Best Dual Trash Can – Top 7 Two Compartment Trash Cans

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:02 pm

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The number of households and offices that sort their trash and recyclables are increasing. And because of this, trash manufacturers are providing different kinds of trash bins. These trash cans have multiple buckets so it will be easy for you to sort your waste.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Table of Best Dual Trash Cans

A dual trash can is the most popular type of trash bin today. It has a side-by-side container with 2 compartment trash can. These dual bins usually have two buckets with different colors. It will be easier to remember what type of waste belongs to each bucket.

Two compartment trash cans come in different sizes and shapes. You may find containers with equally sized compartments and some dual trash bin has one large and one small bucket.

Choosing the best trash can for your home or office does require some thinking. If you think trash cans are just a container for your waste, you are wrong. It can also help enhance your kitchen interior. To help you in deciding, we have reviewed 7 dual compartment trash can you can consider buying.

Best Dual Trash Can Reviews – Top 7 Two Compartment Recycling Bins

1. Simplehuman 58 Liter Stainless Steel Rectangular Dual Trash Can

simplehuman 58 Liter/15.3 Gallon Step Can Liner Pocket, Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Compartment...

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Simplehuman is known in the market as one of the best manufacturers when it comes to trash cans or bins. This 58 Liter dual trash is made of stainless steel that can feature an innovative liner pocket that can dispense and store liners from the inside for a quicker liner change.

It has a strong, wide steel pedal that is very durable. With Simplehuman patented lid Shox technology, that closes the lid smoothly.

Unique Liner Rim System

This liner rim system makes throwing your trash fast and clean. The external lid lifts up to provide easy access to liner. There is no need to remove the top of the can. Once you’re done, it merely closes over the liner keeping your trash where it should belong.

Side-by-Side Buckets

Sorting your trash is easy with Simplehuman 58 Liter. It has two side-by-side buckets, so it is easy for you to separate the recyclable and non-recyclable waste. The lid stays open as you throw away your garbage. Easy to clean, take the buckets out of the trash. The body of the bin is fingerprint-proof.

Pros Cons
Strong steel pedal The inside is not enclosed, thus, it leaks badly
Easy to open and close the lid
Made of durable stainless steel
With two side-by-side buckets
Sleek and modern design
simplehuman 58 Liter/15.3 Gallon Step Can Liner Pocket, Brushed Stainless Steel Dual Compartment...
  • NEAT AND SECURE - Stainless steel liner rim flips up for a quick and easy liner change, then closes...
  • LINER POCKET - Keep liners where you need them. Dispense them one by one — no perforations or...
  • CLEANER STAINLESS STEEL - simplehuman's invisible silver-ion coating resists fingerprints and the...
  • DUAL COMPARTMENTS - One side for trash, one side for easy disposal of recyclables.

2. iTouchless Soft Step Dual Compartment Trash Can Recycler

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can and Recycling Bin for Kitchen with Odor Filters, Stainless Steel...

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We produce tons of waste in the landfills. To save the earth, recycling is the solution, and it does not have to be stressful with the help of iTouchless SoftStep Dual Garbage Can. This trash bin can help separate garbage and recyclable. The automatic lid covers open once the sensor is activated as you approach the can. It provides convenience and touchless disposal.

Durable and Long-Lasting Construction

The lid mechanism rating is around 100,000 openings, which is an excellent performance level and operates using four D size batteries. The sensor usually lasts for one year. Also available is the iTouchless SoftStep that runs from an AC Adapter.

Unique Inner Buckets

The inner buckets have a unique feature that holds and tuck bag firmly to prevent the bag from falling inside. Both buckets can hold up to 8-gallons of trash and recyclable waste. The lid closes gently and quietly every time you use the SoftStep recycle bin. There should be minimal space between the floor and the rectangular shape bin. The inner buckets are removable for easy cleaning and emptying. 

Pros Cons
With durable construction and fingerprint-proof The sensor only lasts up to one year
Operates using D size batteries and AC adapter
Slim rectangular shape
Can accommodate up to 16 gallons of waste
iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Trash Can and Recycling Bin for Kitchen with Odor Filters, Stainless Steel...
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU – Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a Full-Service Manufacturer's...
  • TWO-IN-ONE SOLUTION – 2 Color-Coded (Blue for Recycling, Black for Trash) Compartments with...
  • STOP TRASH ODORS – 2 AbsorbX Odor Filters INCLUDED FREE to absorb and neutralize trash odors, for...
  • SOFT & SILENT LID CLOSE – Smooth and easy foot pedal operation with a whisper quiet and gentle lid...

3. HEMBOR Dual Trash Can

HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon (2X30L) Step Rubbish Bin, Stainless Steel Double Compartment...

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Hembor Dual Trash Can is a convenient way of sorting your waste and recyclable. This trash can has 410 brushed stainless steel that prevents fingerprints marking. The can is easy to clean and keep it shiny for a long time. Plus, It is very durable. Hembor Trash Bin has a rectangular silver look trash bin that can easily fit any space because of its slim design. It blends perfectly with your home interior with its stylish and attractive design.

Bigger Capacity

This 60L trash bin comes with two removable inner barrels, which make sorting easy. The inner bucket has a metal handle that you can easily lift when the garbage bag gets ruptures and leaks. The can is 26 inches high, so you don’t have to bend over when throwing your trash, which makes life easier.

Closes Silently and User-Friendly

Hembor Trash can have ABS hydraulic slowdown design, which automatically closes once you release the pedal. It operates quietly. The durable stainless steel pedals are easy to use by both children and adults. The side handle makes the trash easy to move. Dismantling the plastic inner bucket is easy when disposing of the waste. The manufacturers offer a one-year quality guarantee.

Pros Cons
Very durable It lacks motion detector and locks feature
Easy to clean and dispose of the trash
Bigger capacity
It does not produce any sound when closing
HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon (2X30L) Step Rubbish Bin, Stainless Steel Double Compartment...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Trash can adopts 410 brushed stainless steel that can effectively prevent...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 60L trash can with 2 removable inner barrels (30L per barrel), separated by left and...
  • SILENT CLOSE: Trash can cover adopts ABS hydraulic slowdown design, which can be automatically...
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The side handle makes the trash can easy to move, the plastic inner bucket can be...

4. ALEAVIC Dual Trash Can, Double Garbage Can for Kitchen

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The Aleavic Dual Trash Can include two removable buckets for easy disposing of the garbage and in case of accidental breaks and leaks. Each bucket comes with metal handles for easy handling and lifting. The bucket slides out easily, and you can carry it conveniently to make emptying the trash easy and mesh-free.

Easy to Operate

This trash bin is easy to use. It has two pedals and two separate compartments to make it easy to separate the trash and the recyclable. Each bin has a removable eight-gallon bucket. The exterior is made of rigid metal, but the buffer mechanism closes softly, silently, and slowly to keep the germs and odors away without a loud sound.

Space-Saving Design

The design is stylish and elegant, which will blend easily on your kitchen interior. It has a shining brushed stainless steel exterior that is fingerprint-proof and resists smudging. Because of its space-saving rectangular design, you can easily place it in the corner. With its efficient design, it can accommodate up to 16 gallons of trash and recyclable with less floor space and slim-rectangular shape.

Pros Cons
Lid closes quietly The construction is not as durable as the other trash cans
Easy to operate with two pedals
Space-saving design
Bigger capacity for trash and recyclables

No products found.

5. Simplehuman 66 Liter Dual Compartment Recycler Semi-Round Trash Can

simplehuman 66 Liter / 17.4 Gallon Dual Compartment Recycler Semi-Round Open Commercial Trash Can,...

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One of the favorite brands when it comes to a dual trash can is the Simplehuman. It is known for quality products that usually last for many years. It has unique features and innovative design, which make it stand out from other brands.

Sorting Made Easy

The traditional way of throwing your trash in a separate plastic bag is outdated and messy. With Simplehuman 66 Liter Dual Trash Can, you can put the waste and the recyclable easily without making your kitchen look awful and smelly. This 17.4 trash bin has enough space to throw your trash and recyclable in one area.

Clean and Secure Liner Rim

Changing the bag liner is more accessible than in the past. The steel liner flips up and remains up. And when you close the bin, the rim conceals the liner and keep it out of sight and keeps the trash bag in position.

Strong Steel Pedal

It has a stainless steel step pedal having an extra-wide base designed to last up to 150,000 steps. So it won’t break easily. It has bigger support for the pedal to keep the bins from tipping every time you step on it. The lid applies the Shox technology, so it closes silently without banging or producing a loud noise.

Pros Cons
Throwing your waste and recyclable in one convenient place The structure is not as durable as others
It accommodates a bigger amount of trash
Opens and closes the lid smoothly and silently
Changing bag liner is easy
simplehuman 66 Liter / 17.4 Gallon Dual Compartment Recycler Semi-Round Open Commercial Trash Can,...
  • OPEN TOP DESIGN - Great for high-traffic areas, the lid has an open design so it's quick and easy to...
  • DUAL COMPARTMENTS - One side for trash, one side for easy disposal of recyclables.
  • SEMI-ROUND SHAPE - Space efficient semi-round shape is great for high-traffic areas.
  • GREAT COMMERCIAL SPACES - Large capacity and an open lid make this an ideal choice for small...

6. EKO EcoFly II 45 Liter Dual Trash Can

EKO Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Step Trash Can, 30L + 15L

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This brand provides fresh lines of a stainless base with a lid that close in dual-flap motion. It is fingerprint resistant to maintain its sleek look longer. With its vertical design, it can fit into small spaces, which can take up less room with the same capacity.

Big Lid Scissor Top Feature

Its big lid scissor top feature enables you to throw a whole armful of trash by simply stepping on the sturdy pedal. The trash bin space-saving feature can fit underneath the counters, and you can still open it all the way. The soft-close lid design prevents the lid from slamming. To secure the plastic bag in position, it has polypropylene liner. It uses 13 Gallon kitchen trash bags

Large Capacity and with Two-Small Wheels

The EKO Ecofly Stainless Steel Trash Can have a bigger capacity to accommodate lots of trash produced by the entire family. Moving the unit from one place to another is easy thanks to its two small wheels and a handle. You can easily roll it from the dining table to other parts of the kitchen. It has a special coating that prevents fingerprints marking.

Pros Cons
Fingerprint proof construction Changing the liner requires pulling out of the pail
Easy to move the unit
Space-saving feature
Soft-close damper lid
EKO Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Recycle Step Trash Can, 30L + 15L
  • Dual liner buckets separate waste from recyclables
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless-steel finish
  • Durable cantilever foot pedal mechanism. Indoor
  • Soft close damper lid with patented "Easy Lock" stay open lid mechanism

7. HOmeLabs 21 Gallon Touchless Trash Can

hOmeLabs 21 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with No Touch...

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The Homelabs Touchless Trash Can is designed with a stainless steel body not just to look attractive, but also for easy cleaning.  Because of its modern design, it can easily blend well with your kitchen, office, or bathroom interior. This trash bin has all the latest features to make throwing your waste very convenient.

Adjustable 90 Degree Swiveling Sensor Ball

The adjustable swiveling sensor ball can activate the lid for either top or front activation. It does not matter whether it is freestanding in an unobstructed area or placed under the counter. The sensor can be adjusted easily. You will have better control in opening and closing the lid.

Multiple Power Options with Power Saving Features

This touchless trash bin can be powered using 4 C Cell batteries if your unit is far from the outlet and an AC adapter. The batteries and adapter are not included in the package, so you need to buy them separately. It has an on and off features to help you save on energy. If you have plans of not using the trash can for several days, you don’t have to remove the batteries or unplug it, just turn it off.

Pros Cons
Hygienic and touchless Batteries and adapter are not included in the package
With stainless steel durable construction
On and Off power saving feature
Garbage bag replacement is easy
hOmeLabs 21 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with No Touch...
  • Wave to Open – Easy activation with a simple hand wave! In the kitchen, you need to use the trash...
  • Butterfly Lid Opens Wide – This 21-gallon trash can features a split lid, wide mouth for trash or...
  • Stainless Steel Trash Can – Super easy to clean this garbage can, and it looks great too. A smart...
  • Adjustable Sensor – Swivel the sensor to detect motion (top or side). With a 90° swiveling range...

What to Look for When Buying a Dual Trash Can

You don’t just buy the first double trash can you see. Just like other products, there are things that you need to consider before spending your money on it. Here are some of the dual trash can features you should look for.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is part of the trash can that you should always check. The foot pedal is where you step on at the bottom to open the lid. Although this is one of the most popular types of a trash bin, the pedals may vary. Some have a metal pedal that occupies the entire width of the can. Others have pedals that are less than 6 inches wide.

Automatic Lid

Manufacturers are stressing on hygiene, and because of this, they have created a trash bin with automatic lid. Step trash bins were designed so you will not get your hands in contact with the trash. Manufacturers of automatic lid claim that this method is much better since it will not spread the germs in your home when your shoes step on the trash can.

Swinging Lid and One Touch Lid

Trash can with a swinging lid requires some effort from you to open. It has a smaller opening to throw the trash. The one-touch lid, on the other hand, has a spring-loaded lever that you press to open the cover. Then, it remains open until you close it manually. It is easy to use, but you need your hand to open it.

Shape and Capacity

The foot pedal placements of the trash can vary. It is either on the broader side or in the skinny part, which affects its placement in the room. The capacities of these cans may range from 10 gallons to 13 gallons.

It all depends on how many members are in the house or office, how much waste you throw away. The rule of thumb is ten gallons for two people. A home or office with more than two people will need a bigger trash bin.

Body Material

Metal, plastic, or a combination of the two are the essential materials used in manufacturing trash cans. Bins made of metals may differ from trash can to trash can, so it is vital to look for its external coating. A trash can with a thin, silver antimicrobial coating is fingerprint-proof and easy to clean.

Internal Liner

It is a removable plastic portion that makes it easy to change bags and clean. Most of the time, it is made of plastic material, and once they get dirty, you can take them outside and wash them. Although it does not play a vital role in a trash can, it is still nice to have it.

Pet Proof Trash Cans

If you have pets around, they are interested to know what is inside the kitchen trash can. If your pet is strong enough to knock down or flip over the trash bin, it is quite a mess. Good thing there are pet-proof trash cans in the market. Choose a heavy stainless steel trash can that stands firmly on the floor. Having a step-on can make it hard for your pets to open it. Keep them away from a trash bin with a sensor because most pets are smart, they can activate the sensor.


When choosing the best dual trash can, make sure you consider design, durability, price, and functionality before buying. It is also best to choose a stylish and elegant trash bin to complement the interior of your kitchen. Among the 7 products we reviewed, we find the Simplehuman 66L as the best option.

Simplehuman 66L can accommodate a more substantial capacity of trash, so you don’t have to change the bag every now and then. It offers more than just a trash can. It applies innovative technology, durable foot pedals, and great value for your money, and longer warranty.

Do you agree with us? If you think there is a better trash bin than Simplehuman, feel free to comment below. We want to hear from you. If you find this buying guide helpful, you can share this post with your friends.

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