Best Garbage Disposal in 2024 – TOP 10 [UPDATED]

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 12:06 pm

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Garbage disposal units are electronically operated devices fitted between the kitchen sink and the trap for shredding up food waste so that they can pass through the plumbing and readily decompose. They are most commonly used in the United States as it has now become a mandatory installation for new houses all over the States. John W.Hammes invented it in 1927. They were initially called InSinkErator, but currently, there are numerous variations of the best garbage disposal unit under different brands based on sizes, shapes, design, power, and price.

A garbage disposal unit generally connects to the plumbing of the sink, and when food goes into the drain, it collects in the chamber of the unit where a rotator blade cuts or grinds the food in tinier pieces. The compartment is lined with rubber casing to prevent noise while the food is grounded. It then passes through the pipe in the sink to the drain.


To help you choose the best garbage disposal units for you, we have selected 10 of the most recommended and highly rated food waste disposable units from various sites for you to compare and choose.

Product’s Image Power Warranty Dimension Motor Price
1 HP Lifetime in-home warranty 8.5 x 16 x 8.5 in 2800 RMP See Today’s Price
¾ HP 3 years in home limited warranty 8 x 8 x 14 in NA See Today’s Price
¾ HP 4 years limited in-home warranty 8 x 8 x 12.1 in 1725RMP See Today’s Price
½ HP 4 years limited in-home warranty 7.5 x 7.5 x 16 in 2,600RMP See Today’s Price
¾ HP 4 years limited in-home warranty 11 x 14 x 16 in 1725 RMP See Today’s Price
½ hp 2 years limited in-home warranty 7.4 x 7.4 x 14.5 in 1725 RMP See Today’s Price
1 HP 7 years limited in-home warranty 12 x 13 x 12 in 1725 RMP See Today’s Price
½ HP NA 6.9 x 6.7 x 15.1 in 2800RMP See Today’s Price
3/4 HP 8 years limited in-home warranty 7.75 x 7.75 x 13.75 in 2700 RMP See Today’s Price
1.25 HP 8 years limited in-home warranty 9 x 15 x 9 in 2700 RMP See Today’s Price
  1.  Waste King Legend Series L-8000 Waste Disposal

    Waste King Legend Series L-8000 Waste Disposal


  1. High-speed motor: 1 HP with 2800 RPM magnetic  motor speed  that runs on 115v
  2. Glass-filled nylon noise insulator in the grinding chamber prevent noise
  3. Pre-installed chord for easy installation and no experts required.
  4. Removable splash guard for quick cleansing
  5. Lifetime Limited In-Home Warranty.
  6. Stainless steel grinds for durability and prevents corrosion
  7. Continuous waste disposal with the click of a switch that makes grinding quicker
  8. Lifetime in-home warranty for quality maintenance
Pros Cons
  • This kitchen sink waste disposal is highly efficient in spite of its size. It runs on 1 HP and 2800RMP motor. With a dimension of 8.5x 16x 8.5 inches, it has become one of the favorites among many regular customers. The unit runs on 115 volts, 0 hertz and 7 ampere which is easily accessible in most houses.
  • The unit composed of high-quality insulates made of glass-filled nylon in the grinding chamber makes it one of the quietest heavy-duty waste disposal unit.
  • The disposal has enough horsepower for heavy duty and grinds even the rawest vegetables and stubborn peels and fibrous foodstuffs. The high power runs it efficiently even when it is fully loaded with waste materials and ensures that the blades do not get jammed.
  • One of the main advantages of this unit is that the switch at the bottom of the machine allows the motor to rotate anti-clockwise direction, freeing it from getting jammed.
  • Installation of the unit is easy as it comes with a 36-inch pre-installed chord, so you don’t have to spend extra money on buying the wire or hiring an electrician to assist in the installation. It is a simple machine that can be stationed anywhere and monitored by you with the help of the instruction manual.
  • The size might cause inconvenience for installation in small spaces, but the long pre-installed chord makes it easier to connect to power sources.

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  1. InSinkErator Badger 5XP Food Waste Disposal

InSinkErator Badger 5XP Food Waste DisposalFEATURES

  1. Quick lock easy installation that makes it easier to replace and dispose or upgrade.
  2. Small, compact and comfortably fits under the sink
  3. Easily shreds residues with ¾ HP power
  4. Does not include a power chord but also consists of a stopper for safety purposes.
  5. Dura-drive induction motor.
  6. 26oz. Chamber with stainless steel lining that prevents it from corrosion.
Pros Cons
  • Powered by ¾ HP motor, the InSinkErator BADGER 5XP is a smaller 7x7x16 inch waste disposal unit that runs on 2800 RMP power motor. It is a convenient size to fit under the sink. It rates as one of the most efficient disposal machines of its caliber. With a chamber capacity of 26 oz, it is useful in the continuous grinding of residues that can quickly pass through the drainage system faster, giving you a cleaner and organized kitchen sooner.
  • The blades and chamber made of galvanized steel prevent it from easily corroding and are more durable. Since the machine features a Dura-drive induction motor, it does not produce too much noise or vibration, making it comfortable to work.
  • It has a patent Quick Lock sink mouth that makes it easier to install and replace. The package includes a stopper that is essential for safety purposes when not in use, a discharge tube and a jam buster wrench that users can easily manipulate in case of a jam in the blades or the motor. It does not come with a cord so a professional electrician might be required to assist with the installation.
  • The polished stainless steel accent and rugged feature compliment most kitchen sinks. The reliability and dependability are guaranteed by the company for three years when they provide in-home services and replacement with the call of to a toll-free number.
  • Even if there is no pre-installed chord, the badger is user-friendly, does not require frequent replacement and if needed, the customer service is always a call away.
  • Since it runs on ¾ Hp, it might not be efficient in shredding too harsh waste materials, but the continuous feed feature makes it faster disposal than manual feed disposal.

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  1.  InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposal Unit InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposal Unit


  1. Sound seal technology for quieter motor performance
  2. 34.6oz steel chamber space for holding a more substantial amount of residue
  3. Multi-grind technology for quick and finer shredding

¾ Dura-Drive HP induction motor for efficient operation and prevents mid-work pauses.

  1. 4-years in-home limited warranty for better maintenance
  2. Quick-lock sink-mouth for easy installation
  3. Manual reset button in case of an overload
  4. Power chord not included
Pros Cons

  • Insinkerator Evolution is an upgraded version of the previous disposal unit. Although it runs on ¾ HP, it is more prominent in dimension at 8x8x 12.1 inches and has a chamber capacity of 34.6 oz which is highly efficient to hold a larger volume of wasted residue.
  • It is preferred for its noiseless and smooth grinding operation and is the most popular disposal internationally for its being eco-friendly and efficiency.
  • It can be used with septic tank connections and installed under the sink and are suitable for smaller storage areas.
  • It uses an average of ½ KWH of electricity per month.
  • It can be used to shed all types of food waste materials, including chicken bones and tough vegetable and fruit peels.
  • 6oz of steel chamber space makes it highly durable and efficient.
  • It can be easily cleaned and replaced, and the installation does not require professional assistance.
  • The multi-grind technology makes grinding and shredding waste materials much smaller and makes it easier to flush down the drain and decompose faster.
  • The superior noise insulation prevents the motor from being noisy and also prevents sink pipe and tailpipe vibration, making it a smooth and efficient engine. It is 40% quieter than standard waste disposal units.
  • The product comes with a stainless steel stopper, sink baffle discharge tube, clamp and jam-buster wrench making it convenient to install without professional help.
  • The galvanized/waterborne grey enamel gives it a sleek and modern finish, suitable for all style of the kitchen sink.
  • Since there is no inbuilt power cord, it might be a problem for people with no experience of installing electrical instruments, but the manual book is quite clear and contains all necessary instructions for fixing and maintaining it. So that should not be a big issue.
  • The price is slightly higher compared to regular disposals because it uses superior technology and is a high-end product.
  • Though the dual grinding system serves as a better shredder and grinding disposal, it slows down the draining process, but it does not cause any motor or module jam. It always runs smoothly and efficiently if handled with patience and care.

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  1.  Moen Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C) Moen Garbage Disposal GX Series (GX50C)


  1. ½ horsepower for faster and smoother engine
  2. Pre-installed power cord for hassle-free connection
  3. Vortex permanent motor with 2,600 RMP speed motor
  4. Compact and lightweight design for a sleek and efficient utility
  5. Universal Xpress 3-bolt mounting assemblies
  6. Sound-shield technology for noise reduction
  7. 4-year in-home service warranty for better service and maintenance
Pros Cons
  • The Moen (GX50C) is a powerful garbage disposal unit with ½ horsepower that makes it efficient for grinding and shredding kitchen waste without jamming the motor mid-performance.
  • The unit is a continuous –feed type so as long as it is connected to the power, you can continue to dispose of waste without having to wait and reinstall.
  • The powerful motors can easily grind all types of food wastes, even bones of chicken and thin pork bones. Vegetable and fruit peels like onions and woody plants can also easily churn it into shreds.
  • It is silent and does not vibrate on to the tailpipe or the sink pipe which makes the room pleasant.
  • It is easy to clean and install so you can always keep it fresh and prevent smell or bacterial build-up.
  • The blades do not jam mid-performance, and even if it does, the in-built reverse button makes it easier to take care of it.
  • The stainless steel grinding compartment makes it durable and prevents it from corrosion. Even the blades.
  • Since it has an inbuilt power cord, it is easily installed without the assistance of an electronic expert. The Universal Xpress Mount lets you position, twist and quickly lock it into place.
  • The water-pipe fitted into the main compartment makes it easy to rinse off without any hassle.
  • The Meon GX50C Disposal, equipped with quietness and leak-free features which are two of the most significant features on any excellent disposal unit making it a good investment.
  • The compact design is also suitable for under-sink installation and even small room areas, and they are safe even for septic tank connections.
  • The even though the interior of the disposable unit is made of high-quality stainless steel, the exterior covering could rust if not maintained properly.
  • The instruction manual that accompanies the unit may be hard to follow, but the simplicity of the installation process omits the need for the manual booklet. Moreover, the agents from the company are always available for in-home services.

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  1. ¾ horsepower motor with 1725 RMP
  2. Multi-grind technology
  3. Septic safe system
  4. 4 years in home warranty
  5. Quick lock sink mount
  6. Anti-vibration mount
  7. 40 oz Stainless steel chambers
  8. Does not include a power cord
Pros Cons
  • The InSinkErator Septic Assist is a continuous feed type garbage disposal unit that runs on ¾ horsepower at a speed of 1,725RPM making it easy to shred kitchen or food waste easily without stopping mid-operation.
  • The multi-grind technology makes the machine powerful in churning even the bulky vegetable and fibrous fruit peels into finely grounded waste what can be used as fertilizers.
  • It features an anti-vibration mount that keeps the motor working silently. The anti-vibrator also keeps it from making the tailpipes vibrate and loosen, causing much noise in the process.
  • The grounded food materials can quickly pass through the plumbing and into the drain or even septic tanks as they are septic-safe.
  • The rotor blades and the interior chambers made of stainless steel keeps them sharp, efficient and corrosion-free for a long time. The 40 oz capacity chamber can also contain a large volume of food for quicker disposal.
  • The SoundSeal technology noise reduction is 30% more effective than standard waste disposals making it comfortable to work around it no matter where it is fitted.
  • The small compact design makes it suitable even for small areas and can fit snugly under the kitchen sink and the modern design suits all types of kitchens.
  • It is also very easy to install as it comes with a quick mounting lock that can be fixed to the sink in three easy steps.
  • The spring type hose clamp that comes with the unit also provides a hassle-free cleaning of the chambers.
  • Since there is no auto-reverse button, it might be problematic to clear a jam. But with enough horsepower, that would not happen very often if precautions are taken to dispose of non-recommended items in the vortex.
  • The absence of a power cord can be inconvenient for people who are not acquainted with electronic hardware and might pose a problem during installation.
  • The longevity of the unit is not very consistent but it does serve enough years if maintained properly. However, if there are any issues with the disposal unit, the company assures to provide in-home service and replacement if the quality of the garbage disposal unit is not up to the mark in 4 years.

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InSinkErator garbage disposals are the world’s most popular waste disposals and had proven to be one of the most reliable and efficient product for over 75 years.


  1. Affordable and compact waste disposable unit
  2. Quick-lock easy installation in 3 steps
  3. ½ HP Dura-Drive motor for high performance
  4. Comes with stopper, discharge tube, gasket and jam buster range
  5. Continuous feed for a larger volume of waste disposal quicker
  6. Assembled with American Pride in the USA
  7. two years in-home warranty
  8. Manual reset overload
Pros Cons
  • The InSinkErator Badger 5 truly lives up to the brand name as it smoothly grinds and disposes of wasted food materials with the ½ horsepower Dura-Drive induction motor.
  • The ½ horsepower makes it a powerful instrument for efficiently grinding all types of food waste. It ensures continuous feed and smooth operation for a long duration without jamming mid-operation.
  • The 26oz stainless steel chamber is sufficient for a smaller household, and the compact design and size can be easily adjusted under a small kitchen sink or anywhere. The steel interior prevents it from rust and keeps the blades sharp and durable even after years of heavy-duty.
  • The module is assembled by the certified company in the US and guarantees excellent performance with a matched price.
  • The badger also comes with 2-year warranty and in-home service which will save you time and effort if you encounter a problem.
  • The price is affordable, and the quality is durable for long-term use when maintained properly.
  • The badger does not create a mess as it quietly turns food into semi-liquid and passes it down the drain, keeping your cooking and cleaning areas clean and organized at all times.
  • The manual reset option also makes it safer for use if the chamber is overloaded.
  • The model is easy to install and takes very less time even for do-it-yourself customers.
  • Since the company is internationally recognized, original spare parts are easily available in the market.
  • The badger is an average compact disposal unit so might be noisier than high-end products but it is still very comfortable to work with it even with the little buzzing sound.
  • With such an affordable price, the badger is likely to start leaking with time, and some parts might need a more frequent replacement than its high-end counterparts.
  • It does not come with a power cord but the cord is easily available in the market and installing it is not complicated.

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  1. 1 Hp Dura-Drive motor for speed and productive grinding
  2. SoundSeal technology for quieter motor and vibration sound
  3. Triple-grind Technology for finely grounded residue
  4. Stainless steel chambers for longevity
  5. 40 oz compartment
  6. 7 years in-home warranty
  7. Power cord not included
Pros Cons
  • The InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal is a powerful and advanced unit that comes with 1HP Dura-drive motor. It is highly productive in grinding all sorts of waste food materials, from bones to fibrous vegetables and fruits.
  • The Dura-drive mechanism keeps the motor running smoothly, and the SoundSeal technology keeps it from vibrating towards the tailpipe or the sink pipe, making it a steady instrument to dispose of garbage most conveniently.
  • The 40 oz chamber can hold a large volume of waste, keeping your sink and kitchen areas organized and clean faster.
  • The multi-grind technology allows food processing into smallest bits by shredding them thrice as finely, making it easier to pass through the plumbing and drainage faster and also decomposes easier.
  • It has a silver color finish, and the sleek and compact design makes it appealing for modern homes as well as for upgrading older kitchen and dishwashing areas.
  • The size is bigger compared to other disposals, but it is also more efficient and can still fit under sinks and does not occupy much space.
  • It also features a quick-lock installation sink mount that is easy to handle and requires very less effort. It can be done in 3 simple steps- locate, twist and lock.
  • The jam-sensor circuit and auto-reverse grind system make it easy to tackle any jam in the unit without having to dismantle the whole machine.
  • Rubber sink baffle prevents things from accidentally falling into the disposal which makes it safe for a household with children.
  • The disposal is well-equipped with a stainless steel stopper, discharged tubes, sink baffle and jam buster wrench which makes working with it more convenient.
  • The 7-year warranty in-home service makes it convenient for replacement or repair.
  • Since the disposal unit does not come with a pre-installed power cord, purchasing one would require extra expenditure.
  • The sink baffle sometimes blocks food from passing into the vortex, but that also means that the grinder will not easily consume inappropriate materials.
  • The outer cover can rust with time if not properly maintained.
  • It is pricey as compared to the previous models but with such advanced functions and features, it is still an investment for bigger kitchens.

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  1. ½ horsepower permanent magnet motor
  2. Continuous feed
  3. Cordless
  4. Dual swivel impellers
  5. Stainless steel chamber
  6. Direct wire power connection
  7. Standard sound insulation
  8. Splash guard
  9. Manual reset overload
  10. 2 level pre-cutter
Pros Cons
  • The General Electric GFC520V is a large capacity waste disposal that runs on ½ horsepower with a motor speed of 2800 RMP. It is highly efficient in grinding kitchen wastes as the powerful motor allows continuous grinding without stopping mid-performance.
  • The disposal features dual swivel impeller and two e level pre-cutter that makes any waste material fed into the dispenser dissolve into much smaller pieces and easily disposed of in the sewer or septic tank.
  • The compartments lined with stainless steel prevent corrosion.
  • The swivel impellers are also made if high-quality steel so that they remain sharp and rust-free for a longer time.
  • The unit provides a splash guard that can be fitted in the mouth of the sinkhole so that the dispensed foods do not pop back up and create a mess.
  • The manual reset button allows it to clear and jam if something is obstructing its operation.
  • The 2-level pre-cutting feature also makes it easier for the smooth grinding of harder or more fibrous food.
  • It has a black finish and is 6.7 x 6.9 x 15.1 inches in dimension which means that it can be fitted under the sink or anywhere and it does not occupy much space.
  • The unit is lightweight at 8.9 pounds, so it will not weight down the pipes of the sink.
  • The Electric GFC520V comprise of standard sound-insulation, so it does not provide silent operation. The sound is obvious but not terrible.
  • It is likely to leak in a few years time as the quality of the material used is cheaper compared to other disposal unit but with 1-year limited replacement warranty; it is quite a good price for a smaller household.

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  1. ¾ Horsepower and 2300 RMP motor
  2. Compact size for space management
  3. Continuous feed for faster cleaning
  4. Cord included for easy installation
  5. Stainless steel chambers for durability
  6. 8-year warranty
  7. Fast and easy mount system
  8. Splash guard for cleaner sink
  9. Septic system friendly
  10. Manual reset button
Pros Cons
  • The Waste King Legend L-3200 is a powerful yet compact waste disposal that runs on ¾ horsepower.  It guarantees Waste King’s reliable and efficient garbage disposal features that are well recognized internationally.
  • The disposal is a compact size, and it is smaller and lighter than most other disposals. It is 7- ¾ inches in diameter, 13, ¾ inches long and weighs only 8.6 lb which means that it can easily fit under any sink or dishwashers.
  • The lightness makes it safer when they are installed on the sink so that it does not weigh down the pipes or the sink.
  • The sound insulated motor runs at 2700 RMP and efficiently chops and grinds food residues without intruding the nearby room or vibrating against the tailpipe.
  • The stainless steel chamber is rust resistant which makes the motor blades operate smoothly and for many years. The stainless steel blades also remain sharp and functional for longer.
  • The disposal can easily be cleaned so that it keeps the kitchen and the sink smelling fresh and looking clean.
  • The splash guard that comes with the unit also serves as a way to prevent disposed of food from splashing and creating a mess.
  • The disposal is also septic tank friendly as the grounded food that goes to the drain are finely grounded and turned into liquid form, and they do not pose a threat to the pipelines.
  • The eight years in-home warranty is sufficient to prove the reliability of this heavy-duty garbage disposal.
  • Since the noise insulators made of a standard material might be noisy for people who are used to the quiet buzz, but it is not unpleasant.
  • The exterior might rust if it is kept wet for too long.
  • There can be leakage, but you can repair them easily with the help of plumber putty.

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  1. 1.25 HP High torque power
  2. Vibration free
  3. Stainless steel compartments
  4. Insulated motor shell
  5. Easy to install
  6. Magnetic safe ring
  7. No power cord
  8. Balanced turntable
  9. Laser sharp cutting blade rings
Pros Cons
  • American Standard is a utility brand that has been providing reliable waste disposal units for the last 130 years.
  • The High Torque HP Disposal is one of the most innovative garbage disposals that run on 1.25 HP and 2700 RMP motor speed that easily grinds any waste food materials disposed into it.
  • The stainless steel component of the chamber and the exterior covering makes it durable and rust-free.
  • Even the razor-sharp blades are steel coated which makes them free from corrosion and stay sharp even after years of usage. They are also easily rinse-able with warm water to get grease off.
  • The disposal is insulated with a noise resistant shell for quiet operation and preventing vibrations and collisions with other feathers of the sink where it is attached.
  • The garbage disposal has a low-clearance unit which means that it does not occupy much space and it can comfortably fit on various types of sink and area.
  • The safe magnetic feature which users can easily install prevents other metals from accidentally being disposed into the vortex and causing damage to the turntables, so it is secure and for other utensils.
  • The well-balanced turntables allow smooth operation, minimizing vibration and noise, creating a pleasant environment. It also makes it more efficient to chop hardened food residues making them pass through conjunctions of the pipes and drains quickly.
  • It also features a removable guard for easy cleaning to keep the kitchen fresh and prevent odor.
  • Plumber putty should be used to install the unit to prevent leakage.
  • The motors could be damaged if you use it for shredding other materials such as glass, metal or big bones.
  • It does not come with the power point so fixing it might be a problem for users who are not equipped to handle electrical hardware. However, the 8-year warranty in-home service can always be consulted for any assistance so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Since the functions of garbage disposals are almost the same, there are not many types. They are simple machines that church food waste into manageable waste in the town sewer system or private septic tanks. All garbage disposals run on electricity and feature a grinder inside, which joins the sink. Since the concept of garbage disposals is simple, there are only two operating modes or feed types, but the differences in the units available in the market are:

  • MOTOR: depending on the functions that you want, different sized engines are available in the market. You can choose a larger engine for heavy-duty whereas smaller motors are also available for smaller budgets and functionality.
  • BLADES: Blade variation depends on the sizes. While smaller blades are efficient in cutting smaller waste and are usually sharper, you will need to chop the waste into smaller bits before putting them in the disposal. On the other hand, bigger blades can efficiently grind harder chunks of garbage.
  • CHAMBER: a large inner-chamber is efficient for disposing of a lot of waste at one time whereas a smaller compartment allows you to minimize or select the type of food you eliminate. Smaller compartments are convenient for smaller space and are cheaper, but larger chambers tend to last longer and are more suitable in function.
  • BATCH FEED TYPE OF GARBAGE DISPOSAL: These types of units are used by placing waste inside the module before being started. They operate by putting a specially designed cover over the opening which manipulates it manually or magnetically. Usually, there are small slits in the lid to let the water drain out. Since they are fitted with a covering and functions only when the plug switch turns on manually, and the operation is slightly more complicated, they are safer, especially when children are involved. The stopper keeps unwanted items from falling into the disposal, and they usually come with a chord that is pre-attached, so it is easier to install.
  • CONTINUOUS FEED: Most American households use these types of Garbage disposal units. They function quite smoothly as users can dispose of any food waste without having to insert other items such as the stopper. There are only two steps to operate the unit: put food waste and garbage, power on the machine and it is good to go! The unit automatically grinds up the food and dispose of it the sewage or drain. Continuous feed is advantageous because you can continually add more garbage while the disposal is still running, enabling users to clean up faster and more efficiently. They are also more comfortable to preserve and clean, which simplify maintaining the kitchen space. They are also available in various horsepower motor and grinding stages to prevent clogging. Continuous feed disposals pre-fixed with a filler neck that remains open even when not in use, so they provide a risk of splashing and also prove dangerous for kids or accidentally dropping something into it. They are not usually pre-attached with a chord so professional help will be needed to install them.

It is important to consider your needs before choosing the right type of disposal as there are many variations of both the batch feed and the continuous feed disposals. Efficiency, safety, power consumption, amount of garbage disposed of and the size of the place for installation should be considered before choosing the right type of disposal.


  1. CLEANER HOME & ENVIRONMENT: Installing a waste disposal in the sink has many benefits for a cleaner and healthier home and environment. Since the food breaks down into smaller pieces, they can decompose faster, preventing them from rotting, smelling and inviting rodents, insects, and pests. Bacteria and microorganisms that decompose the food and waste materials can disseminate to the surrounding areas and contaminate it. So when garbage is disposed of in the waste bin instead of the drainage, there are more likely to contaminate your living areas and presenting several health risks for people around.
  2. GARBAGE DISPOSAL ARE ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Even though garbage disposals use electricity and water, they are efficient in preserving energy and protecting the environment. About 13% of solid waste sent to landfills each year is estimated to be from food waste, and that amounts to about 32 million tons of waste each year. On arriving at the landfill, these wastes are left to decompose, and this process methane gases which 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide gases and is better at heating the earth’s atmosphere. By throwing food waste in the disposal, you are indirectly preventing global warming.

Also, when you compare the amount of solid that you dispose at the landfill and the food waste that is grounded, the amount is considerably smaller.

The garbage that is disposed of in the landfill is taken there by using vehicles which uses fossil fuels that emit gasses to the atmosphere. When there is less garbage to dispose of, there is subsequently lesser need for transportation and fossil fuel which saves a considerable amount of money and energy consumption for the cities.

In addition to this, garbage is then incinerated when they reach the landfill which causes the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere. If there is less garbage to incinerate, it would mean lesser discharge of toxic gas, thus preserving the environment.

Disposing of garbage in the landfill are usually done by putting the waste in a plastic bag which we are already, is a significant threat to the environment. Plastic takes many years to decompose, and the residue inside them takes longer to break down, causing an unpleasant smell in the prolonged process.

  1. Garbage disposals convert energy: this is a process that we often overlook but is highly practical and significant. Unlike waste is thrown in the landfills that are incinerated and goes to waste, scraps found in the municipal sewage accumulate in the municipal water treatment facilities which are then safely turned to methane gases for generation of electricity.
  2. Garbage disposal produces fertilizers. By the process of disposing of the garbage through the drain which gets filtered in the municipal water treatment facilities, they waste are selected and treated as biosolids. These biosolids are turned into environment-friendly waste and are left to decompose as fertilizers which are sold to farmers to generate income for the area. Biosolid fertilizers are also considered better fertilizers than the chemical ones and contain a higher nutritional value.

Garbage disposal minimizes water usage: although garbage disposals operate on running water, they consume only 1% of the total water consumption of a household which is a reasonable number as compared to the benefits.

Considering these benefits garbage disposals are a practical, clean and efficient way to improve personal living condition as well as preserving the environment in general.


Do keep your garbage disposal clean. Just because the food waste has gone down the drain does not mean that there will be residues left on the side and inner corners. To avoid leftover residue from rotting and causing an unpleasant odor, the kitchen sink, and the garbage disposal should be cleaned regularly with dish soap and cold water after washing the dishes.

Do use it regularly:  the unit should be used on a regular basis to prevent the parts from getting rusted. Leaving the machine unused for too long corrodes the metals, even stainless steel. By using it regularly, cleaning it becomes more comfortable, preventing pre-mature erosion.

Do grind cleaning materials. Harder and abrasive foodstuffs like egg shells, chicken bones, and fruit peels are ideal pieces of stuff that can be used to sharpen the blades. Regular disposal of such materials helps in regulating the operative system.

Do grind small pieces: disposing of large portions of food can lead to clogging, especially if your machine is not very powerful. Effort should be made to cut down more prominent pieces of waste before putting them into the disposal.

Do not grind non-organic or hard materials. Materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and hard food scraps should not be grounded as they could damage the blades or clog the disposal. Things like cigarette buds can also hard to crush and are left behind inside the chambers and can cause clogging.

Do not pout oil or greasy things as they tend to build up in the plumbing, making them sticky and trapping smaller residue which could cause severe damage to the pipe.

Do not dispose of fibrous food: Onion and tomato peels, artichokes and corn husk seem like minor food scraps, but they can get entangled around the blades, minimizing its effects. Such fibrous scraps should be chopped into smaller pieces to avoid damage.

Although all garbage disposal units come with instruction manual and maintenance routine, make sure you do not over-estimate the power of your disposal unit, and be careful about the things you dispose to prevent clogging, causing plumbing problems, erosion or damaging the blade. They are easy low-maintenance and do not need regular checking, but regular cleaning can keep them efficient and smelling fresh.


Now that we know that having a waste disposal installed in our home is a smart choice, some questions to consider before picking the right type of disposal to serve your best interest. It is vital to examine your own needs and conditions before having the garbage disposal installed.

Some of the things to evaluate before buying a garbage disposal are:

  1. Is individual garbage disposal unit allowed in your community?

Some communities ban the use of own garbage disposals because they cause a threat to the municipal water system or causing drought in some places like California. Some states require a special permit while others encourage them. Before buying one, it is appropriate to consult authorities about the water system, whether you join the municipal sewer system and if it is safe to do so. Being aware of all the rules and regulation about installing garbage disposal is an essential step towards choosing the right type of disposal for your needs.

  1. Is your septic tank capable of handling the waste?

If your home connects to a septic tank, you will have to upgrade your tank to hold enough garbage and not cause inconvenience for your neighbors and the community while doing so. If your sink attaches to a septic tank, you will also have to make preparations to empty it more often than before, and in doing so, local authorities need to be informed. Knowing the type of sewage system that links to your sink can help you pick the right waste disposal unit.

  1. Can your plumbing candle it?

Before considering the type of garbage disposal to install, make sure that your plumbing is working efficiently and does not have a weak spot that clogs often or has backup problems. Make sure that you fix or change any weak spots in the plumbing before installing a disposal to prevent sudden clogs that could further hamper the whole system.

  1. How necessary is a waste disposal for you?

Finally, examine your needs and benefits before considering an installation. Garbage disposals are inexpensive, easy to use and maintain and installed but they do consume a little extra amount of electricity and water. You should be confident that the additional expenses are worth the benefits and that you will be using it to your advantages on a regular basis.

Once you have considered these questions, it will give you a clearer perspective about the kind of disposal that would best suit you and improve the efficiency of the disposal.


  1. DURABILITY: most disposal units come with at least 3 to 5 years warranty. Some brands provide a lifetime warranty for a higher price. The average longevity of the disposal should be at least five years without leakage or break down of the motor or blades when used and maintained regularly.
  2. EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY: considering the effectiveness of the engine and the module in grinding the food waste is imminent. If you want a finely grounded waste that is quickly transformed and disposed of, consider getting a high-end model. If a roughly grounded is what you are satisfied with, a regular average performance unit will suffice.
  3. SAFETY: make sure the installation is something that will not pose a threat to your water or electrical consumptions, harm to the inhabitants of the house, especially children and also make sure that the plumbing and power consumption support it.
  4. CONVENIENCE: the installation should be easy if you are to do it yourself and should be convenient for the space you have set for it. You should also consider if the brand you choose has available parts to replace and if they can be attained conveniently in your area.
  5. LONGEVITY: since waste disposal is an everyday process, it is critical to invest in high-quality disposal made from stainless steel that is low maintenance
  6. POWER: garbage disposal units use horsepower to power up. The higher the HP, the more efficient, faster and smoother it will work. High-end models have ¾ HP to 1 HP which are very useful in grinding the garbage into the tiniest pieces possible, making it easier to pass through even smaller plumbing.
  7. NOISE: several factors determine noise production by a disposal. Although the motor is the loudest component of every disposal, it does not mean that smaller engines are quieter than them. It depends on the noise insulin features, materials used and installation assembly.
  • Noise insulation features are thick padding that wraps the disposal to reduce the noise of the motor. Good quality noise insulators can be thin but absorb maximum sound whereas poorer quality could be thick and cheaper but less efficient.
  • The material used in the construction of the disposal unit also determines the noise produced. Low-quality materials often produce more noise, but the installation assembly also plays a significant role.
  1. Installation assembly locks the unit in place to prevent vibrations against the sink or the pipelines and to cause noise. If your disposal unit is making too much noise, you should consider changing the installation assembly, making sure that the screws are snug.

So if you are considering getting a disposal that is as quiet as possible, make sure you invest in these three noise features before you buy them.


Numerous varieties of garbage disposals serve the same purpose. Now that you are well-equipped with everything you need to know about the highest rated and most efficient garbage disposals along with the ways to maintain them, here is hoping you find the best garbage disposal that fits your budget and requirements as your little and indirect contribution towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

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