How To Clean Your Trash Can: A Step-By-Step Guide

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:00 pm

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Maintaining cleanliness is very important in every household. It is not only important to throw all the garbage into trash cans, but it is also very important to maintain a clean trash can. If your trashcan is left without cleaning for a long time, then it can cause odor and also become the cause of various diseases. So it is utterly necessary to clean your trash can at least twice a year. This would ensure that the trash can remain free from any sort of odor. Sometimes, people wonder how to clean a trash can, the answer to such a question is very easy and we made sure that after reading this step-by-step guide, you will know how easy it is to clean your trash can.

Steps For Cleaning Your Trash can

Cleaning a trash can is not a very complex or difficult task, but still, it should be done properly by following the steps mentioned below very carefully as this would ensure that your trash can remains odor-free.

  • The first step for cleaning a trash can is to throw out all the garbage that is contained in the can. It would be impossible to clean a trash can if there is garbage inside.

  • After you have removed the garbage, apply all-purpose cleaner on the outer surface of the trash can, You can make homemade all-purpose cleaner by mixing dishwashing gel and warm water. This is best for cleaning the trash can.

  • Once the outer surface has been applied with all-purpose cleaner, then the same must be applied to the inner surface of the can.  The surface should be covered entirely with the cleaner so that all the stains can get removed.

  • After the inner surface has been applied with all-purpose cleaning gel, take half a cup of baking soda and pour it into the trash can. Make sure that the entire inner surface is covered with the powder. This would act as a deodorizer and get rid of any odor from the can.

  • The spread of baking soda on the surface should be left as it is for 5-10 minutes. This time would be enough for both cleaner and baking soda to do their job by cutting away the odor and the greasiness from the can.

  • Once the can is left for a certain time with cleaner and baking soda, the outer surface should be wiped clean with a cloth.

  • After the outer surface has been cleaned, a sponge should be taken to scrub the insides of the can. The inner surface should be thoroughly scrubbed with the sponge so that all the stains and grease could get removed.

  • The lid of the trash can should also be scrubbed with a sponge to remove any stains or dirt from the lid.

  • After every part of the trash can has been scrubbed, the can should be rinsed with water to remove all the cleaner and any dirt that might be on the can.

  • Use an absorbent cloth to dry the trash can after rinsing it. Dry the can completely so that the can could have a shine.

The steps for cleaning a kitchen trash can are almost similar but as there is more liquid waste present in the kitchen bin, greater care should be paid while cleaning it so that the can could be odor free.

How To Clean Your Outdoor Garbage Can

How to clean an outdoor trash can

Cleaning an outdoor garbage can might be a little bit different than cleaning an indoor garbage can. As an outdoor can contains different kinds of waste, the cleaning process of such can is also different. The first step is to remove the garbage from the can as no garbage can can be cleaned without removing the waste inside it. A deodorizing and cleaning spray should be made to clean the garbage can. This spray can be easily made by mixing cleaning gel with vinegar.

Once both the ingredients are mixed, they can be easily put into a spray bottle. After the spray is prepared, it should be sprayed on the outer and inner surfaces of the bin and left to soak for 5 minutes. The same process should be repeated 2 more times. This would allow your bin to get deodorized and all the grease would also get cut down by the spray. Once the can has been soaked for 15 minutes, the can should be scrubbed with a sponge along with warm soapy water. Your trash can should be left out to dry.

The entire process of cleaning a trash can is super easy, it can be performed using the most basic ingredients that are easily available at our homes. A clean trash can would ensure that your house is free from trash odor. By following these steps, we guarantee that you will no longer wonder how to clean a trash bin ever again.

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