Moen VS Insinkerator: Which One is The Best?

Last updated on April 29th, 2020 at 07:27 am

Fortunately, some manufacturers discovered that need and made some of the best garbage collectors that are healthy for any household. Though there are many, today we will focus on Moen VS Insinkerator. Both of them are big, competitor brands that are established in the industry.

Waste management is a crucial area that we should handle with caution to prevent our homes from germ contamination and diseases. The health of your kids and other family members should always be a priority, and it starts with the garbage disposer you use.

Before we can compare them, we will first discuss each type of garbage disposer separately then give you the differences and similarities in the end. Read on!

Moen Garbage Disposer 

The manufacturer behind this garbage disposer is Al Moen. He started by producing handle faucets back in 1937. He has been able to offer both kitchen and bathroom products. His garbage disposers are famous for their efficiency and design.

What Are The Standard Features Of Moen Garbage Collectors?

Though the models may be different, they have some common features that enhance their performance. These include:

Xpress Mount Mechanism

The universal mount system is a lock and twist mechanism. It suits most of the mounting assemblies such as the 3-bolt. For you to replace an already existing disposer, you have to position it, then twist it in an angle and lock it.

Magnet Motor

Most garbage motors have either the induction motors or the magnet motors. Moen models use permanent magnet one, which is better than induction motors when it comes to the efficiency. This type gives them high speed to grind all items in your garbage fast.

Drain Connection

Most of the garbage disposers have a drain size of 1 inch. This is not different form Moen garbage disposer.

No Jamming

The motors in Moen models move in high speed. This prevents jamming as the grinding takes place.

Grinding Chamber

This chamber is constructed of glass that cannot corrode. It is also filled with nylon and polyester.

What Are The Models Of The Moen Garbage Disposal?

GXS75C GX Moen Series

This garbage disposer comes from stainless steel and is powered by electricity. The manufacturers have made some improvements to the grinding mechanism, as well as, the sound dampening.

Your garbage disposer does not produce unnecessary sound, and it is compact and has a fast installation process. Unlike competitor garbage disposal brands, the assembly of this brand utilizes a metal throat which is better than plastic sleeves. The metal throat is also compatible with other septic tanks.

It is a durable and robust garbage disposer. The installation is easy, and the weight and size don’t make it cumbersome. The classy design makes it stylish garbage disposer. It comes with installation instructions that are clear and easy to follow. There are pictures on it that you should follow.

The size of your garbage disposer allows it to take less space in your kitchen. It only weighs 19 pounds and is 13 inches in height. It contains an Xpress mount which is universal that is used in most Moen disposal garbage.

Your garbage disposer has quality, performance, and style. The RPM on its magnet motor is 2, 7000. It is streamlined to reduce the occupancy space. It has a magnetic motor that moves in high speed to minimize jamming. The grinding power allows your garbage disposer to handle kitchen scraps without producing much noise.

The grinding mechanism allows fine waste to be passed out of your sewage system. The Pre-installed power cord reduces the steps you have to follow in installation.  It saves you resources such as money and time.

Unlike other models which don’t come with the power cord, this one five you pre-installed power cord. It has a SoundSHIELD mechanism responsible for reducing the sound when grinding anything you toss into your garbage disposer.

Can manage both sturdy and soft food scrapsYou have to eliminate the cord for installation
You get a 5-year warrantyThe motor causes vibration on the unit
It uses a technology that prevents sound

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GX100C GX By Moen

This gets its power from the motor running that is 1HP which runs at 2800RPM. The motor runs at high speed making it powerful garbage disposer. The blades have been designed in such a way that they reduce jamming.

It is heavy weighing about 13lbs and big measuring 16 inches high. It is a feed type garbage disposer. It also has noise insulation that minimizes the noise. The quality is high, and you get a warranty of 7 years in case of defects.

The installation is easyYou may experience some leakage
Powerful disposerThe motor causes vibration on the unit
It is quiet

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Moen GX50C Series

This gets its power from the 2600RPM motor and ½ HP. The weight of this model is 9.2lbs. It makes use of the seal technology to minimize noise and make it quieter than other models. The vortex motor is known for its high-speed power.

The grinding elements are also made of stainless steel that enhances its durability. This makes it high-quality garbage disposer capable of grinding any waste material. It provides you with consistent grinding until every scrap is broken down.

The installation is effortless, and your model fits under your sink without occupying a lot of room. The performance of this model can tell you that it was designed to work on heavy duty material. You also get a power cord and a four-year warranty.

It is quietThe strainer does not allow smooth flow of water
Has a power cord thus, saving you expenses
The installation is easy

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GXP50C GX PRO Moen Series

This utilizes 2600 RPM and it a continuous feed model. You cannot compare the power of this type with that of GPXP33C Moen garbage disposer. They may look alike, but their features vary. This type lacks noise insulation. Galvanized steel is used on its grinding element. This version comes with a year warranty.

The installation is easyIt is not completely quiet since you can still get some vibrations
The design is classy
It works well
It is quiet

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Insinkerator Garbage Disposer

This is also high-quality garbage disposer that boasts its different models in the market. John Hammes invented the first collector in 1927. It is now a leading figure in the industry.

They are famous for both their affordability and efficiency. The manufacturer is keen on new technologies in his models. This stands out as the only garbage disposer with a multi-stage technology for grinding. The models in this category are known to be the quietest.

What are some of the standard features of Insinkerator garbage disposers?

Sound Seal Mechanism

You will realize that the top end disposers in this category have this feature. It is a noise insulation system that makes your machine grind without producing noise.

Multi-Grind System

This is one grinding system that takes care of tough waste materials and grinds them into small sizes. There is also a 2 stage and 3 stage grinding system. An example of a two-stage is the Evolution Essential while a 3-stage mechanism is the Evolution Excel.

Induction Motors

This is common in all Insinkerator models. They all operate at a speed that is below 20000 RPM. Most of them run at 1725 RPM.

Quick Lock Sink Mount

The mounting process of these models is straightforward. They make use of the secure lock that allows you to twist it on the sink mount.

They Lack Power Cords

Unlike Moen garbage disposers, this doesn’t come with power cords. If you don’t have an old power cord, you can buy one separately from Amazon.

They Also Lack Non-Removable Guards

You can remove your garbage collector by disconnecting it from your sink. You cannot remove this disposer from the top of your sink since they don’t have splash guards. Changing a splash guard that is already worn out becomes hard.

The Types Of Insinkerator Garbage Disposers

Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

This comes with steel parts that are galvanized and a grinding system. It has a ½ horsepower to liquefy any food waste without getting stuck or causing problems. The design makes it compatible with different septic tanks. Unlike most garbage disposers, this uses very little water during operation.

It also uses a dura motor that has a grinding speed of 1725 RPM. The grind chamber offers you sufficient space for a lot of waste. The unit is built of galvanized steel. It uses the one-stage technology that has the shear ring.

What makes this different from other Insinkerator models is that you can still add waste as your unit continues running. It also has a quick lock mount mechanism that allows you to twist off an old garbage collector and twist on the new one.

Your package comes with all the necessary items such as the tailpipe gasket, sink mount, stopper, wrench and instructions on how to install it. You get a two-year warranty from your purchase.

It is affordableYou get less horsepower than other versions
The size is compact
The induction motor is powerful
It uses galvanized steel that enhances durability
Easy installation

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Evolution Compact

This uses the power of 3/4 HP and runs at 1725 Rpm. It has a chamber capacity of roughly 34oz. The grinding system is 2-stage, and the technology behind the noise is sound-seal. It weighs 19 pounds and takes up small space under your kitchen sink.

It uses a dura-drive motor that makes it efficient and robust. The grind chamber is 24 ounces, and the parts are constructed with stainless steel to prevent corrosion and extend its lifespan. The grind technology has a lug system and a shear ring that helps food to flow smoothly to the sewage.

The grinding prevents jamming and clogging for easy disposal of waste. It makes it environmental-friendly as the waste find ways into landfills. Avoid overloading your unit with a lot of garbage that would slow down the process. Make use of cold water as you run food waste into your disposer.

The quality of the make is high and the design used is compact.  This is one of the cheapest Insinkerator models. It also includes anti-vibration elements to prevent the transmission of sound from causing vibrations.

It also has a sink baffle which prevents sound from escaping through the disposer’s throat. The anti-microbial element prevents accumulation of odor that comes from the build of bacteria. You will not have challenges installing this unit. You get a 4-year warranty with your purchase.

You get a powerful motorIt is expensive
A compact design ideal for limited cabinet space
Produces minimal noise
Lock mount enhances the installation

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Moen VS Insinkerator


When we compare the two, we find some similarities in that they are both high-quality disposers that function effectively. They also use some common technology such as the sound seal mechanism to reduce the noise vibrations as they operate. The make is also similar in that both are model make use of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.


We also find some differences in some mechanisms as well as the price.

  • Price

Most Moen models are more expensive than most Insinkerator models. You can compare the prices of most models on Amazon.

  • Features

The Moen includes the power cord while Insinkerator models lack this feature. If you are new to such garbage disposers, we would advise you to choose one that comes complete such as a cheap Moen version.

  • The Mechanisms

Moen models use a magnet motor and an Xpress chain mechanism. Insinkerator, on the other hand, makes use of induction motors and a quick lock quick mount.  All these mechanisms have different functions as we have explained above.

Which One Is The Best?

If we compare Moen VS Insinkerator, we can tell that Insinkerator garbage disposers are better than Moen disposers due to the keenness in numerous technologies used each performing specific functions that increase efficiency. Most of them are affordable without compromising on the quality. Get an Insinkerator model today and enjoy the performance, ease of use and the price of this disposer.