Insinkerator Evolution 100 VS 200: Which one is the best?

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:05 pm

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It is almost impossible not to make frequent visits to the kitchen at home. All the activities that take place in this room including cooking generate a lot of waste. If you are not careful, all this waste can accumulate fast and fill up the bins around your home. You can, however, reduce the impact of this waste by using efficient disposers to cut it down.

Many companies manufacture different garbage disposers that come with distinguishing features. Insinkerator is a famous company that produces garbage disposers that are safe and easy to use. You can get rid of all the waste in your kitchen by getting an Insinkerator garbage disposer.

There are of different types, but today we will focus on Insinkerator Evolution 100 VS 200 to determine which the best is. First, we will discuss each model separately, then give you a comparison outlining the similarities and differences. We will conclude by giving you the best prices for these two models. Read on!

Insinkerator Evolution 100

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This type gives you a large capacity of up to 1005 ml. The grind chamber provides enough room for a lot of waste. It is made of stainless steel material that increases its durability. The grinding elements inside this Insinkerator are strong enough to crash different waste material.

The manufacturers of this model equip it with a two-stage mechanism to grind waste into fine particles for easy disposal. This will grind almost every item including vegetable peels as well as bones.  Unlike most disposers which are noisy, this is 40% quieter than most conventional types. It comes with a switch and a strainer basket.

The air switch is built in and polished using chrome material which makes it easy to install and convenient to use without causing problems. This is possible thanks to a lock mounting system that makes it quick to set up. If you need to replace an old Insinkerator, it will take you minutes to switch them.

To use it, you only need to press the button on the sink and wait for it to work. This prevents you from using your hands to get rid of all the waste. It is safe since it does not come with blades that can cause injuries.

The garbage disposer operates on an auto-reverse mechanism that makes it efficient and extends its lifespan. It uses a single induction motor that has high torque and has a drain connection of 1 inch. It also has a continuous feed of 0.70HP and compact design that saves you a lot of storage space under your sink.

This does not overload your disposer since it contains an overload protector. Your purchase gives you a 5-year warranty that covers the different parts of your Insinkerator. Feel free to buy some few accessories for this garbage disposer such as a plumbing kit and a sink flange.

Insinkerator Evolution 100 may be expensive, but it is worth it since it does not expose your pipes to clogging. Its construction is robust enough to minimize vibrations during operation. We also like the fact that it does not leave food smells or a mess in your kitchen.

Pros Cons
It is solidly built It is expensive
There are no vibrations that make it noisy Some users report that the sink attachment can be cumbersome
You get a five-year warranty
It is easy to set up and replace
Takes care of grinding waste within second
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Insinkerator Evolution 200

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Substitute your bin with a better garbage disposer that eliminates the mess and smell in your kitchen area. Insinkerator evolution 200 is a robust model that works better than Insinkerator evolution 100. Its grind system is designed in such a way that it operates in three stages to make very fine waste particles. This also increases the speed operation since it grinds within 30 seconds.

The model works through the use of a metal plate that spins to allow waste products go through a grinding ring. Waste is then crushed down into particles that are fine which are later pushed into the drainage system through a small hole on it. You only need to press its button and turn the water on.

If you have a large family that receives a lot of guests frequently, evolution 200 is for you. Unlike standard models, this is 60% quieter. It utilizes a collar baffle which comes with a sound seal system. Most users report that they can barely hear it grind waste even when you are close. This is because it runs simultaneously with the water, so what you hear instead is the running water.

It has an air switch that is built in to enhance installation and operation. The circuit generates a lot of power due to the addition of a microprocessor. This enhances its torque to handle tough foods. Its grind chamber has a capacity of 1180ml making it spacious enough for a lot of wastes.

The grinding elements are made from stainless steel that facilitate the cutting down of waste materials efficiently. It can grind almost anything you throw in including con corns and large bones. You will not experience challenges while trying to install this model under your sink as long as you follow the video guides provided.

The Insinkerator provides a continuous feed of 0.75hp. Your package also comes with a plug and a strainer basket. It uses an auto-reverse mechanism that extends its lifespan. You can also convert this type into a batch feed disposer thanks to the availability of the cover control.

The manufacturers use all metal on this model to increase durability and give it a professional look. You can easily install the Insinkerator without having to hire a professional, thus reducing such service expenses.

You need to ensure that your sink corresponds to the size of your Insinkerator to avoid any risks of spillage.  You will notice a small tunnel on it that makes it easy to put a lot of waste all at once.  It also has a rubber cover that you can take off when you want to clean it. The maintaining of this model is straightforward. You get a 6-year warranty from purchasing evolution 200.

Pros Cons
It crushes waste fast without leaving a mess It is expensive
It is quiet
It is easy to install and use
An all metal construction makes it durable
Uses 3-stage grinder thus can crush any waste particles
It is also hygienic and convenient to use
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Insinkerator Evolution 100 VS 200

Insinkerator 100 vs 200

From the above, you can quickly point out the similarities between these two models. They both operate within a few minutes due to their grind technology used in the making. Both models are also hygienic and convenient to use as they leave your kitchen without messes or smells from garbage.

Buying either of these types would give you an easy technique of waste management especially if you spend a lot of time cooking. They both save you time as you reduce the trips you make taking out kitchen trash to your main bin.

Since they come from the same company, they are made of a compact design that saves you storage space by fitting beneath your sink. The installation and replacement of both models are also easy. These two models are environmental-friendly since they minimize the waste that we dispose at landfill sites.

The producers also equip them with a quiet technology which is better than using standard Insinkerator. An auto-reverse system is also used in these models that ensure that you use them for years. They also operate on an induction motor and have grinding elements constructed from stainless steel to increase performance.

Insinkerator Evolution Comparison Chart

Though the two models have some standard features, there are also noticeable differences that we will outline in the following comparison chart:


Evolution 100

Evolution 200
Grind chamber capacity 1005ml 1180ml
Grind stage mechanism 2-stage 3-stage
Continuous feed 0.70hp 0.75hp
Noise level Reduced by 40% Reduced by 60%
Warranty Five years Six years
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Insinkerator Evolution 200 Best Price

You can find the best prices of both of these models on Amazon. Due to the differences above, the price is not the same. You can check the best price of Evolution 200 here at Amazon. There are different prices depending on the serial number found in each Insinkerator evolution 200.

Verdict: Which Is The Best?

It is evident from our discussion that Evolution 200 is the best Insinkerator due to its large capacity, power, continuous feed, noise level and grind stage mechanism. You will love the features such as a sound seal, a micro-compressor, and an air switch. It uses an innovative design that makes it compelling for an outstanding performance.

Its construction is also impressive even if it is not cheap. Make this once in a lifetime investment and forget about a messy kitchen caused by excess waste. It will keep your family away from germ contamination and prevent you from diseases.

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