Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can Reviews

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:59 am

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There are companies that pour tremendous effort and ingenuity in their products. They make sure the products meet the needs and desires of every customer. They even enhance their products, embed them with cutting –edge technology making it possible to use them efficiently, conveniently, and effortlessly.

One of the most common objects you can find in every household is a trash can. Each home having different garbage containers, some are made with soft materials, some go with just a simple garbage bag. But if you want to completely get rid of garbage in style, then you should definitely go with a stainless-steel trash can.

Compared to plastic trash cans, the stainless-steel variety is far more hygienic. Cleaning it is not a problem, and it will not accumulate any foul smell from the garbage. Plus, there are some of the best stainless steel kitchen trash can products which have odor control features.

So, if you are interested in buying a trash can for your kitchen or home, you should definitely go with stainless steel rather than their plastic equivalent.

To help you, here is a detailed review on the best stainless-steel garbage cans available in the market:

Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can Products On The Markets

Simplehuman 45/11.9 Liter Stainless Steel Garbage Can

Simplehuman is one of the leading companies in creating the best line of stainless-steel trash can. One of their creation is the 45-liter trash can, of course, made out of stainless steel. But this trash can is different from the conventional. When you step on the pedal it opens in the center. These features prevent any animals from infiltrating the box.


  • Fingerprint-Proof

Issues regarding fingerprints being left on the body or lid of the trash can will cease to exist. Made with fingerprint-proof covering, no stains or fingerprint smudges will be marked.

  • Slim Design

It is design to be compact and slim to take only a small space in your kitchen. You can even fit these in narrow spaces if you want.

  • Butterfly Cover

Out with the old, in with the new. The lid or cover of this stainless-steel garbage can opens like a butterfly. Instead of the conventional opening on the edge, this creation of Simplehuman opens in the middle making it virtually inaccessible by animals like dogs or cats.

  • Durable Pedal

This trash can is genuinely made for durability because of its stainless-steel body and pedal. You can step on the pedal as much as you want as this is smartly designed to last until 150,000 steps.

  • Gentle and Quiet Opening

Whenever you step on the pedal, it will never open in an instant. This trash can is made with lid shox technology for a more quiet and gentle opening. Say goodbye to the creaking sounds and loud banging noise!

Pros Cons
Stainless steel body and pedal for durability It may go beyond your intended budget; this one is pricey
Lid shox technology provides quiet opening of the lid
Slim design making it possible to take only minimum space in kitchen
Butterfly lid
Animal proof
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Simplehuman 8-Gallon Round Step Trash Can

Nothing beats the classic when it comes to trash cans. When I say classic, the usual round-shaped trash can with pedal. But this is a classic design that is integrated with a few tweaks and twist of innovation in it. Simplehuman 8-Gallon round stainless-steel kitchen trash can is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a durable and robust trash can.

To know more about this product, the features and qualities are stated below:

  • Round Shape

There is a reason why this trash can’s shape is round. Its form or shape makes it suitable for placing in any area inside your kitchen. Basically, anywhere you want to put it is possible due to its smooth and round shape.

  • Code G Fit Liners

There are steel trash cans that do not have any liners at all. Without them, the garbage bag is not well attached to the bin. But this product has its very own liners, and what makes it more convenient is durable and custom fit to the bin. This will definitely make your trash bin organized and clean!

  • Durable Steel Pedal

Not only the body is stainless steel but also the pedal. For expanded durability, even the pedal is made from steel! This makes it possible to step on its numerous times, and it will never show any flaws. To be exact, you can step on it approximately 150,000 steps!

  • Lid Shox Technology

The problem of other stainless steel garbage cans is that they produce a sound whenever it swiftly closes. But this one right here is basically soundless. Why? The experts behind this product made it with a lid shox technology controlling the slow motion of the lid. And if the lid moves slowly, there will be no sound at all.

Pros Cons
Durable trash can; stainless steel body and pedal made for numerous steps Single compartment only
Lid shox technology for slow and soundless closing action
It also contains a stay-open lid
Fingerprint and smudge proof coating
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The integration of lid shox technology was a great move. This makes it usable for offices where quiescence is required. Being soundless, it can be a perfect fit for your kitchen and any establishments.

Tramontina 13-Gallon Step Trash Can

A brand which is purely unknown to other people, but Tramontina produced one quality and one of the best stainless steel trash cans. This is a 13-gallon step trash can that is finely coated to prevent corrosion from occurring.

Here are more exciting features and qualities about this trash can:

  • Sleek Design

This trash can by Tramontina has a sleek design taking on the rectangular form. This looks a lot thinner that it’s other counterparts for unique space saving and easy placement. It does not require any large spaces. It can even be settled in between appliances or furniture.

  • Trim Ring and Removable Liner

No problem attaching your garbage bag inside as it has its own trim ring and liner. The liner is removable for easy replacement of garbage bag.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel material is finished with corrosion materials. This will prevent any contaminants or impurities from disrupting its body that can result to corrosion. These features make it more durable and useable for longer period of time.

Freshener System

No issues regarding smell or foul stenches as it is made with its own freshener system. This will neutralize any odor from lingering.

Pros Cons
Anti-corrosion material The capacity may be too small for other people
It has its own odor neutralizer system Single compartment
Durable body and pedal made out of stainless steel
Soft close lid for noiseless open and close action
You can save space due to its rectangular shape
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iTouchless 13-Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

iTouchless is a company known to craft the best of the best trash cans in the market. Their 13-gallon stainless steel kitchen trash can is made with pure ingenuity and innovation. They were able to integrate the twist of technology into this household object.

Here are its impressive features and qualities:

  • Cutting Edge Sensors

This trash can does not have any step on it to control the opening and closing action. What it has is a motion sensor directly embedded on top of it. You just flash your hand, and it will automatically open for a few seconds and auto close too.

  • Odor Absorbing Features

Foul smell or odor is a no for this trash can. It has odor absorbing features to neutralize the smell from settling in the air you breathe and smell.

  • Two Mode Power

It has two power method you can use: battery or plug it in using its AC adapter. Either of the two works, but if you opt to use the battery, no problem as it will run for more extended period. This trash can is designed for efficient and more prolonged use.

Pros Cons
Touchless, no buttons or steps, just pure hand waving above the lid It contains only one compartment, so you might mix the waste with the recyclable
Neutralizing odor with its filter Talking about price, this one is expensive
You can power it up using either DC or AC
Stainless steel coated with anti-fingerprint and smudge
Requires only a small space
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Simplehuman 15.3-Gallon Stainless Steel Garbage Can

The iTouchless is not the only company capable to produce motion sensor garbage can. Simplehuman also has its very own stainless-steel garbage can that can automatically open and close its lid.

Check out its other impressive features:

  • Two Control Methods

The usual trash can that has been integrated with technology only comes with motions sensor. This trash can does not only have motion sensor, but it can also be controlled using your voice. It can automatically open either by using your voice or by using its motion sensor.

  • Two Compartments

It contains two compartments for a more organized and clean storing of garbage. One compartment is used to store waste while the other one can be used to store recyclables.

  • Nano-Coating

No more problems with germs, smudge, or even fingerprint marking as this one is finished with a Nano-coating. This will prevent any impurities from settling on its body to prevent corrosion or any damages in the future.

  • Stainless Steel

Durability-wise, this trash can is on point. It is made from stainless steel and finished with fingerprint, smudge, and corrosion coat.

Pros Cons
Organized storing of waste due to its dual compartments’ features Performance may be limited as it is battery-powered only
Voice and motion controlled
Nano-coating to protect it from any impurities
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HomeZone 45-Liter Stainless Steel Garbage Bin

Another versatile trash can included in the pack. This one is made by HomeZone. Due to its size and shape, it can be suitable to any part of your home without having problems with space. With a secure lift lid, this can be the answer to all your garbage problems.

Check out its other features and qualities below:

  • Hands Free

With this trash can, you will never touch the lid to open it. It is made with a pedal for your foot to do all the work. Its simple mechanism makes the lid stay open for convenient use. With this, you don’t have to continually touch the lid for it to open. Just use your foot, and it will remain open as long as you like.

  • Durable

Of course, this is made for durability. The fact that it is made from a fine material, which is stainless steel, is enough for it to be durable. But the durability features are not only limited to that. This trash can is also finished with anti-corrosion, rust, fingerprint, and smudge to protect it from impurities that might cause damages in the future.

  • Removable Liner

Keep the garbage bag in place using the removable liner attached inside. The liner is made from plastic for a more effortless and convenient removal. With this, you can easily replace the garbage bag for a new one.

Pros Cons
Stay-open lid The pedal is not made from steel, so its durability may be questioned
45-liter capacity A bit expensive on the part of those who are in a limited budget
Stainless steel with corrosion, smudge, rust, and fingerprint coating
Very durable body
Polished design for easy cleaning
Rectangular shape for easy placing
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NINESTARS Touchless Stainless-Steel Trash Can

One of the top tiers in the world of trash cans. The DZT-80-40 is the creation of Ninestars made from stainless steel and integrated with the technology of motion sensor. It also has other features to die for such as:

  • Infrared Sensors

Before we proceed to other feature, let’s talk about its infrared sensors first. This is the one that detects the motion of our hands, initiating the lid to automatically open for a few seconds. Any spills or water solution will not affect the sensor as it is designed to be waterproof.

  • Dual-Compartments

Another trash can that has dual compartments. The other one is for typical types of waste, while the other one is for recyclable materials. With this, it is easier to organize and separate significant trash from the insignificant ones.

  • Longer Battery Life

This can be powered by a battery only as it does not have any AC adapter attached. But don’t worry as this trash can is made with delaying technology to prolong the life of the battery for more extended period of usage.

  • Protection from Impurities

Aside from being made from stainless steel with polished design, it also has one feature that adds up for its durability. It is finished with smudge and fingerprint coating. This paves way for easy cleaning of impurities that can result to damages later on.

Pros Cons
18-Gallon capacity for large storing of waste Being battery powered only, a problem may rise. Once the battery is done, purchasing another one might be a drag
Contains water resistant motion sensors
Made with advanced technology for longer battery life
Sleek design and rectangular shape making it easy to place anywhere in your home or office
Stainless steel material finished with contaminant protection
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BestOffice 13-Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can

Another trash can that is on the innovative side. BestOffice has come up with their very own Touchless garbage bin. This trash can is designed with a sensor and a performance that is quiet and efficient.

Below are its key features and qualities:

  • Touchless

This is probably the trend when it comes to trash cans. This one is Touchless. It will only open its lid if you motion your hand above it. It has sensors to detect the little action your hand is making. Upon detection, it will automatically open for a few seconds and automatically closes its lid again.

  • Modern Design

Designed to be blend with the modernity of the surroundings. This does not take the shape of classic round or the usual rectangular. The form of this trash can is oval made of high-quality stainless steel. Adding all of them up makes a great addition to your interior.

  • Hygienic

The bin is made of stainless-steel drawing prevents any smudge of fingerprint from settling on its body. It is also made with an exterior that is sealed supplemented by infrared technology to keep the odor at bay and contained.

Pros Cons
Innovative having motion sensor that can automatically open its lid Same with other products, being battery powered an issue might surface if the battery is done
Sealed and infrared technology keeps the odor inside Single compartment only
Multi-purpose because of its modern look. It can be placed basically anywhere in your home or office
Stainless steel drawing to prevent contaminants and fingerprint from manifesting on it
It operates quietly
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iTouchless Commercial Size

Another entry from iTouchless, but this time, this is one large bin. This bin contains an astounding 23-gallon capacity. This is very much suitable for people that do not take the trash too often.

Here are its other key features:

  • 100 Percent Touchless

Same with other iTouchless products, this one is 100 percent Touchless. You don’t need to touch the lid or step on any pedal for this to open. It requires you to only wave above the bin for, and the sensor will do the rest. Once it is detected it will automatically open.

  • 4 Batteries and a Plug

Here they go again with two modes or power. If you want a longer duration of operation, then you can plug its AC adaptor. If your option is the four batteries, then it is also not a problem. The batteries are also known to perform outstandingly. It can last up to longer hours of operation.

  • Odor Neutralizer

Foul smell? No problem! With this trash can, it can neutralize any fouls smell or stench, preventing it from manifesting in the air you breathe and smell. Definitely on the side of hygiene and safe to you and your family.

  • Sleek Design that is Well Protected

Sleek design possible to place even the use of minimum space. Made from stainless material and finished with anti-fingerprint and anti-corrosion coating. This extends or enhances its durability.

Pros Cons
Massive storage capacity; 23-Gallon Knowing iTouchless products, we can say that this one is also expensive
Can be powered using DC or AC Single compartment only
Integrated with motion sensor for quiet operation
Its opening is also large to complement the large storage capacity
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NINESTARS CB-DZT 13-Gallon and 2-Gallon Trash Cans

A two-in-one combination made by NINESTARS. These two trash cans, one being 13-gallon and the other being 2-gallon are made for everyday needs of everyone. One for the kitchen and the other for the bathroom or anywhere in your home.

Know the features and qualities of these combined father-daughter trash cans:

  • Infrared Sensors

Of course, they have infrared sensors embedded in them. Both of them can be automatically opened through the use of motion sensor. With the just a small action of the hand, and it opens and closes automatically. And did we mention that they are also water-resistant?

  • Delaying Technology

Battery powered, but it has delaying technology embedded in it. It preserves the life of the battery through simple actions. Both trash cans have this technology embedded in them.

  • Liner Holder

Attach the garbage bag using the handy liner holder. Replacing the garbage bag is easy as the liner is removable. This provides your trash can an attractive look.

Pros Cons
Two amazing trash cans made for one purpose If the batter ceases to work, you have no other source of powering it. You might buy a new one in the end
Integrated with water resistant motion sensor
Longer battery life due to delaying technology
Anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge finish
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Above are some trash cans with excellent features and made with pure stainless-steel material for quality and durability. Don’t forget to tell us which one sparked your interest!

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