The Definitive Guide of The Best Triple Trash Can

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:01 pm

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Taking out garbage is a daily part of life; there is no escaping that fact, but that doesn’t have to mean that your triple trash can should not be elegant and chic. A triple trash can is a large container that most people use to hold their rubbish and waste before being taken outside.

The trash can is a very vital household accessory that makes your house look new and tidy.

 However, there are different ranges and brands on the market; which can be tedious if you don’t know what design or brand to purchase that will successfully meet all your trash disposal needs.

Well, don’t worry! We have researched and compiled 5 best triple trash cans that will put to rest all your doubts. This is a must-read buyer guide and review to find one of the finest and best triple trash can that will cater to all of your needs and requirements. So, let’s fire away!

5 Best Triple Trash Can Reviews in 2019

1. Triple Compartment Trash Can

This is one of our favorite triple trash can currently on the market because of its extra-large design that will conveniently fit in any kitchen space. The triple compartment has a capacity of 60 liters.

Its pedals are made of solid steel that is seamlessly synchronized to last over a thousand actions for smooth opening and closing of the can, especially if you have your hands full. The triple trash can body made of stainless steel, making it durable and rustproof.

It also has three removable inner buckets that will sufficiently store all your solid wastes and kitchen scraps. Here is the fun part, they can be recycled, saving you money in the long term.

The trash can has an efficient carry handle, making it easier to move around when taking the trash to an outdoor bin. For those who love versatility, this is the perfect option for you, as it can also be used for cleaning your pet dog’s food or your pet as it is large enough.  

Amongst its best features are the stainless-steel internal frameworks which can be easily detached, making it easier to clean. When cleaning, all you need is just warm water and soap and you are good to go.

Pros Cons
Durable build and design Some have complained when emptying trash cans when they are full is a bit difficult
Has a Convenient carry handle There have been complains of bad odors
Smooth opening and closing action
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2. The Step N’ Sort 16-Gal 3-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

If you are in the market for a large-sized 3 bin trash can, this is a must-have one. It’s made of a heavy-duty stainless-steel frame that can be easily removed for easy cleaning of the interior compartments.

Every compartment has a trash bag capacity of 8-10 gallons that will sufficiently cater for your entire waste disposal needs. The trash bags can be easily removed when you want to tidy up your trash can.

The Step N’ Sort 3 compartments each have an inner bucket with a storage capacity of 5.33 gallons. One of the most impressive features is its hand-free pedal system which will enable you to sort your trash into their respective bins.

The trash can is designed with a carry to handle, making it easier to store and transport the trash can outside for dumping. Other exciting features include its heavy-duty step pedals that respond to quick action. 

At the time of purchase, the trash can come with colored sticker pads used to label your pedals for easy sorting of your garbage. Its finger-print finishing gives it a sleek and chic design that will perfectly blend in with your kitchen décor.

Pros Cons
It has a good size There have been complains that it’s not durable
Looks great The pedal stickers aren’t recyclable
Easy to use
Sufficient storage capacity
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3. Organize It All 3 Compartment Trash Can

If you are looking for a trash can that oozes class and elegance, this one was tailor-made for you. Its body is made of plastic liners and stainless steel that will boost its overall strength and durability, serving you for a long time.

Cleaning Organize it all is a breeze; you wipe plastic on the interior and stainless steel outside, and it’s clean as new. Its stunning build of stainless steel seamlessly blends in well with other household accessories.

It can be stored under the kitchen sink or standalone accentuating its overall look.

The side-by-side compartments can be combined into one increasing the overall storage space in case you have a lot of food scraps or trash. It will also free up some much-needed space when you have limited storage.

Each lid has its foot pedal that immediately opens up when you step on it, allowing you to place your trash in the can conveniently.

The trash can also has removable plastic containers with handles that will enable you to take out your trash without dirtying yourself easily; the containers are also recyclable saving you money. 

Pros Cons
Easy to install The cans have limited space
It has good weight and size The lids don’t open easily
Solid and sturdy construction
Quality and stylish
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4. Joseph 30002 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can

There is no three-compartment trash can that brings functionality and innovativeness like Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem. The three compartments can be combined into a single bin, increasing your storage capacity.

The carbon order filters are strategically positioned in the bin, ensuring it absorbs unpleasant odor emanating from the can keeping your kitchen stays fresh and clean. The carbon filters are at the base of the lid for easier change of the filters and also prevent bad odor from escaping.

Joseph Waste Totem is designed with custom-fit liners that will keep your compartments clean and allows easy removal of the inner bins. Its lid is made of stainless steel fitted with a touch-release button for easy opening of the trash can.

The body of the triple trash can is made from powder-coated steel that usually comes in four color-range: Silver, Stone, Graphite, and stainless steel.

Its also has a wheeled base with an integrated handle for easy movement around your home and also ensuring there are no scratches on your kitchen floor.

 The totem has a general waste capacity size of 9.5 gallons that will accommodate all the waste from your kitchen. It has a multi-purpose drawer which contains a removable bin and drawer that will separate your trash.

Lastly, it also comes with a removable compost bin with a storage capacity of 1 gallon that can be used outdoors especially f you are going out camping or having a barbeque party.

Pros Cons
Easy to install It has no foot pedal, requiring the use of hands
It has good weight and size It’s a bit expensive for its range
Ease of movement
Convenient storage space
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5. Artonell Triple Compartment Trash Can

This is a product that is tailored for the customer’s specific needs; the recycle bin has an extra-large capacity of 16 gallons that will meet the demand of any household, ensuring that you can use it for an extended period. 

The body of the trash can is made heavy-duty steel that will prevent leaching of harmful chemicals; the premium materials will also make the trash can rustproof and smell-proof.

It’s also designed with removable buckets, each with a capacity of 5.3 gallons making it suitable for any kitchen or office space. Every internal compartment has a carrying handle, which makes it easier when removing the trash bag when it is full.

Artonnel has a contemporary chic design that’s silver in color and will blend in well with a wide range of interiors, giving it a trendy and modern look that is simple on the eyes. 

The exterior metal, steel, and the interior mainly made of plastics can be conveniently cleaned with the use of warm water and soap. It’s also versatile and can be used for residential or commercial purposes due to its large-sized nature

Pros Cons
Lightweight Some have complained it’s not durable
It has a stylish design It may take up too much space
It’s water and rust-resistant
Quiet operation
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What to Look For When Buying a Triple Trash Can

Proper handling of trash is very vital, thus getting the right triple trash can is imperative. Before delving any deeper, here are some of the things that you should always pay special attention to.

Each of these factors will enable you to make a smart and informed decision making it a valuable investment for your house. 


All quality 3 compartment trash can must be touch-free or have easy pedals that will help you dispose of your trash. If you want to make a worthwhile investment that’s durable and easy to use, always go for the one that has a stainless-steel pedal.

It will make your trash can look more modern and sturdier; making you feel like a ‘king or queen’ every time you use it. There are also high-quality pedals made of hard-plastics that will also do the trick.


To ensure your investment goes a long way, warranties are vital. You want to feel covered every time a repair, replacement, or customer service is needed; this will give you a peace of mind knowing that you are sorted in case there is damage.

Always choose a trash can that is covered under warranty, you will avoid the financial burden and frustrations that come with fixing your trash can.


We all have different family sizes or trash needs. Typically, the most common sizes range from 10 gallons to 13 gallons. Depending on your needs and size of the household, choose a triple trash can that will sufficiently serve you well.

It’s recommended to never go less than 8-gallons for any brand you decide to buy, this will ensure you sufficiently sorted to avoid constant changing of trash bags.


Trash cans have a different design with varying lengths and widths. Go for a triple trash can that will sufficiently fit or complement your kitchen size.

Depending on your storage, always consider the design of the trash can to avoid future problems.


We recommend that you always carry out prior research to see which trash can will perfectly fulfill your needs and their price-tags to sufficiently budget yourself. For those with an unlimited budget, go for the best quality with extra features that will serve you well. If you are working on a budget, choose a brand that has all the best qualities and within a reasonable price range. But never compromise quality when it comes to price as it will save you on future leaks or odors.


Trash cans are a must-have for proper waste disposal. But, for those who dump both waste and recyclable products, a triple trash can is an essential factor that will enable you to dispose of your kitchen scraps healthily and also help save the environment from the effects of global warming.

For those who want a basic triple trash can for their kitchens, we strongly recommend All 3 Compartment Step-On 45 Liter Recycling Trash Can. Its durable has large storage capacity, and it can be easily moved around the house. What more do you need from a triple trash can?

For those who don’t know what to buy, we have extensively reviewed 5 of the best triple trash cans one the market. So, the next time you are on the look-out for one, you’ll know precisely what to get.

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