the Allen wrench provided with the unit to reach for the hole on the underneath surface of the disposal cylinder. Try turning it a few times in both directions. Doing this will help clear the jam.

Step 4

Now, push the reset button if it was popped up.

Step 5

If the jam is not fully cleaned, you need to try from the top. Get a broomstick and push it down the sinkhole. Move it back and forth a couple of times, making sure your fingers stay as far from the blades as possible.

Step 6

If you feel the unjamming process remains half-done, you may be required to pour hot water inside the disposal unit to clean grease, oil, and fat. Avoid using hard chemicals for cleaning or unjamming purposes as it may corrode the interior.

Hopefully, you can unjam your garbage disposal unit with the help of these simple steps. If not, you may need to call in an expert.

Moen GXP50C Installation

In order to install a new high-powered, energy-efficient garbage disposal unit such as the Moen GXP50C, you will be required to choose from two options: self-service (DIY) or professional help. A garbage disposal that is lightweight and compact such as this one does not require too much of a hassle when it comes to installation. Rather, the process entails nothing but keeping strictly to a few essential steps.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Hammer
  • Adjustable wrench
  • A steel punch or wooden dowel
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumber’s putty


Here is a list of steps involved in the installation of a new garbage disposal. If you are replacing an old version with the Moen GXP50C, you must first remove the old garbage disposal and make way for this high-powered, energy-efficient and inexpensive model.

Step1: Check If a New Assembly Is Needed

You may need to change the assembly from the previous unit unless it’s compatible with the new model. In case of replacement, you must remove the existing assembly and clean the sink. Once cleaned, make sure it’s dry. Apply a thick layer of plumber’s putty around the ring and press hard, making sure it sits well in its place. You may now place the new drain in the assembly and ensure a tight seal.

Step2: Take Off the Mounting Assembly

Take the mounting assembly off the new disposal unit by turning the lower ring in a clockwise direction. You may now be able to remove the sink flange assembly. Use the screwdriver to loosen screws on the upper ring. Once loose, remove the snap ring. Now, remove the fiber gasket and backup flange from the sink flange.

Step3: Reassemble It

In this step, you must start working below the sink. It’s time to reassemble the mounting assembly by putting together the fiber gasket, backup flange, and mounting ring on the sink flange. At this point, secure the snap ring in place to ensure all other components stay in place. Then, secure all screws in place.

Step4: Install the Discharge Elbow

Slide the rubber gasket on the discharge elbow all the way to the end. Locate the mounting flange and slide it up on top of the discharge elbow. Attach the elbow into the disposal unit in the mounting holes with the help of screws given on each side.

Step6: Connect the Unit and Secure the Discharge Elbow in Place

Now, it’s time to sync the discharge elbow with the piping. Connect the disposal unit by raising it into the mounting ring. Align the lower rings with the ramps and turn in a clockwise direction until completely tight. The elbow must be secured in place, making sure the connectors have been tightened with the help of a wrench.

Now, your garbage disposal unit has been secured in place. Before turning on the power, make sure to run water and check for leaks or loose seals. If it seems all good, you have successfully installed your garbage disposal without paying an expert to accomplish this task.

In the End

Hopefully, this comprehensive Moen GXP50C review has somewhat convinced you that it is the best compact, continuous-feed garbage disposal unit that is reasonably priced. It will allow you to fine-grind food scraps at an unmatched speed and efficiency, thereby causing fewer jams.