Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:59 am

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Got a baby at home? Have you ever tried making him nap only to be awakened as you start to do the dishes and clean up using your garbage disposal?

It can surely be stressful if you stop in the midst of work, so you could put him back to sleep again, right? Well, thanks to the Insinkerator Evolution Excel, this is one worry you can now leave behind! Let’s carry on with our Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review

Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review: 4 Features that Make the Insinkerator Evolution Excel a Worry Lifter

1. Three-Stage Grind Technology for Food Liquefying

With its MultiGrind Plus system, your food is virtually liquefied prior to entering your sewage system. Combining the triple action of a GrindShear ring, a Tri-Action Lug system and an Undercutter Disk, foods are finely ground; hence, you need not worry about jams and clogs for they are sure to be prevented. With such features, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel is quite adept when it comes to grinding “tough” foods so you can give it celery, chicken bones, coffee grounds, corncobs, potato peels or even fruits rinds and it’ll still chew it with no hitches.

2. Powerful Induction Motor Assures Excellent Performance

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel contains a 1 horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor that’s heavy-duty but surprisingly quiet, much to your delight, when doing the job it’s supposed to do. With its Auto-Reverse System, jams are prevented while an Electronic Jam Sensor Circuit detects jams, which then increases the device’s torque to 500% so that it can break through them.

3. Sound-Reducing Technology Ensures Quiet Operation

You know the feeling when you’ve got visitors who is watching TV after having dinner and you really don’t want to disturb them while doing your kitchen chores? What about when your baby or kids are sleeping? Well, with the InSinkErator Evolution Excel, you need not worry about such disturbances anymore because its SoundSeal Plus system and Quiet Collar sink baffle are 60% quieter than other usual food disposers.

  • Superior insulation surrounding its motor
  • Anti-vibration sink mount
  • Anti-vibration tailpipe that hinders the transmission of sound from vibrations
  • Patented sink baffle prevents sound from escaping the disposal’s throat

4. Easy Installation with its Quick Lock Sink Mount

If you’re a newbie when it comes to installing devices, the InSinkErator Evolution Excel’s three-bolt Quick Lock sink mount that’s made of stainless steel will help make the task simpler and easier. Should you have an existing disposer, just it off, replace and Quick-Lock. This is just as easy to do if the other way around too.

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What customers say about Insinkerator Evolution Excel

The Insinkerator Evolution Excel is one near-perfect product as far as score and ratings are concerned. Here’s what users have to say:

1. Very Quiet

The most common feature users love and are very amazed by is the quietness of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. Sometimes, even a little too quiet as you can hardly tell that it’s turned on especially then there are a lot of people or background noises in the background. If you have it on and the water is running, all you can hear is the sound of running water. Such a feature definitely comes in handy when you’ve got babies or kids napping because for sure, they won’t be disturbed.

2. Strong and Powerful

As far as how powerful the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is, one user, dubbed it as “the beast.” He dropped in two avocados with skin and it chewed them up real fast. Another user shared that he had tried processing pineapple, skinhead, banana skin, chicken bone, and head bone and was thrilled that the device took it with absolutely no qualms.

3. Easy Installation

With clear and understandable instructions, the majority of the users of this product all vouch for its easy installation. The most time they spent on the entire installation process as a mere 45 minutes.

4. Good-Looking

Most users find the Insinkerator Evolution Excel really pleasing to the eye, too good-looking to hide inside a cabinet in fact. Shiny and elegant, it features a steel drain that would work really well with your stainless steel sink because it’s sure to match.


At 23 pounds, the Insinkerator Evolution Excel is quite heavy to mount when you need to carry it up and fit into its mounting bracket while lying under the sink so while other users found it easy to install, there were also some who had to ask the help of another person or hire a plumber to install it. To avoid problems later on, it would really be wise if you would first get the dimensions under your sink so that you can be sure if you have horizontal and vertical clearances available.

While most users find it fast, there were some users who raised the issue that this garbage disposal is a slow draining process. As it grinds food into much smaller bits, one user shared that you can put celery and corn husks in it with no problems; however, it takes longer to have it ground and chopped.

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In sum, though, the many advantages and benefits far that the Insinkerator Evolution Excel has to offer far outweighed what minor issues people had with it. Users highly recommended it for usage and while admittedly on the costly side, many people said such price is worth it because it’s very effective and adept in the task it’s made to do. We hope that this Insinkerator Evolution Excel Review answered your question.

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