Detailed Reviews of 10 Best Bathroom Trash Can Products

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 11:59 am

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The bathroom must always remain clean and free from any garbage. Therefore, it is vital that you have a trash can inside it. Have you got one already? Not yet? Too bad, waste management is one of the critical actions you can do to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom.

You don’t want any infestations inside your bathroom, right? You should realize the capability of the trash can in keeping your environment safe and clean. If you’re going to buy one, then you are in luck! This is a detailed review on 10 bathroom trash can with lid, of course.

Stated below are 10 options that might ignite your interest and add it in the great interior of your bathroom.

10 Best Bathroom Trash Can Reviews

BestOffice 50L/13-Gallon Bathroom Trash Can

This is the best choice when it comes to trash can you want to place inside your bathroom. It’s tall and has a medium capacity having 13-gallon to accommodate all the waste inside your bathroom, plus it has a lid!


  • Automatic!

Step trash can is out, and motion sensor trash cans are in. BestOffice created an impressive trash that infrared sensors on top of it to detect the small movement from your hand. Upon the detection of the motion it will automatically open quietly and slowly.

  • Smell Containment

Other trash cans have this flaw of emitting the foul stench of the stored waste. But not this one, this one is made to contain the smell exclusively inside only. Due to its seal from the exterior and the aid of infrared technology keeping the odor at bay.

  • Very Easy to Clean

Made from stainless steel wire drawing, making it safe from smudges and fingerprints. This feature makes the trash can very easy to clean in the outside, with just the wipe of a cloth, all the dirt or any residues will be removed.

Pros Cons
It has a lid to contain the waste and the smell You may experience some difficulties with the lid
Touchless has motion sensor
Stainless steel finish for easy cleaning and anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint
You can place anywhere in the bathroom, and it doesn’t require any ample space
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Simplehuman Stainless Steel Step Trash Bin

Simplehuman bathroom trash can comes in the form of a stainless-steel step trash bin. Compared to other trash bin, this one is smaller and preferably to be placed in the bathroom as it does not require any large space. You can even place it under the sink if you want.

To know more about this Simplehuman trash bin, here are its key features:

  • Removable Bucket

No more hassle in attaching and detaching garbage bags as this trash can is made with an inner bucket. The inner bucket can be easily removed, lessening the expenses on garbage bags. Easier and convenient waste disposal!

  • Pedal Trash Can

It may not be Touchless, but the pedal makes up for it. Unlike other trash cans that have hard pedals, this in one is smooth and easy to step on. Plus, it’s made out of metal for durability. Even with thousands of steps made to the pedal, it will still remain in its optimum and soft state.

  • Sleek Design

Made from stainless material that is rectangular in shape. Those two features combined pave way into this product being easy to place in any area in your bathroom. Not only that, being made from steel, clearly it was made to be durable.

Pros Cons
No need to buy expensive garbage bag as it has a custom-made inner bucket already Smell and waste control might be a problem due to its size if not appropriately managed
Relatively small and can be placed anywhere in your bathroom You need to clean the inner bucket every after use
No need to pressure the pedal; it will stay open as long as you want
Durable due to the nature of its material
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Cook N Home NC-00323 Garbage Bin with Toilet Brush Holder

Made from stainless steel material and designed with a classic touch, being round in shape. Cook N Home also designs trash cans specifically made for bathrooms. This one even has a toilet brush holder.

Here are other interesting features and qualities of this wonder bathroom trash can:

  • Stainless Steel Material

This bathroom trash can with a lid on is made with excellent materials known for durability and strength. Being stainless steel inside and out it paves way into several significant benefits. Aside from being durable, it is also safe from any smudge or fingerprints, as it will be easier to clean in the process. Even the pedal is made out of metal with a slight touch of rubber. Durability and convenience in one trash can.

  • Toiler Brush Holder

 To complete the package, the trash comes with a toilet brush holder. This is a great addition to keep the toilet brush in place and in the process keeping your bathroom well-organized.

  • Round and Small

Anything that is round and small can be easily placed anywhere in your bathroom. This trash bin belongs to the group of Lilliputian garbage bins. Due to its small size and round shape, you can put it anywhere in your bathroom. 

Pros Cons
No more buying expensive garbage bags, this one also contains its custom-made inner bucket Stainless steel is not good at all times as it may create a sound when the lid is closing
Relatively small and can be placed in smaller areas in the bathroom Cleaning the inner bucket may be a drag if there is a smell or stick residues
Durable-wise, this is standard as it is made from stainless steel
Durable due to the nature of its material
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Simplehuman 45-Liter/11.9-Gallon Butterfly Lid Trash Can

Another creation by Simplehuman in the world of bathroom trash can. This one has a futuristic design into it not going with the common lid action. If the usual trash can has an up or down action, this enigmatic thing of beauty opens up in the center, thus called the butterfly lid.

To go with the futuristic butterfly lid, here are the other features it carries:

  • Steel Body and Pedal

Both the body and the pedal are made from stainless steel. Let’s face it; stainless steel takes its pride because of its durability. In this case, it is used to create this covered bathroom trash can for durability and easy to clean purposes. But the body is not the only thing made in steel, even the pedal’s main component is made out of steel. Through this you can approximately step on it 150,000 times without wearing it off.

  • Lid Shox Technology

What makes it more futuristic is the lid shox technology. It will never make any creaking or unnecessary sound whatsoever as it opens. Of course, this is thanks to the lid shox technology for a quiet and slow opening and closing action.

  • Sleek Design

To top its overall futuristic appearance, it was designed to be sleek and rectangular. But it was made like that for a good reason, for it to be placed right against the wall easily without taking too much space.

Pros Cons
This is generally multi-purpose, aside from the bathroom, you can also use this in your kitchen or inside your office There is only one major con to this trash can, opening in the middle, it may be too difficult to close it when filled up with waste
Futuristic butterfly lid
Lid shox technology for a quiet operation
Durable due to the nature of its material
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iTouchless SoftStep Trash Can

If you are looking for an iTouchless brand of trash can suited for your bathroom, then here’s another in the list. The difference of this one is that it does not have any motion sensors; rather it utilizes a pedal for it to open.

Impressive features below:

  • Steel Body and Pedal

The bliss of a bathroom trash can is that it is made from stainless steel for durability and containment of odor if there are any. Fortunately, iTouchless has not stopped creating tools of the trade put of stainless steel. This trash can is made from stainless steel from top to bottom and from inside to outside. The pedal is also metal but is very easy to step on.

  • Small Size Only

We think this is specially made for the bathroom due to its size. It is only relatively small compared to other trash can. Not only that, this one is shaped like a rectangular not having enough bulk to take up only a tiny space in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, then this may be your answer.

  • No to Fingerprint and Smudge

Say goodbye to smudge or fingerprint issues as this thing of beauty for your bathroom is finished with fingerprint and smudge protection coating. This is an extension for durability, as it repels the impurities, it prevents it from any insignificant changes.

Pros Cons
Fingerprint and smudge protection finish Closing the lid may produce a bang sound or noise
Overall durability is standard
Relatively small compared to other iTouchless trash can, possible to place anywhere in the bathroom
Pedal is made out of stainless steel but soft and easy to step on
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Brabantia Touch Garbage Bin

This stainless trash has a sensor embedded on it. It has a capacity of 16-gallon supplemented by a large opening. This feature makes it possible to store masses of waste without taking it out frequently.

Aside from the massive capacity and the large opening, here are its other features:

  • Resistant Housing

The housing of this trash can is made from brushed stainless steel. Having this feature is an advantage to prevent any fingerprints or any smudge from settling on the body. It is made from anti-fingerprint coating to subdue the insignificant effects of impurities. This leads to a cleaner and hygienic-looking bathroom trash can.

  • Removable Lid and Liner

The lid is also made from stainless steel material and also removable. If you have difficulties replacing the garbage bin, then you can just easily remove the lid and take out the garbage bin. There’s a liner made for this trash can to hold the garbage in a place for a more organizer look inside.

  • Carrying Handles

Having carrying handles makes it more convenient. You don’t have to hug the trash can to move it. You can just easily carry out by holding its handles.

  • Corrosion-resistant

Strength and durability are also vital. For this trash can, it’s made out of stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant finish. Not only that, this one also is anti-fingerprint to prevent any smudging in the body from occurring. This prevents the impurities such as corrosion agents or rusts from manifesting on your trash can.

Pros Cons
Large capacity to store large quantities of waste having more space left You may find it challenging to find an affordable garbage bag suitable for this trash bin
Removable lid for easy access inside
Large opening to store large chunks of waste
Convenient carrying handles
Corrosion and fingerprint-resistant finish
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Simplehuman 58-Liter/15.3 Dual Compartment Trash Bin

A frame that is 100% stainless inside and outside. This steel wonder bears a dual apartment with a long step that is also made out of stainless steel. Just by looking at it, you can really say that this Simplehuman trash can is made for strength and durability.

Aside from its stainless-steel proportions, here are its other elegant features:

  • Dual Compartments

To match with its elegant look, this trash can is made with dual compartments. Dual compartments for a more organized trash storing. One compartment is for the trash, and the other one is for the recyclables.

  • Lid Shox Technology

Although the lid is made out of stainless steel, it will not make any sound when closing. This bin is made with lid shox technology to control the closing mechanism of the lid. So, when it closes it’s slow and quiet.

  • Wide Pedal

The pedal is custom-made for both compartments being extra wide. Made from stainless steel, it can surely last approximately 150,000 steps.

  • Code H Custom Fit Liners

You can easily attach and detach the garbage bag inside with the code H custom fit liners. This will definitely provide an organized look inside your trash can.

Pros Cons
Stylish and sleek design This may be on the luxurious side of life, too pricey
Dual compartments: One for the waste and the other for the recyclables
Stainless steel wide pedal
Custom-made bag dispenser
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EPICA Stainless Compost Bin

You might be astounded because a compost bin is included in this list. But don’t underestimate this steel beauty as it has qualities and features making a possible addition in your bathroom. Plus, the size of this is relatively small, so it suitable for any type of bathroom.

Here are the other impressive features of this small but effective bathroom trash bin:

  • Active-Charcoal Filter

No more odor problems in your bathroom as this one has its very own filter. Whenever a trash is stored, it immediately negates the smell through its active-charcoal filter.

  • Unique Design

This one is designed to be like a stylistic pot, so you won’t even distinguish it as a trash bin. This uniquely-designed bin will suit your bathroom interior and may also look dazzling on your top.

  • Stainless Steel with Handle

This is made from premium rust-resistant stainless steel. With the ingenuity of this material, it will surely last for a lifetime without scratches or abrasions manifesting. It also has a carrier-handle for easy-moving, and it is made from stainless steel too. Durability-wise this one rises above the standards.

Pros Cons
Activated charcoal filter to eliminate the odors Manual when opening the lid, it is not motion sensor or does not have any pedal
Quality build made from premium stainless steel The lid is not air-tight
Relatively small, so it is suitable to any types of bathroom
Easy-to-carry with its built-in handle
Unique design that will blend in the interior on your bathroom
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iTouchless Compact

Another creation from iTouchless, but this time, this one is the compact version. Being compact means that this is one of their smallest trash bins. And if we are talking about minimal proportions it will definitely suit the bathroom environment.

Here are the features of this Lilliputian trash bin:

  • Motion Sensor

Just like any of its gargantuan counterparts of iTouchless, this one is also motion sensor. With just a wave of your hand above it and it will automatically open for a few seconds and close again.

  • Odor Eliminator

iTouchless producers took hygiene to another level, they included an odor eliminator in it. It can neutralize any foul smell or stench inside it.

  • Quality Compact Design

This impressive bin is made with stainless steel for strength and durability. With an added finish of anti-fingerprint coating to avoid any smudging on the body.

Pros Cons
It can be placed anywhere, even beside your sink You may take out the trash frequently because of its small capacity
Hygienic and clean because of its material and odor eliminator feature The lid is not air-tight
Can be controlled using motion of your hands
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BestOffice 13-Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Bin

If you have a large bathroom, then you should resort or invest in a medium-sized trash bin to supplement it. BestOffice created this 13-gallon trash bin made from stainless steel and contains an infrared sensor for easier accessing.

To know more about this medium-sized trash bin, here are its other features:

  • Modern Design

To blend in to the interior of the bathroom, this trash bin is made with modern design. It is shaped like an oval different to the usual rectangular and round-shaped ones. Through this shape, it saves a lot of space even though it is classified as medium-sized. With its modern design it can definitely blend in the interior of your bathroom.

  • Hygienic and Protected

The exterior is protected as it is coated with anti-corrosion and anti-smudge to keep impurities at bay. Through this coating, its body can easily be cleaned to look hygienic. Hygienic and protected at the same time.

  • Odor Control

The exterior is not the only area that is hygienic. Even the interior is kept safe from smell. It has an odor control featuring the seal and infrared technology. Both of this working together keeps the stench contained.

Pros Cons
Modern and innovative design Battery-powered only, this may pose a problem as you may buy another if the battery ceases to work
External seal and infrared technology contain any smell
Quiet operation
Suitable for large bathrooms
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Waste management in the bathroom is essential, of course! It keeps the bathroom hygienic and clean. Above are products with differences and similarities, we hope that you find the one that catches your interest and suits your needs.

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