Best Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lids and Wheels in 2019 (Buyer’s Guide Inside)

Last updated on September 16th, 2019 at 11:57 am

We all want to have a clean and aesthetically pleasing home, but many of us seem to ignore our backyard. Little did we know that this is also part of our house that we have to keep clean. With the use of proper tools like shovel, rake, and outdoor garbage can with locking lids and wheels, cleaning the backyard is a breeze.

We need quality tools to clean our backyard regularly, and most of these tools are already available in our garage except for the garbage can. Usually, we opt to use regular garbage cans or garbage bags to collect our trash when cleaning the backyard. These things are not dependable and won’t last long. Settling for cheap garbage will also not do.

So, how do we choose the best outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels? Thankfully, this review article has compiled the ten best outdoor garbage cans in the market today for you to select from or if you want to broaden your choices, we have made a list of the features you need to look for in one.

Read on this article if you are looking to buy an outdoor garbage can of high quality or if you want to know what comes with value for money and quality.

What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lids and Wheels?

Before we discuss the qualities that make the best outdoor trash can, let us look at its importance first.

The market is saturated with outdoor garbage cans in a variety of features and price points. You can have a small trash can or an industrial-grade trash can with multiple uses. But the outdoor trash can that we are going to review here is different.

These trash containers are equipped with wheels and have a broader base. You can find them mostly in gardens, bus stops, schools, shopping malls, and factories. As it is often used outside, the locking lids have a particular purpose, and that is to secure the rubbish inside from dogs and other animals. The wheels are necessary to transport the bins from one place to another or the disposal area.

As these trash cans have locking lids and wheels, you can expect it to be bigger than the conventional trash cans to contain more trash. It is also likely to be durable and can last longer than the indoor trash cans.

Key Features

When you want to buy the best wheeled trash can, don’t assume that any trash bin will do. Even if there are many trash cans in different shapes and sizes, you must keep yourself in check and choose the right garbage can for your specific needs. Don’t pay attention to the price; instead, focus on where you are going to use it. The market is filled with many different features, but each of these features fit a particular buyer and his or her needs.

Avoid buying an outdoor trash can that has the style, features, and materials that you don’t need. Here are some of the features you need to look for in the best outdoor garbage can.


The size of your trash determines the size of the garbage can with locking lid and wheels for your outdoor use. For small households, they should go for a small to medium outdoor trash can. On the other hand, for a bigger house with a wider outdoor environment, it is advisable to select an outdoor garbage can with higher capacity so that it can accommodate all the trash.


The outdoor garbage can is heavy to carry when it is filled with trash; hence, it has wheels for more effortless mobility. It will help move the garbage can from one location to another. An outdoor trash can with wheels is user-friendly, and the added convenience does not cost much.


When you are investing in a garbage can, it should be quality over quantity. Meaning, you should look for a garbage can that will last longer. You need to check the materials used in producing the trash can, the durability of the locking lids, grip or handles, and the wheels. If you are buying online, check the reviews.

Ease of Use

Outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels are a perfect choice because of the convenience they bring like safety and comfort of use. The locking lids are made to prevent the rubbish from spilling over. You also need to keep the waste from flies and dogs. The wheels help you to bring the outdoor garbage can around instead of carrying the heavy load.

10 Best Outdoor Garbage Cans with Locking Lids and Wheels in 2019

1. Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Step-On Rollout Trash Can

If it is from Rubbermaid, it must be good. The company has been making high-quality products since its inception, and this rollout trash can is no exception. The trash can is made from commercial-grade materials (with a UV inhibitor and can maintain performance even at freezing temperatures) with heavy-duty wheels that you can use for both indoors and outdoors. It also has a reinforced rim to provide structural integrity with an extra-strong lid that opens fully and stays in place during movement.

Since its wheels are heavy-duty, it can transport heavy loads even on the toughest terrains outdoors. You don’t have to worry about wearing out these wheels as they have high-performance threads and can move on uneven surfaces. The lid is secured, so you don’t have to worry about animals snooping on your trash as wells as foul odor from escaping the garbage bin.

This trash bin has an ergonomic handle for comfortable pushing and pulling. The outside of the can smooth contours for easy cleaning and it is auto-lifter friendly. It is also hands-free with the foot pedal lifts to facilitate easy loading and unloading of garbage.

Robust wheels for easy mobilityNot as stable as you would expect on windy locations
Ergonomic handle for the user’s convenienceThe lid hinges are prone to breakage
Secured lid positioning while in use and tightly closed when not
Sturdy and made from commercial-grade materials
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2. Toter Residential Rollout Trash Can

Many of the products from Toter are reliable, and this outdoor trash can is no exception. The company designed and built this with quality in mind. You can see that it is one of the best outdoor trash cans with locking lids and wheels in this line up highlighted by its rugged rim and stability even in the harshest condition. Its aerodynamic design and large footprint achieve this stability.

The trash bin is made using a patented molding process that avoids stress on the material. As a result, it is sustainable and durable; you can expect it to last for many years. Like other garbage cans on the list, it has two rugged wheels that are easy to maneuver and has an ergonomically designed handle that makes the garbage can easy to roll.

It is compatible with both automated and semi-automated collection system, so disposal is not an issue for you. Because the bottom part of the can receives the most hits when in use, the company added wear strips at the bottom for added safety and durability. The can is available in different sizes, so you can choose what is appropriate for your needs.

Stable due to aerodynamic designA little expensive but worth it
Made with unique molding process for durability
Easy to maneuver wheels
Ergonomic handle
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3. United Solutions 32-Gallon Outdoor Trash Can with Turn and Lock Lid

If you are looking for an affordable outdoor garbage can that is durable and can last longer, this 32-gallon option with turn and lock lid from United Solutions is a perfect choice. It comes at an affordable price but features an aerodynamic blow-molded design. It can be great for residential use because of its size; it’s lightweight but sturdy. You can leave it outdoors and can withstand extreme weather conditions, be it heat or cold.

The capacity of this trash can is enough to accommodate the entire outdoor refuse of the household. It is equipped with a turn and lock lid to secure the trash inside from animals, particularly those who have peculiar ways of getting in the trash can no matter what. It also keeps the odor inside safely. Another good thing about this lid is no matter how intense the winds are; it will not be blown away.

The wheels and handle of this trash can are ergonomically made for easier maneuver and bring it from one location to another. It is also from 85% recycled materials, so it does not contribute to the carbon footprint. 

Affordable but reliableMaterial is not suitable for trash pickup
Made with 85% recycled materialsWobbly
The lid is tightly closed
Ergonomic handle for more excellent maneuverability
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4. Otto Heavy-Duty Rollout Waste Bin

This 45-Gallon Rollout Bin from Otto can fit both residential and commercial needs for an outdoor trash can. For this trash bin to last longer and endure the stress of daily use, it is made with heavy-duty HDPE material. Because it is durable and sturdy, the trash can is used for many purposes like in landscaping jobs, construction, or a daily waste bin in many commercial establishments.

The Otto Heavy-Duty Rollout Waste Bin can have a maximum capacity of 160 pounds of trash, and it is compatible with curbside pickup. It has two 8-inch wide wheels on its backside that allows the user to tip the can when transported to another location. Both the wheels and the handle offer greater maneuverability for the convenience of the user. It also has a secure attached lid to close and open it when not in use quickly.

Durable and will last longerIt tapers towards the bottom; only one bag can fit
Easy to roll and maneuverVery heavy
Handles provide easier lifting
The secured lid to prevent animals from snooping
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5. Rubbermaid 50-Gallon Waste/Utility Container

For tougher work and bigger backyard, you need a high-performing outdoor trash can. This 50-gallon waste container from Rubbermaid is a perfect choice. It can handle waste disposal without putting a dent in your wallet to meet your requirements.

 This outdoor trash can with locking lids and wheels features a hinged lid. That means you can completely open the cover against the bin when you are dumping your rubbish. It has heavy-duty wheels and reinforced rims so that it can stay healthy when transporting heavy loads even on rough surfaces.

The wheels have performance grip too to prevent the trash can from sliding. The body has rounded corners and a smooth finish for easy cleaning. The integrated handle is an ergonomically designed to roll in and out the trash can from one location to another.

Fully opened the lid to dump the rubbish easilyNot stable in windy locations because it is lightweight
Sturdy and resistant to crackingLid hinges tend to break easily
Easy to maneuver
Easy to clean
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6. Seville’s Classics 17-Gallon Commercial Stainless-Steel Garbage Can

Seville Classics designed this innovative outdoor trash can. It is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel and is ideal for use on warehouse, office, workspace garage or kitchen. The trash can is equipped with a removable top made from resin. There are four heavy-duty rolling wheels for the user’s convenience too. The only drawback for this trash can is it has no locking lid.

The size and capacity of the trash can are ideal for a small family as it can hold 17 gallons of load only. For those who don’t want the standard conventional look of a most outdoor trash can, this can be a perfect alternative because it is stylish and functional.

The wheels allow greater mobility, and it is easy to maneuver back and forth when dumping your rubbish. Another good thing about this trash can is the flat surface of the lid. It comes handy when you want to put some things into the disposal, but your hands are full.

Durable stainless steelNo locking lids
Stylish yet functionalStainless steel body can easy get dented
Easy to maneuver rolling wheels
Easy to clean
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7. Suncast 96-Gallon Wheeled Trash Can

This resin trash can with wheels is manufactured by Suncast and can compete with any of the products on our list because it provides the best transportation when you need it the most. First, it is made to last with the material used in its production. The material used here is resin from high-density polyethylene which contributes to its strength and ability to endure even the most stressful condition. The nylon bushing between the wheel and the axle provides a smooth roll while providing the trash can with more durability.

It has a clean-access handle on its lid made from the polymers so that your hands will never touch the trash. The trash bin has a drain plug for easy cleaning too. The design of the lid also prevents water from seeping into the bin, and it has UV inhibitors so it won’t crack on extreme weather conditions. Since it is made from resin, it does not bend or dent. This trash can have undergone cold compact construction for more durability.

Made from durable materialsNot smoothly finished in some
Attached coverThe lid tends to warp
Rugged construction
Easy to clean
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8. Rubbermaid Roughneck Heavy-Duty Locking Trash Can

For your outdoor trash can, there is nothing more frustrating than having to pick up after being raided by wild animals. This will never happen if you have an outdoor garbage can with locking lids and wheels. If you are looking to buy one, we recommend this Rubbermaid Roughneck Heavy-Duty Locking Trash Can. It is made from heavy-duty material, molded with a smooth finish for easy cleaning.

The secure lid prevents wild animals from getting access to your trash. It snaps tight, and no prodding or nudging can undo it. It can stay in place even during rainstorms and wind. Because the trash can is made from polyethylene materials, it will not get damaged even with direct sunlight and freezing temperature.

Durable as it is made from polyethylene materialsSome buyers complained that it breaks apart easily
It has a lightweight designNot made for curbside pick up
It can withstand freezing temperature and even direct sunlight
Easy to clean
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9. United Solutions Rectangular Wheeled Handle 34-Gallon Trash Can

If you are looking for an affordable trash can that is not too big and not expensive, then this United Solutions 34-Gallon Rectangular Wheeled Handle 34-Gallon Trash Can is the perfect trash can for you. It is made in the US and is not outsourced in other countries, so you can be sure that its high quality and durable. It is made to withstand the test of time while keeping your trash from wild animals. This outdoor trash can have wheels; you will never hurt yourself moving the trash can around. You can roll it from location to the next without any difficulty.

Because your trash can take most of the beating from the garbage pickup service and from animals trying to get access to your trash, this trash can is made from the toughest material, which is polypropylene. Furthermore, it is produced by blow-molding to make sure that it is durable and strong. The result is an excellent quality trash can.

For most homeowners, losing the lid can be a headache but United Solutions made sure that this problem is no longer present in this model. The hook and lock handle secure the lid even during strong winds.

Can hold about 34 gallons of trashNo other color variations
With locking handle to protect the trash from animals
Durable construction
Large set of wheels for easy transport
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10. United Solutions TB0019 Wheeled Outdoor Trash Can

Wheeled outdoor trash can can

For those who prefer a rough and rugged outdoor trash can that can last longer, then this United Solutions TB0019 Wheeled Outdoor Trash Can will suit you well. This trash can is perfect for hauling your garbage to the curb or to collect your lawn clippings in your backyard.

Because it has hook and lock handle that safely secure the lid, your rubbish will not spill from the can. It will also protect your trash from animals who love frolicking inside the garbage can. Locking the handle is easy and convenient as you only need to push the handle up until it meets the lid and it will automatically lock into place. 

We mentioned rough and rugged as an apt description for this trash because it is durable. It is made using heavy-duty blow-molded plastic. It is robust against the heat of the sun or from freezing temperatures and it is definitely worth the price.

Lightweight but stableNot compatible with auto curb pickup
Available in 34 and 32 gallonsNot stable during storm and winds
Made from durable plastic material
Secure lid
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When selecting the best outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels, you have to keep in mind that you are going to use it to make the garbage disposal work convenient and easy. Hence, you have to choose the right size for your needs. It should also be sturdy and durable as you will be using it mostly outdoors and under different weather conditions. The last factor that you should consider is the price.

Our list for the best outdoor trash cans in this article has considered these factors. In case you don’t find any that suits your needs, you can use our buying guide above to help you find the right one for you.