Best Under Sink Trash Can for Your Kitchen in 2024

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:01 pm

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Everybody wants a tidy kitchen. Their ideal sight to see is a kitchen without dirt or any visible furniture so that people can walk around freely. When you want a squeaky clean kitchen, storing your garbage in a closet should be the first in your agenda.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Table of Best Under Sink Trash Can

Aside from storing the garbage, you can also save you energy by not going outside to throw your garbage out. Every kitchen needs a trash can to toss away your garbage quickly and conveniently.

There are different types of trash cans, but if you want to keep it out of sight, you need to get an under sink trash can. This trash can hold the garbage and its smell, plus you don’t have to take the trash out every time you have guests around.

Under sink trash can has other benefits like avoiding getting your cat or dog into your trash or your child accidentally fall into the trash can. When buying an under sink trash can, you need to look for the right size, the right material, the look in the lid. You also have to consider getting separate cans for recycling and space can accommodate your trash can.

10 Best Under Sink Trash Can Reviews

1. Rev-a-Shelf Double 35 Quart Pullout Waste Container

Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull Out 35 Qt Sliding Waste Bin Trash Container for Base Kitchen Cabinet, Wire...

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If you are looking for a stylish under sink trash can, this part of the series of waste containers from Rev-a-shelf is a perfect candidate. These bottom mount units come with the patented soft opening and closing mechanism of the slide system.

The mechanism is composed of an innovative gas spring that assists the smooth opening and closing of the trash drawer. It closes softly even if the trash can has a massive load. The trash can is made from high-end metal in silver, and it also has a built-in bracket that mounts on the cabinet door and the floor. It has two 35 quart waste container to contain your kitchen’s trash.

The price point of this trash can is a little bit expensive, but with its excellent aesthetics, it is all worth it in the end. The sliding system can handle about 150 pounds of trash. Installing these trash cans is quick and easy; you just have to screw them on.

Pros Cons
Large capacity containers The lids are sold separately
Heavy-duty materials The hydraulic mechanism will not allow full extension when full
Efficient sliding system
Nice aesthetics
Rev-A-Shelf Double Pull Out 35 Qt Sliding Waste Bin Trash Container for Base Kitchen Cabinet, Wire...
  • Keep your kitchen waste hidden but easily accessible with this double 35-quart pull-out waste...
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 14.21" x 22" x 19.25"; Weight: 12.45 pounds; Pull-out waste container...
  • Features a 3-piece zinc plated full-extension ball-bearing slide system; Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids...
  • Fully assembled and ready for easy 4-screw installation with included mounting hardware; Mounts to...

2. Knape & Vogt in Cabinet Pull out Trash Can

Knape & Vogt FBA_SBM9-1-20WH Trash Can, 17.31-Inch by 7.98-Inch by 20-Inch, White

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Knape & Vogt is a trusted company for high-quality products, and this pull out trash can is no exception. Although this trash can is a little more expensive, be sure that you are getting a high-quality item that can last a lifetime.

This trash can is 20 quartz that is made from steel and plastic. It is finished in platinum color with lid and is secured in a sliding steel frame. There is a specialized wire management system that holds the trash can in place when you are pulling it out of the cabinet. The ball bearings on the slide are durable and are coated with epoxy. 

Another good thing about this under sink trash bin is it has a lid. Not only it conceals the trash bags, but it also hides the odors. Because the unit is mounted at the bottom and it can be installed easily using the four screws.

Pros Cons
The bin is securely in place The trash can is smaller
Preassembled and easy to install Slide design can break easily
Mounting straps are heavy-duty
Smooth gliding apparatus
Knape & Vogt FBA_SBM9-1-20WH Trash Can, 17.31-Inch by 7.98-Inch by 20-Inch, White
  • Heavy-duty ball bearing precision slides
  • Updated wire management system holds bins securely in place on frame
  • Includes a clip-on handle.Min. Cabinet Opening Width:9 inch
  • Preassembled unit with heavy-duty mounting straps installs easily with only 4 screws (included)

3. Rev-a-Shelf 35 QT Pull Out Trash Can With Lid

Rev-A-Shelf 35 QT Pullout Waste Container with Lid, White

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It is hard to find an under sink trash can with a lid, but Rev-a-Shelf 35 QT Pull Out Trash Can With Lid is a perfect find. The cover is essential because it contains the waste, prevent the spills, and hold the smell.

Investing in a Rev-a-Shelf pull out trash can is the best decision for your kitchen. The plastic container is 35 quartz with a white frame and mounting hardware. Like the rest of products from Rev-a-Shelf, this trash can rides on a reliable slide system with ¾ extension ball bearings.

The installation is simple; however, because of the design, it can be unnecessarily tight.  The four screws that come with the box, pre-drill the hole, and the screws make it all more straightforward.

The only thing you need to make sure is that there is enough room in your cabinet for the lid to open before you mount them entirely.

Pros Cons
Fast installation Needs enough space to open the cover
Durable and sturdy Needs a screwdriver to drill a hole
The lid can secure the waste bags perfectly
Glides smoothly
Rev-A-Shelf 35 QT Pullout Waste Container with Lid, White
  • Included: (1) White 35 qt. waste container, (1) 35 qt. lid, (1) metal frame, (1) pair of slides, and...
  • 3-Piece Zinc Plated 3/4 Extension Ball-Bearing Slide System
  • Waste Container bins included
  • Lid included

4. Simplehuman 35 Liter Under the Counter Pull Out Trash Can

simplehuman 35 Liter / 9.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Under Counter Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Recycling...

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Simplehuman is another trusted brand for their high-quality products, and these under sink trash cans are no exception. They are so sure of their products that they are giving a 5-year warranty on their trash cans alone.

If you are serious about recycling, then you better get this compartment of pull-out recyclers. It is made with a steel frame, plastic and with dual compartments for your trash and recyclables. The container’s heavy-duty steel frame that glides smoothly in a commercial-grade ball-bearing track that you can fully extend to access the cans.

Another great feature of this trash compartment is the steel handle integrated into the system. It adds another convenience when you are pulling the trash can out of the holder. On top of that, the track comes preassembled, so it is easy to install.

Pros Cons
A good choice when recycling Trash can appear too flimsy
Easy to install It is too small
Sturdy all-steel frame
Comes with a five-year warranty
simplehuman 35 Liter / 9.3 Gallon Dual Compartment Under Counter Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Recycling...
  • RECYCLE IT. - Neatly sort your trash and recyclables in this dual-compartment can. It makes...
  • OUT OF THE CABINET - Glides fully out of the cabinet on full-extension tracks for easy access to the...
  • IT'S EASY - Pre-assembled one-piece track is easy to install.
  • BALL-BEARING TRACKS - Glides on smooth commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks.

5. Rev-a-Shelf RV-12KD-18C Single Waste Container With Rear Basket

Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Trash Can for Under Kitchen Cabinets 35 Qt 12 Gallon Garbage Waste Recyling Bin...

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If you are looking for a small and slick under sink trash can for your kitchen, this waste container from Rev-A-Shelf is the perfect solution. This wastebasket is on the expensive side, but it can last for a long time.

This unit is a perfect way to hide inside the cabinet your unsightly trash in the kitchen. It is made with a high-quality sliding mechanism, with double wire construction and durable plastic for the waste container. The container has a removable handle for added convenience and can still be fully extended even with 100 pounds of trash.

You can install this unit even to a cabinet without a lip easily with a raised railing. Installation is easy too as all the hardware components are included in the package. The only downside with this trash can is it does not come with a lid; instead, you have to purchase it separately.

Pros Cons
A good quality trash basket Does not come with a lid
Smooth sliding mechanism Needs improvement on the instructions
Straightforward installation
Solid and well designed
Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Trash Can for Under Kitchen Cabinets 35 Qt 12 Gallon Garbage Waste Recyling Bin...
  • Keep a kitchen waste or recycling container hidden but easily accessible with this single 35-quart...
  • Heavy-gauge wire construction frame effortlessly slides in and out on full-extension, ball-bearing...
  • Fast 4-screw installation mounts to cabinet floor with optional door mount kit available (5WB-DMKIT...
  • Designed for a cabinet opening width of 11-1/2" to 15"; Faceframe/Frameless minimum cabinet...

6. Extrufix 15301 Original Kitchen Rack

Extrufix 15301 Original Kitchen Rack 3 Gallon, White (1, 3 Gallon)

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If you have a big household, the smaller under sink trash cans recommended above will not be enough. You will have to take out the trash more frequently than you should. The solution is investing in a bigger trash container.

This Extrufix Original Kitchen Rack is the simplest option available as it needs no fancy contraption, only your good old rack that can hold up to three gallons of trash. It is a straightforward rack made from metal that can hold trash bags. There is an option to avail the leak-proof bags from the same company or buy the standard bags from the company.

Installing the rack is very easy as you don’t need any screws. It comes with a Nano Pad technology that you can stick on any surface. You can also remove the rack when you want to transfer its location. Because the unit is composed of the frame and garbage bag, the whole unit is lightweight and weighs less than two pounds.

Pros Cons
Large capacity It does not have cover
Easy to install and removable Prone to leaking
Lightweight and convenient
Will not damage the cabinet or door hinges
Extrufix 15301 Original Kitchen Rack 3 Gallon, White (1, 3 Gallon)
  • OFF THE FLOOR: Our compact modern design means you can mount the Original Kitchen Rack to the...
  • MORE SAFETY: Keeps kitchen waste away from pets and children. Ensure a safe kitchen and keep pets...
  • DESIGNED FOR LEAK-PROOF BAGS: This kitchen rack is designed to fit tightly and securely with our...
  • LESS MESS: The Original Kitchen Rack is easy to keep clean. The minimal surfaces are coated with a...

7. Kitchen Compost Caddy

No products found.

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This is a second-generation food waste storage system that holds leftover food items. It can be installed at any convenient height under the sink or beneath the kitchen counter. One excellent feature of this trash caddy is you can lock its lid in an open position when you are collecting trash. This is made possible by the special magnet that is placed on the exterior of the vented lid. You can also close them quickly with just a flick of the hand, keeping the trash and the smell enclosed tightly.

The plastic trash bucket is durable and slides perfectly into the caddy rack. It is stable and supported on three points. One, by the V-shaped support at the bottom, and the other two with the primary horizontal support at the back.  Removing the bucket from the rack is also convenient as you only have to slide it out when you want to empty or clean.

The improvements made on the bucket include the locking enclosure, sturdy handle, the bottom grip and the feet at the base to keep it dry and clean. To reduce foul odor, it has carbon filters.

Pros Cons
Innovative design Can contain only two gallons of waste
Locking lid to keep the trash from spilling
Carbon filters can prevent foul smell
Durable and stable

No products found.

8. Brabantia 10-Liter Built-in Bin

Brabantia 2.6 Gal Built-in Cupboard Trash Can (Black) Mounted Hidden Compact Storage for Kitchen...

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This 10-liter built-in bin from Brabantia can easily topple its competition because they are easy to mount. You can install them on cabinet doors with its very own mounting frame. Although this trash bin is slightly more expensive than your usual garbage bin, it is worth every penny because it is reliable and durable.

It comes with a 10-year warranty, which you cannot find in any of its competitors. On top of that, it also has an innovative design. It may not be the biggest trash bin, but it can hold up to 10 liters of trash and kitchen waste.

The bin is made of corrosion-resistant material, durable and sturdy. The design is very compact too, while the frame is easy to install under the sink.

Pros Cons
Perfect for installing under the sink A little small for big households
Great design High price point
Easy to install
Brabantia 2.6 Gal Built-in Cupboard Trash Can (Black) Mounted Hidden Compact Storage for Kitchen...
  • Multi-talent - S volume (2.6 Gal).
  • Space efficient - fits perfectly in a minimum space of H 10.63 x W 9.06 x D 13.39 inches
  • Flexible - fits whether doors open left or right.
  • Easy access - can comes out when you open the cupboard.

9. SimpleHuman 10L Under The Sink Trash Can

simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon In-Cabinet Trash Can Heavy-Duty Steel Frame, Black

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This in-cabinet trash can from SimpleHuman is one of the most convenient garbage cans on this list because you can manage your trash efficiently. Plus, you can hang it inside your cabinet door so that you have quick and easy access while you are busy.

The plastic bucket inside the heavy-duty steel frame is securely hooked into the door, or you can opt to screw it if you want a permanent mount. It is durable because the whole unit is made from the best materials. Considering its solid engineering, they offer a limited warranty to their products. The lid helps prevent the foul odor from spreading and keeps the pests away.

The hanging hooks work effectively with the cabinet, and the trash bin remains stable. The lid also fits tightly enough to prevent the smell from spreading.

Pros Cons
Looks nice with the sleek design The interior is tiny
Flexible with two mounting options The customized garbage bag barely fits the rim
Lids fit tightly enough
Sturdy and durable
simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon In-Cabinet Trash Can Heavy-Duty Steel Frame, Black
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL FRAME - Hooks securely onto the door or, for a cleaner look, remove the hanger and...
  • REMOVABLE PLASTIC BUCKET - Keeps your cabinet free from messy spills and lifts out for easy...
  • CUSTOM FIT LINERS - simplehuman's code R liners are designed to fit these cans perfectly so they...

10. Rev-a-Shelf Stainless Steel Under Sink Trash Can

Rev-A-Shelf 15-Lt Pull Out Trash Can for Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet, Pivot Out Under Sink Garbage...

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Another trash can from Rev-a-Shelf that solves the problem of getting the trash can out of sight is this 15-liter under sink garbage can. It is a revolutionary unit that has an innovative slide-out design. This means that the garbage can will automatically slide out every time you open the cabinet. It adds more convenience, especially in a busy kitchen.

This under sink trash can is made for frameless cabinets, but it can work on cabinets with face frame applications too. It has an inner receptacle for the trash that you can take out so that you can clean it thoroughly.

It may look small and compact, but this trash can actually hold about 15 liters of waste. The downside of having this unit is that the installation may take a while. However, once you get the hang of it, you can do it in minutes.

Pros Cons
Removable inner container Installation can be complicated
With innovative pivot-out design A little small
Sleek and compact look
Made from sturdy materials
Rev-A-Shelf 15-Lt Pull Out Trash Can for Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet, Pivot Out Under Sink Garbage...
  • UNDER SINK BIN: 15-liter trash can integrates with your kitchen or vanity for convenient waste...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Container, lid, liner are injection molded polymer plastic designed for...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily installs to most frameless or face-frame applications; Comes with...
  • DIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 11.56"W x 10.87"D x 15.5"H. Designed for cabinet opening width of 14 3/4"....

Frequently Asked Questions About Trash Cans

What size of trash cans can fit under the sink?

An average family can generate about two to five bags of kitchen garbage per week. This means that you should have a trash can that can hold about 13 gallons or 50 liters of trash. For those who are living alone, they usually don’t generate much waste, and a trash can of about 13 liters will suffice. Many households use the 13-gallon size because it is enough to keep the trash without having to take it out more than once a day.

However, when we are talking about under sink trash cans, we need to make a little adjustment. Most cabinets are about 30 inches tall, so you need to have a smaller trash can because you need some room to throw the trash. On average, a 7-10 gallon trash can will be useful, but it still depends on your cabinet size. It is best to measure the cabinet first before buying a trash can. If you have ample space, then you can go for a larger size.

Where should I keep my trash can?

If you are a firm believer that some things should be left out of sight, then it is better to put the trash can behind closed doors. That will save you the embarrassment of letting your guests see the trash can first before appreciating the beauty of your kitchen.

It can be hard to manage a trash can under the sink because you need to be careful not to drop any mess inside the cabinet. However, when you have a convenient pull-out or behind the cabinet door trash can, it can be easy to manage your trash, and it will be less messy.

Remember, the trash can should be placed correctly in your kitchen so that it can manage your work in the kitchen well and not hinder you.

How can I hide my kitchen trash can?

Getting an ideal place for your trash can be quite challenging. The reason is that you want to place your trash can in a convenient location, but trash cans are not visually appealing. There are many ways you can remedy this, and the solution can depend on the design of your kitchen and of course, your budget.

The most common and easiest way to hide your trash can is to place them inside the cabinet under your counter. Many home convenient stores have trash can holders or a tilt-out or roll-out racks available for you to install. If you are not into DIY, you can buy an under sink trash can that comes preassembled with frames. You only need to screw them in place.

If your trash can is too tall for your cabinet, you can hide them in your pantry if there is enough room. Just make sure that it is accessible whenever you need it. If you can’t find a place for your trash can behind closed doors, you can paint it to blend with your kitchen walls. If you are creative, you can add decorative touches to make it more interesting. You can also customize boxes to conceal your trash can. You can buy them too in different materials, design, and color.

What size of trash can fits in a cabinet?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your cabinet. We mentioned a while ago that the average size of cabinets could be 30 inches tall and when choosing a trash can for this size you need to get something smaller with plenty of room to throw the trash.

Aside from the capacity, you should also consider the dimensions of your trash can. You need to measure the space of the cabinet where you want to install the pull-out trash can. The recommended trash can size is about 7 to 10 gallon.

What is considered trash?

There are three types of wastes that are generated from the kitchen: composting, recycling, and trash. Composting is biodegradable and organic waste. It includes vegetables, paper, fruit rinds, grains, coffee filters, among others. Almost any food is considered compostable and should be disposed of in the compost bin. Recyclables are metals, papers, metal cans, aluminum cans, jars, bottles, and electronic devices that can be turned into more useful material. Trash, on the other hand, is anything that is left after segregating the first two types. This trash, which is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable goes into landfills. You can reduce the amount of trash generated if you know how to segregate your waste. There are available trash cans that you can install in your cabinets that have different containers for each of the type of wastes. You might want to consider this to start waste management inside your home.


The best under sink trash cans should not only hold the trash, but they should also do it in a sanitary and unobtrusive manner. This is the reason why you should choose to have an under sink garbage container because it will keep it out of sight.

When choosing an under sink trash can, you need to find the perfect size that will fit your cabinet and your household. Choose also a trash can that has a tight lid to keep the trash from spilling and to keep the odor in. Getting a small box can cause it to overflow, and you have to take out the garbage more often.

You can also step up the garbage can game by getting those with innovative designs and features. Selecting the best under sink trash can may seem easy, but it actually does need a little thinking. The units we have listed may kickstart your selection process.

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