Best Touchless Trash Can Reviews of 2024

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:59 am

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The evolution of technology has given birth to endless of possibilities. Technologies have made our lives easier, convenient, and effortless. With vast innovations present in every households nowadays, how about we talk about something common but integrated with cutting edge features?

A simple trash can might be boring for a certain people, you open the cap, put your dump and done. Well, what if we tell you that there are touchless trash cans sold in the market? These are truly products of ingenuity.

How Does It Work?

Automatic trash cans utilize motion sensors. When it detects any movement trying to access, it will automatically open its lid and, after a few seconds, close it. The most efficient auto trash can have their sensors usually located at the top to prevent any accidental opening by animals.

Truly, this is one great addition for your home if you want to cover your trash but do not want to dispense any efforts in opening it. If you are interested in this technology, then stated below are the top 10 touchless trash can products!

Top 10 Touchless Trash Can Reviews

1. iTouchless Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can (13 Gallons)

Kicking off our countdown is the wonderful creation of iTouchless. This automatic trash can weigh about seven pound bearing the height of 27 inches. The sensors are not its only cutting-edge feature as it also comes with its very own odor absorbing quality. You will never have any problems with irritating stenches circulating inside your home anymore!

There are two ways in powering up this trash can. You can use its battery or plug it into the socket. Either of the two works, but if you opt to go with the battery, you will experience longer automatic actions. It is designed to last for long hours, even before you exchange.

It is also designed with a compact stainless body for durability and quality. With its size, you will never have any problem setting it to wherever you want inside your home. This automatic trash can is suitable to those with large budget.

Pros Cons
100% Touchless, no buttons needed just to open it It may be way out of your budget
It has an odor absorbing quality preventing any foul smell from getting out Single compartment only
Longer battery life if you opt to use it on battery mode
Stainless body embedded with anti-fingerprint coating
Rectangular and slim shape making it suitable to be placed even in between appliances
Space and money saving
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If you are looking for the best and quality trash can with an automatic lid opening then, this is your best answer if you have too much bucks to spare that. All in all, this is probably the best Touchless trash can available in the market. Smartly designed with the addition of cutting-edge technology and made from the finest material.

2. iTouchless Commercial Size

Another iTouchless trash can in the list. This belongs to the list due to its enormous capacity, able to accommodate large quantities of garbage. It has an outstanding 23-gallon capacity. This so-large trash can is suitable for any place around your home and even inside the office.

Of course, to be inducted in this list, it needs to be automatic, and fortunately, it is. iTouchless is one of the best companies to create motion sensor trash can. You can actually use two methods to power this trash can. Either you use the 4 batteries, or you can just plug it in using the AC adapter.

Of course, as one of the leading companies, they take pride in the cleanliness and convenience of their products. What makes this more convenient other than the size is its odor neutralizer that stops foul smell from manifesting. This makes it extra hygienic and safe to the people around it.

The large capacity it holds is supplemented with an enlarged opening for easy taking-out-the-trash procedure of any size. You will have no problems with any marking on the trash can, such as smudge or fingerprints as this innovation is made with steel protected by anti-fingerprint coating.

Pros Cons
The largest capacity to accommodate huge quantities or masses of garbage May take up too much space
You can use 4 batteries to use it or plug its AC adapter, either of the two works for longer duration Only have a single compartment
Large opening
Anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint protection
Contains an odor neutralizer
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If you are a person who does not take out the trash that much, then what you need is a trash can with a large compartment. The iTouchless may be your answer, having a 23-gallon capacity to accommodate bulk of trash with more space to spare.

3. Ninestars DZT-70-11R

A contender in the world of motion sensor garbage can. Ninestars is designed and created by Ninestars. This trash can has 18-gallon capacity with two compartments. This is the first one on the list with two compartments. A versatile trash can that can be usable for any establishment, you can use it to store waste and recycling.

It has an infrared sensor located on the top leading to the automatic opening of the lid. The infrared sensor is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the durability. Speaking of durability, it is also made of stainless steel coated with a fingerprint-protection to prevent any smudge from settling on the steel finish.

It does not have any odor absorption, but it does so well in keeping the odor all to itself because of the large lid it bears. You will also have no problem with the trash bag from detaching as it contains a removable ring liner to hold it tightly in its place.

It is also created with advanced technology to make its battery life longer than usual. It bears all the battery saving functions such as quiet closing and prevents any unnecessary opening from pets or other people passing through.

Pros Cons
18-gallon capacity No other mode of powering up, only batteries
It contains two compartments, one for waste and the other for the recyclables
Water resistant sensors
Removable ling liner to attach and detach garbage bags
Advance technology for a longer battery life
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If you desire an electric trash can where you can separate the trash with the recyclables, then this is the solution. It is made with two compartments for a more convenient and clean waste storing.

4. Simplehuman 58 Liter/15.3 Stainless Steel Trash Can

Another company in the industry of automatic trash cans. Simplehuman also has their contender, which is the 58/15.3 stainless steel trash can. This creation of Simplehuman might be considered as the most innovative in the list. It does not only have a motion sensor to open the lid, you can also use your voice!

Yes, you read it right. You can use your voice to command this trash can to automatically open its lid. Simplehuman takes technology seriously. Thus, the trash can is born. You can speak the simple command such as “Open can” and it will immediately open. Truly an awesome feat to have!

This trash can is powered only by a battery but contains dual apartments. The others side you can use to dispose of any trash and the other for recycling. No problems with contaminants and fingerprints messing up the fine trash can as it is ensured and protected because of the nano-coating.

Pros Cons
15.3 storage capacity Battery powered only
You can use either voice command or motion to open the lid
Two compartments
Stainless steel
Nano-coating for smudge and fingerprint protection
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If motion is not enough to command trash cans to open their lead, then how about using your voice? Simplehuman has innovated this trash can to automatically open using either motion or voice. With just a simple command of “open can,” your trash can will open for a few second. Truly innovative!

5. iTouchless 14 Gallon Sliding Lid Touchless Trash Can

Another creation of iTouchless that has the lowest capacity. Maybe it has considerably small capacity in the list, but it has amazing features for it to be included in the top 10.

To start the showboating, it has probably the most futuristic trash can ever. Its lid does not go up or opens in the middle; it retracts. Being automatic, you use your hand to access it, and the lid will automatically slide. This automatically saves space and maintain a quieter operation.

Contain your awe as we are not done yet! This trash can is also known to control the stingiest odors ever. It is embedded with a carbon odor filter to neutralize and irritating stench for a fresh and healthier home. This would definitely look great inside your home, and your office will be able to withstand any types of trash you put inside it.

It is made with stainless steel making it durable and sturdy. No problems cleaning it though, it has fingerprint and smudge protection. All the joy contained in one trash can.

Pros Cons
14-gallon capacity It may be too expensive for people with a tight budget
Retractable lid Single compartment
Motion controlled
Odor control
Fingerprint and smudge protection
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This creation from iTouchless is possible one of the most futuristic design. It has retractable lid for a quieter operation. This also in the process saves space. A unique and futuristic design.

6. Simplehuman 45Liter/ 12Gallon Stainless Steel Round Sensor Can

Simplehuman has another one running in the list. This time a steel round can. If you have standard trash bags at home, then this might be your answer. It comprises of a code J custom fit liner that can hold your trash bags in place.

Embedded with an infrared sensor in the top portion of the lid to avoid any animals or unnecessary movement from opening it, thus in the process saving battery. Also, there are no noises in the opening of the lid. If you directly wave your hand, it will automatically open slowly and quietly, saving battery life in the process.

This is designed to be sleek and semi-round, so you can place it in the bathroom or in your office without taking so much space in the process. It has a fingerprint protection making it easy to clean.

Pros Cons
12-gallon capacity Powered by batteries only
Code J custom fit liners to tightly attach garbage bags Single compartment only
Infrared sensors
Designed semi-round for a lesser space occupation in the house or office
Ease of cleaning because it is made with stainless steel covered in anti-fingerprint coating
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The first in the list is designed to be semi-round for lesser space and convenient placing. Suitable for any place inside your bathroom of office. This may suit some of your preferences when it comes to trash cans.

7. Ninestars CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 Touchless Trash Can

Ninestars created not just one but two sensor trash can. This bundle of joy contains an oval-shaped trash can, and a rectangular shape trash can. The former having a 13-gallon capacity and the latter having 2 gallons.

Both are created with infrared motion sensor that instantly opens with just a swoosh of your hand. The lid will remain open as long as your hand is detected by the infrared sensor. Plus, the sensors are water resistant for added durability and efficiency. Both are created with the same material having stainless steel finish for durability.

A combination of two great trash can with one you can put inside your kitchen and the other in the comforts of your bathroom. Same with the other Ninestars products, this one is also battery powered. No issues with its power span as it has delaying technology. It preserves the battery while preventing any needless openings from animal and human movement.

Both automatic garbage cans are embedded with liner holder to attach garbage bag inside the bin. You will also have no issues of it detaching as it will be held tight by the liner holder for a more hygienic and presentable trash can.

Pros Cons
Combination of two trash cans; 13-gallon and 2-gallon capacity Each being single compartment only
Both with motion sensor Both also powered by batteries only
Water resistant infrared motion sensor
Delaying technology for longer battery life
Removable liner holder
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If one trash can does not satisfy your needs, then how about two? The 13-gallon one you can place inside your kitchen or office while the smaller one with the 2-gallon capacity in the comfort of your bathroom. Both having the same qualities and features to satisfy your needs!

8. JAH Automatic Touchless Sensor Oval Trash Can

The JAH Company also has their own creation included in the list. The Touchless Oval sensor trash can is one of their precious creations. It also has amazing qualities and features to die for. But first, let’s talk about its shape. So, the overall shape of this bin is rectangular. Bearing this shape, it is more convenient to place it anywhere without taking up much space.

Next is the advanced features it has that can be comparable to the other brands. It has a touch free lid which opens in the speed of 0.3 seconds and will stay open for 5 seconds. Moisture or any water spills is not a problem as the sensor is still functional; having water resistant qualities.

It is powered by a battery, requiring two on each compartment. It also has a single time use that is the reason behind its longer operation time. On par with the other motion sensor trash can in the list, it is also made of the finest material in the world of trash can, which is stainless steel.

But this no ordinary stainless steel as it is coated with germ-proof and fingerprint-proof making it clean and hygienic. Its hygienic and clean feature does not stop there, though. It also has an odor neutralizer embedded that can lower the risk of cross contamination from occurring in the garbage bin. These qualities are what made this automatic trash can in the list of the elites!

Pros Cons
Quick automatic opening with 0.3 seconds and stays open for 5 seconds Powered by batteries only
Water-resistant sensors Single compartment only
Germ, smudge and fingerprint resistant design
Single running time
Odor neutralizer

Another automatic trash can makes its way in the list but from a different company. It also contains the most essential features that a trash can must have. It greatly helps to prevent any cross contaminations from happening.

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9. EKO 92785-1 Mirage

The list has not been entirely taken over by Ninestars, Simplehuman, and iTouchles. Another automatic trash can made by EKO has sneaked into the list to showcase its awesome features and qualities. In terms of capacity, the 92785-1 holds a standard 13-gallon capacity that can hold any garbage bag you put inside it.

It is also competing with the other automatic trash can as it also works quietly and efficiently. Slow and quiet opening of the lid, saving battery life, and pushes a noiseless operation. Other than that, this motion sensor trash can open in a jiffy if the sensor detects any motion above it. It will stay open for 5 seconds and will automatically close after that. It is also possible to open and close the trash can via the buttons found in the edge of the trash can.

Rectangular and sleek design makes a trash can that uses minimum space only. No need for any large spaces. You can put it in between closets, appliances, or even just by your bed. Stainless steel design for easy cleaning and durability. Inside is a removable rim to hold your garbage bag in place. The bin requires batteries for it to be functional, to be exact, it needs 6 batteries.

Overall, it carried itself to the list because of the qualities and features it contain. Try adding this to your home, and you might be surprised by its performance.

Pros Cons
13-gallon capacity Single compartment only
Motion sensor Requires 6 specific batteries to work
Rectangular and sleek design made of stainless steel
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Sneaking in the top 9 is the creation of EKO. This automatic trash passed the standard and contains the most essential qualities to be added in the list. Any type of garbage bag may be placed in it. And it contains two modes of control via motion and buttons.

10. iTouchless Compact

Small but effective is what describe this Lilliputian trash can made again by iTouchless. It has only a capacity of 3 gallons making it a suitable addition for your office or bathroom. What makes it more convenient is that you can place it on your counter tops due to its size.

Of course, this beauty is created with a motion sensor on top of it to scan or detect any movements leading to auto-open. The company iTouchless has a strong view when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, so they embedded inside an odor filter to eliminate any foul smell inside.

Of course, made with stainless steel and compact-design for durability. In line with this design is the integration of fingerprint and smudge protection coating making it clean, durable and hygienic. Although the smaller proportion in comparison with other products, the other feature makes up for it for it to reach top 10.

Pros Cons
Versatile due to its size Single compartment
It contains motion sensor It may be too small for other people
Stainless-steel and compact design for durability
Odor filter (Lemon)
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Great qualities come in small packages. One of the epitomes of that phrase is this automatic trash can. It may be small, but it can sweep you off your feet because of its amazing features and qualities.


This is the top 10 list of the best Touchless trash cans in the market today. Some may suit your preferences and need. All in all, we hope that we have answered your question and that by now, you found your desired motion sensor trash can.

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